Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Short Time or Long Time Debate

Once a guy spots a bar girl working her magic on the poles the question that pops into mind is "Hmmm... should I short time or long time her?". Obviously the cash you have in your pocket plays a big factor. However I've started contemplating the cons of taking a go go girl out of the bar for long time.

But I'll first clarify the difference between short and long for the newbies

In the red light districts, short time means 1 hour. There are girls that will go for 2 hours, but most of the better looking bar girls and freelancers stay 1 hour. Just be sure you discuss this with the lady and don't assume anything.

Long time means from the point and time you've taken her out of the bar, beer garden, where she was standing on the soi to morning, usually up until 8am but no longer than 9am.

If she stays past 9am I think you've got yourself a clinger. Just kidding. It's rare they'll stay longer as they usually have to go back to where ever.

If you've finished early with 30 minutes to spare, she will shower up and leave. Now you can make a big stink about it or you can just let her leave early. It's all up to you. However, if you want to avoid this issue, I suggest clarifying to your hooker of the night that 1 hour means 1 hour.

The Cost

When you're in a room with a Thai hooker for 1 hour short time this means that you get 1 shot only, not unless you've spoken to her and she agrees to give more. But the rule of thumb is you get 1 shot only. Whether you want to bang a bar girl or street hooker in Thailand, short time price can be as low as 500THB (yuck) and up to 2500THB which is the price prettier girls charge.

For long time you get 2 shots. If you want more shots then you're going to have to pony up more cash.

When you shell out the cash for long time which can run as high as 6000THB for a popular bar girl for example in Bangkok's Soi Cowboy or Pattaya's Walking Street's Baccara; sometimes you can't help but feel a bit of buyer's remorse afterwards.

What happens during long time?

Besides the obvious, some guys might be wondering about what goes on after both parties had sex and there's 6 hours left before it's morning?

I guess you can stay up all night and look at her. But that would probably creep her out if she notices. I suppose you can squeeze her tits the whole night. But that would probably piss her off while she's trying to sleep. Sounds a lot like my first marriage.

Like in short time, there is a good chance the girl would leave early. For me, this would be an issue since you're paying a lot more for her time. So, to avoid this issue and before you pay that bar fine, do make it clear on what time she is able to leave.

Through the years I've had a lot of good experiences with long timing a Thai girl. But I also had a crap load of bad ones too.

One time was when I long timed a girl working at Rainbow 4 bar in Nana Plaza. She looked great in the bar but when I took her back she had these nervous ticks. Come to think about it she's always had it but it's harder to notice at a bar. Her eye lids would twitch and the twitches looked worse because she had removed her make up.

Her twitches really irked me and I wanted to say stop but that would be cruel. And this was while I was getting a hummer. It was so bad I wanted to use my fingers to keep her eyelids still.

And many have foreign supporters or Thai boyfriends and they'll leave their phones on and it'll be ringing on and on through the fricking night. I'm a nice guy. Really I am. But I wanted to answer the phone and say 'She's busy, can she call you back'. I told you I'm nice.

Other times while staying at a very nice 4 star hotel or better you might get girls who don't want to leave at all. They'll hint on going shopping hoping I'd indulge them on a shopping spree. Good luck with that.

So these days when a newbie ask my opinion on this matter I just tell them do short time. Don't complicate things. Because if you're coming to Bangkok or Pattaya for a short vacation, you might as well bang as many different chicks as possible.


  1. Hi,
    thank you for all the expensive research. As for me, I need time to warm up. If a girl strips right away and approach me, I got no "feeling", I will not enjoy. So I ned long time with lots of hug and kisses.

    Going there next month, alone. Any advice for lone ranger?


    1. Hey Sam,

      Thanks for the kind comment. Yes, I sure do know what you mean. Luckily a lot of ladies have an outgoing attitude and can be fun to be with.

      No real advice right now, except everything I already have on this blog.