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Bangkok's Nataree Massage - Pretty Girls But Shitty Rooms

There are 2 entrances to Nataree, it's best to go through doors on the left...
In Bangkok's body on body massage industry, Nataree is one of those places that you shouldn't miss. Where if you'd only had one night in Bangkok, then that's the place to go screw your brains out before heading back to the airport on a short layover.

Nataree is a soapy type massage parlor in the Huay Kwang district. So it's not far away from Sukhumvit. Only 4 stops away and a 15 minute ride if coming from the Sukhumvit MRT station. You want to take the MRT to Huay Kwang station and take exit#3 and continue walking down for about 3 minutes. You'll find Nataree to your left. Can't get easier than that.

So what's so special about Nataree and why do I and so many other perverts rave so much about them? It's the girls of course. Hot girls. Dark skin, light skin, tall, short, small tits, medium tits and big tits, you'll find your flavor there. I met a few beautiful light skinned Lao girls at Nataree too.

I have to admit, after hanging out with a lot of my former Asian business partners I'm also beginning to prefer lighter skinned Thai ladies. A lot of Nataree's massage girls come from Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai which are well known for beautiful light skinned Thai women.

The papasans are friendly and helpful enough. The one I usually stick with is named Mr. G. and whenever there are newer sideline girls working at Nataree he'll point them out to me.

All of the papasans are not pushy and they are not hard up for tips either. Though I'll hand Mr. G a few bills once in awhile so he can go buy his favorite bottle of Mekong hooch.

You can sit inside literally for hours and stare at the talent and no one will hassle you. But do buy a drink at least. 

Nataree has a lot of customers so it's easy to see the papasans making a decent wage. Not bad for a place that doesn't even have a website.

Their success is due to the fact that they are easy to find and word of mouth from many frequent return customers like me. And they do not tag foreigners with a surcharge. So you pay what the local Thais pay. Not that a lot of Thais go there.

Nataree Massage Prices

You either have a choice of a fishbowl girl or sideliners. If you're unfamiliar with both terms check out my soapy massage guide here.

Fishbowl girls rates start from 1800THB up to 2000THB and you get about 90 minutes. Nataree has around 15 to 20  ladies working in the fishbowl section. If you want a Thai massage and possibly a body on body massage on an air mattress in a bathtub you will have to choose a fishbowl girl.

Minimum cost to get with a sideline girl for 90 minutes is 2300THB, 2600THB and 2800THB. These are the price ranges for the girls sitting around the side of the room and in the center. These rates depend on the order of the girls lightness of skin, followed by age and then looks.

There are 5000THB girls in the back and it's kind of weird because that area is not so well lit. Those girls, are described by the papasan in his own words as "young and fresh". They are light skinned and young, no doubt about that. However, there faces don't do anything for me.

Sideline girls sit outside of the fishbowl in the lounging area and there are a lot of them. I would say around 50 and possibly 70 because there is another soapy parlor called Alaina Entertainment not too far away and it's by the same owner, about a 10 to 15 minute walk. Here's a map of Huay Kwang soapy parlors including girl friendly hotels in the vicinity.

Nataree's rates are all inclusive whether you choose a fishbowl or sideline girl. This means you get a room, some foreplay action and full on sex. So don't even bother asking for a discount if you only want one of their ladies to touch your prick.

Best Time to Visit Nataree

Don't get to Nataree too early...
They open around 12pm though it's quite empty during early afternoons. Now I've never been there that early. But Mr. G tells me that there are about 8 fishbowl girls and about 10 sideliners early in the day. So I wouldn't go so early since it's most likely a waste of time.

About 5pm he says there's usually about 15 fishbowl girls and 20 sideliners. If that's the only time slot you can get there I would take a chance.

Most ladies show up starting around 7pm and topping off at 9pm. Because there are so many girls to choose from there's a good chance you'll find a beauty. Needless to say, sideline girls are Nataree's real bread winner.

What Happens in the Rooms

I usually get to Nataree a little after 7pm. And I always choose a sideliner. If I don't see a lot of customers I'll take my time. If I see a lot of customers inside by that time then the first cute sideline girl I see then I'll pick her on the spot. Believe me you don't want to wait too long or else she'll get swooped up by another customer.

Once you choose your girl the papasan will walk you over to the counter where you pay up. Soon the girl will show up by your side and take you to a elevator and take you to a room where the magic happens.

