Thursday, May 9, 2013

My Top 3 Favorite Bangkok After Hours Clubs for Thai Freelancers

Where To Get Some Action When the Go Go Bars Close

Bangkok's After Hours Clubs are Great to Visit for a Late Night Arrival...
It's not uncommon to come out empty handed at a go go bar or any other popular freelance pick up spots. And since most go go bars close at 2am by law and I've still have that itch I need scratched I'll head to one of my favorite after hours clubs on the prowl.

Also since all of these clubs close around 6am, guys arriving late to Bangkok can still get a hook up during a long layover. Just be sure to pick a hotel in central Bangkok close to the MRT subway station.

After hours clubs are located throughout the city and are a goldmine for grade A Thai hookers. And for guys looking for Thai university girls, you might want to head to anyone of the clubs I list below.

Though not every hooker inside after hours clubs are uni girls you may find many part time professionals who have day jobs, but need the extra cash to supplement their lifestyle. Or are just out looking for a rich horny foreign sponsor.

In Mixx Discoteque I've met uni girls and bank tellers who do what they do during the day and by night they are hooking and having fun.

But there are pros and cons to playing on that field. Thai freelancers in the clubs are pickier when it comes to customers. You either better have a lot of money on you or look like Justin Bieber or any member from a Korean boy band.

Because many of the best looking young Thai hookers go where ever the money is. Good news is, it's still possible to score a decent looking girl for 3000THB.

1. Mixx Discotheque Bangkok (website)

This very popular after hours club is right behind the Intercontinental Bangkok Hotel by the Ploen Chit BTS station. It's one of the poshest hotels to stay in the city. So you can kind of figure out for yourself that there are many high classed Thai hookers working the crowds of foreigners.

Once a good buddy of mine picked up a smoking hot girl. At first we thought she was a ladyboy but after a closer examination she was all lady. She was firm on her 5000THB short time rate and my friend agreed to it. He was staying at the InterContinental (which has a no joiner fee policy) and came back down in about 30 minutes.

I immediately thought he got scammed or something. Because I knew my friend can go for at least an hour. But the smile on his face proved other wise.

I asked,"What the hell happened" and he said she was so hot he blew his load in 10 minutes. But at least she was kind enough to stay for 20 minutes for a chat and give him her phone number.

The Mixx is slightly upscale and not really for the sandals and shorts budget sex tourists. But it's still possible to find decent looking girls that don't charge ridiculous rates.

But if you do have the cash to blow on hot Thai girls, this is the place to go.

2. Club Insanity (website)

Another popular after hours club located about 75 meters down Sukhumvit soi 12, which is not far from Soi Cowboy or Nana Plaza. There is another entrance on the left side of the V8 diner.

One of the main reasons why I love going to Insanity is the beautiful waitresses and bar staff. And oh yeah, their club dancers are hot. It's a good thing the club is dark because I'm sure every single guy is popping a boner while the ladies work their magic on stage.

So there are also a lot of Thai freelancers inside as well though most of them are full time professionals you will find some part timers too.

There are a lot of hotels in the area but the closest one is Ramada Hotels & Suites (also has no joiner fees) which is about a 5 minute walk from Club Insanity.

You can find plenty of freelancers that offer 1500THB short time rates but they expect you to take them to a hotel nearby. So the Ramada is a good option for those looking to short time as many ladies as possible.

3. Spicy

Out of my 3 favorite after hours clubs in Bangkok, Spicy is a real hole in a wall that would probably be on the news for being a death trap if there was ever a fire someday.

That said, it's an institution in Bangkok's red light industry and have been around for god knows how long. A vast majority of the girls working inside are full time professionals. You'll also find a mix of go go bar girls, perhaps some ladies from soapies that need to make some extra cash after hours.

Spicy is located a little past Pratunam so it's not far from Sukhumvit. Though even if I tell you the street address you would may still have a problem finding it since there are not a lot of landmarks or major hotels right next to this club.

Good news is if you flag a taxi there's a good chance the driver knows exactly where it is. Because drivers get a commission for taking customers to Spicy. There is no extra cost to you, however you still have to pay the taxi fare.

It's not a bad place at all to score some late late night poon because there's plenty of talent in the pool. And their asking rates for short time and long time is quite reasonable though you should still bargain.

One last thing I have to mention is there are plenty of taxis outside of the club during closing time, which is around 6am. It's best to take a taxi that is moving with traffic. There were instances of taxis outside Spicy club with rigged meters. They figure drunk passengers wouldn't notice.

One final thing, all of these clubs charge a 300THB entrance fee. Though with Spicy you get a coupon for a free drink. All of these after hour clubs will also waive the entrance fee if you by a bottle of JW. 


  1. Hey James. How do you actually spot a working girl in a club? Give her a long look and let her come over or... Could you also share some wisdon on how to blow off an intrusive bar-girl hunting for a lady-dring, which you don't happen to like. In a polite way, ofc. Thanks for blogging. Roman.

    1. Hello Roman,

      You've got a few great questions here. You should look at the kinds of clubs the girls are in.

      For example, all the clubs I mention above are well known places where foreigners find hookers. Hookers are usually alone are in a small group.

      You can look at them and smile and see what happens, if she returns the smile there's a good chance shes a working girl.

      Whenever there's a bar girl hunting for drinks I typically ignore her and just keep my eyes on the stage.

      I'm never rude though. If she asks me my name I tell her. If she wants small to chat I don't mind it. When she asks me to buy her a drink I politely decline. And that's all.

      After I say no to purchasing a lady drink they usually just go away all by them self.

      In short, just be honest and say no you don't want to buy her a drink. With a smile of course.


  2. I really liked this post ! I would love to try your suggestions soon :)
    The only experience I had with club was in the RCA. I was with my friends and some bunch of student looking guys & girls were around us. One of the girls looked cute. I smiled at her and she smiled back, but nothing got out of it. I saw them talking to each other and smiling. I got chicken shit and didn't try to converse :|...
    You seem experienced, so I wanted to know what is your opinion about hooking up online with freelance girls? Do you have any experience in that?
    I've seen these kind of girls on sites like CL, asiansa.com and backdoor.com , but I never got to actually go down this path. Is that a good option for after-hour hookups? Are these post real or are they just a facade for go-go bars?

  3. There is Mai Peng Disco on Sukumvit 4 as well, formerly known as Nana Liquid.
    Looking much better now, it's free entrance and drinks are 99 Baht...just opposite nana plaza and closing at 6 am...

  4. I have to agree with James about Mixx ... I gotta say its up there as one of the top after hrs clubs. Plenty of Pretty thai free lancers.. and if you dont feel like a thai bird.. go to the next room (trance/electro) for some Sexy Russians though they are alot more expensive.. I was hit up 10,000 baht for overnight ... LOL but i agreed because she was one sexy MOFO. Did i mention i met Jean Claude Van Dam here one night at Mixx? Greatest Moment in Thailand ..other than banging thai birds... ^__^

    1. only a homosexual would think meeting a stinky dumbass like Jean claude Van dumb would be a great experience. Must be a euro trash gay loser.

  5. Hi James,

    Would like to find out what time is the best time to get find hookers in insanity club? Thanks a lot !

    1. Sorry for the late reply. It's really hard to pinpoint when the best looking girls at what time. It's all a numbers game.

      From the times I've gone there at midnight I see a lot, especially on weekends.