I've been to a lot of rooms at Nataree and many are in bad shape. There is a bathtub, bed and a sofa plus a TV with bad reception. Not that anyone's there to watch TV. The floors are carpeted and worn. I really try and avoid walking on it barefoot which is why I always wear my flip flops. I can guarantee you that their cheap carpets have never been cleaned since the place opened 30 years ago.

A lot of rooms have a serious case of mold surrounding the air conditioning unit. And I'm not just talking about a spot of mold here and there. If it's absolutely crummy than I'll ask to change rooms. Nataree is a big establishment and they do have plenty of rooms so they'll gladly oblige.

Once in the room you have a chance to order drinks. I usually order a small bottle of water that costs 40THB. A maid brings the massage girl's kit with shampoo, tissues, mouth wash, lubes, condoms and various hygiene products.

By then your girl has turned on the water to fill the bathtub. While that happens you can chat. But I prefer a bit of foreplay by having her sit on my lap. Once the tub is more than half way full it's time to get down to your birthday suit. She takes off her clothes too and hops in the tub and starts the wash down.

This in a way is foreplay too no matter how you look at it because she soaps up her hands and starts washing your meat and veg thoroughly. And she'll put soap on her breast and give your little guy a good up and down too. She'll also clean your arms and legs too but you can always tell her your dick is really filthy and needs extra washing. She'll oblige with a smile.

You might want to learn to say "My dick is dirty. Can you give it a good wash?" in Thai. Either she'll get a good laugh or maybe she might be disgusted thinking you have an STD which isn't so funny at all. So I would also learn to say, "Joking" too as a backup.

Once the wash is done she may give you a bare back blow job. I'm emphasizing may because not every girl treats their customers the same.

If you ask her for one she may decline. She may insist on a covered blow job. If she finds you attractive or likeable in any other way she'll do it. If not don't feel pissed or angry. I don't get it all the time either. If you were a hooker would you blow every John that comes your way? Just saying...

Once the bathtub action is over it's off to the bed for full on sex. Did I mention that Nataree's rooms have 2 mirrors? One on the side of the bed and one above on the ceiling. A buddy of mine loves to bang girls and flex his muscles while watching the mirror. What a sick narcissistic bastard.

Now there are some massage girls at Nataree that give customers 2 shots. Again, if they like you and find you attractive you may get that complimentary second round. If not, don't take it personally.

If you have the libido to go for a second round when one is not offered you can always ask her how much she will charge for a second shot. If she says 1500THB which is what they'll usually ask up front you can try and talk it down.

Want a Thai Girlfriend Experience - Speak to a Nataree Sideline Girl

I wrote a post recently on how much I prefer Thai ladies working as part time hookers rather than the full hardened mercenaries that roam the sois of Sukhumvit.

There are quite a lot of girls that work at normal everyday jobs and supplement their income in Nataree. Once I was walking around MBK in the mobile phone section and my eyes crossed with a very familiar face sitting behind a glass counter filled with cell phones and SIM cards.

At first I couldn't place her. Because her face wasn't heavily done up with cosmetics. I thought I've seen her before at Thermae. When I approached her it became clear I knew her from Nataree and she recogized me because I've been with her up in the rooms at least 3 or 4 times not too long ago.

We chatted for a bit quietly and of course she didn't want me to mention what she does at night in front of her coworkers. So I was just pretending to look and ask questions about the phones. I quietly asked her if she was available for dinner and a movie. What happened afterwards? A gentleman never tells. Just kidding. I shagged her of course.

At Nataree I never really ask what the sideline girls I'm with do during the day. I just assumed they slept all day. But the more I speak to them the more I find out that they have day jobs.

So far I've met a few that worked at Swensen's Ice Cream shops. Some were selling clothes from a stall out in Pratunam or even Central Mall department stores stocking up shelves.

So if you're looking for a girlfriend experience but don't know where to go, try Nataree. Their sideline girls are free to work and leave as they please so no worries about having to pay a fee similar to bar fines charged at go go bars.

Now I'm not promising you that you're going to find a short time girlfriend because there are varying factors that will determine the outcome. Provided that you're willing to offer up enough cash to interest one for their time and work then you've got yourself a rent-a-girlfriend. So Nataree is a good place to start because so many girls working their have free time.

Tipping the Girls

The girls that give me a second round I usually tip 500THB. I only tip when I get good service. Other than that I don't. If a girl asks, just say you don't have any money. What's the worst that can happen? Getting an insult from a prostitute is not the end of the world.

I also recommend tipping if you are planning to see the same massage girl again. She may or may not remember you the next time. But if you choose her often enough she eventually will. And the chances of  you having a better experience with her increases.

But I do believe if they do extras for you that they would not have ordinarily done you should tip them.

Note: Big apologies to a bunch of guys who wanted me to write a post with more info on Nataree Massage.

I orginally had scheduled this post to publish last week, a few days before I left for Macau. But I'm a doofus and I guess since I was so excited to leave for Macau I made a mistake.

After some much needed rest I'll be working on a post about Macau's nightlife. So if you're interested in that then stay tuned!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Going Out with A Bang at Soi Cowboy's Baccara Bar

On Monday I'm headed off to Macua to check out some saunas and hit the black jack tables at the casinos.

I was going to save my energy but a persistent son of a bitch kept nagging me to go with him to Baccara last night.

I have to admit it was hard to refuse the invite especially when Baccara is one of my favorite go go bars in Bangkok. I already went to Lolitas a couple of days ago and thought it was enough to sustain my manly urges until stepping foot in Macau.

But no, the beautiful sirens of Baccara beckoned me.

Their secret sauce is they employ some of the best looking ladies in the bar industry. I've written a lot about this bar on a post here not long ago.

Most go go bars have an A and B team girls. And these teams rotate on the stage during a set period of time, usually once every 10 minutes. The A team girls are prettier while the B teams are fugly.

However, Baccara's B team girls are easy on the eyes too. So they've got a lot of good looking girls on their stage most of the time.

Here's a refresher on visiting Baccara. For the best looking girls be sure to sit near the entrance. But good luck finding a seat because the place is always packed. It's standing room only starting around 9pm.

But I prefer to sit in the back by the small stairs leading to the dance stage. That's where you can see the girls up front and so close they'll be rubbing up against you to get up the stage.

Though sometimes it does backfire when obnoxious asshole bar customers get in front of me and I'm forced to stay away as far as I can so their asses don't touch my boner.

You can also head up to the 2nd floor where girls dance topless. But I avoid that area like the plague because that's the only section of the bar where customers are allowed to smoke. Yes, I am a pussy when it comes to second hand smoke.

Speaking about pussy, the second floor stage is transparent so from the first floor you can see the girls wearing skirts but no panties. 

Anyways, Soi Cowboy's Baccara is a really fun go go bar and I never fail to have a great time hanging out there with my friends!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Got My Pipes Cleaned at Lolitas BJ Bar

I'm heading to Macau next week to check out some sex saunas. And to also hit up the awesome casinos. So I've been saving my energy and being a good boy for the past week.

However, I couldn't resist getting a good blow job at one of my favorite BJ bar Lolitas on Sukhumvit soi 8. Check out their website for a location map, it's very easy to find. Soi 8 is also a good hotels to stay in Bangkok.

They also have a bar in Pattaya too right on Soi LK Metro, my favorite area to find a hotel and party in Pattaya.

I have to admit, the first time I've ever been to a BJ bar all those years ago, I was shy as hell. Seeing guys get blown in full view was just way too much. Luckily today I've noticed it's not as bad. There are more curtains and I guess customers are becoming more discreet as well.

Anyways, Lolitas has these corners with privacy curtains where you can't see what's happening but you can certainly hear it. And it's a nice looking bar with nice decor and atmosphere. You can even detect the faint smell of disinfectant and I do see staff cleaning ever so often.

One time a good friend and I got so drunk we were making some crazy sounds while we were getting a hummer. He was squealing like a pig and I was making sounds like a horse. Yeah, we were being assholes and we could hear customers sitting at the bar sharing the same sentiment.

I even paid the girl that just gave me the BJ to kiss my friend in the mouth. Yes, there are lines among friends that shouldn't be crossed and I crossed it. Ahh, the good times. The cost of a BJ at Lolitas is 800THB and it's worth every Baht. I usually tip 200THB to the girl I usually choose and she remembers what I like and how I like it.

Lolitas is a fun bar and a cool place to relax. Their girls may not be the hottest in the looks category but they still have decent looking ladies to service customers. And they do know the art of a good blow job. I overheard a guy in a bar say that there's no such thing as a bad blow job. That's pure bullshit.

Some guys like a little more lip and a little less grip. But the ladies are friendly and playful and well trained in the arts of giving good head. Which is why I go back.

Anyways, when I get back from Macau I'll be sure to write a post about its nightlife. I go there mainly for the saunas. If you've never been to a brothel/sauna in Asia you will be amazed at the types of service you get and not expensive too. My fellow Asians who read my blog from Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong will certainly agree!

Yes Macau has hookers too because there are a lot of guys with money going to the casinos. So you can bet your ass that the girls are high classed prostitutes.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Thai, Oil and Lotion Body on Body Massage Guide

There seems to be quite a confusion about the differences between a soapy massage and a Thai massage. So on this post I'll try and clear up the confusion. Yes both types of massage you get body on body action, however there are subtle service differences.

To simplify everything on this blog check out my post on soapy massage service guide. There you'll find everything you need to know about that category.

Now there are a lot of Thai massage shops designed for the sole enjoyment for men all over major tourists centers like Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. And most of these shops near the red light districts double as brothels. For simplicity sake, let's just refer to these sex parlors as oily massage.

Because Thai body to body sex shops provide 3 types of services:
  1. Thai Massage
  2. Oil Massage
  3. Lotion Massage
But who goes to one of these places and wants a simple Thai massage? It's not fun at all when a massage girl rubs her body all over yours and there's no lubricant involved. I bet 9 out of 10 guys choose the oil massage, which is why I prefer to call it that.

So where do you find a massage shop with sex on the menu?

Near the red light districts of course. So in Bangkok, that would be anywhere near the vicinity of Patpong in Silom district. And Nana, Soi Cowboy in the Sukhumvit district.

In Pattaya it's even easier to find a shop for a rub and tug because it's so condensed. In Phuket on Bangla Road there are also a handful of shops for the naughty boy as well.

Just to reiterate, not all massage shops in Thailand are brothels. To avoid any embarrassment here is a list of body to body massage parlors for men. You'll also find out the difference between a legitimate shop and shops that provide happy endings for men.

So what is the big difference between a soapy and Thai massage shop for men?

The one big difference between a soapy and a normal massage shop is the bathtub. One equally big difference is that Thai men prefer soapies because their particular likes in women work inside soapy parlors.

A oil massage shop has a shower stall in the room where you and a lady can have foreplay. While at a soapy parlor foreplay takes place in a bathtub and since you're not standing it's more relaxed and she can slide up and down your body.

That's not to say that a lady can't slide up and down your pole in a shower stall either. One of the best foreplay action I ever had was at a shop called Dream Heaven massage on Sukhumvit soi 33.

Shower stall at Dream Heaven Massage
I have to add though some massage shops have the options of rooms with bathtubs but you have to pay extra to use such a room. And these rooms are normally referred to as VIP rooms.

Another difference is you can choose what type of massage you want the girl to perform like regular Thai, oil or lotion massage. And depending on the shop they have up-sells for spa like options like nuru nuru, sand scrubs and seaweed wraps. Some places provide full body scrubs with salt. Some shops offer the so called famous balls massage. All at an extra cost of course.

I'm willing to bet my last dollar though that if a guy goes to a massage parlor he will typically pay for an oil massage. When you select an oil massage course you'll get a better experience especially when the girl pours oil all over your body and starts rubbing her breasts up and down the customers body.

Thai massage shop for men also know there are no limits to a man's perversion. So customers can also pay for 2 ladies in the room. You'll find a cutesy name like '4 Hands Course' which ultimately means you can have 2 girls jerk or suck you off.

Price Chart from Dream Heaven Massage Bangkok
Another difference between a soapy and Thai massage shop is that soapy establishments are huge complexes with parking spaces for customers. So there are typically more girls to choose from inside.

Oil massage shops are smaller though still discreet with a fewer number of girls. The shop that I know with the most girls is Bangkok's Angel Massage on Soi 24/1. They usually have about 2 dozen ladies. Other than that all of the other shops typically employ at least a dozen ladies. The more popular the shop, the more ladies you'll find inside.

Body on body massage out call service is possible
One final difference is soapies do not have out-call service. While shops that provide Thai, oil and lotion massage typically have a set of ladies that will go to your hotel room for a body to body massage.

Though they won't travel too far so if a shop is located in the Sukhumvit district you should choose a hotel in Sukhumvit. And the cost for out call service is nominal, usually just a few hundred Baht more.

Today I am noticing that there is a trend with many massage parlors of charging all inclusive rates. So you may come across a shop that will charge different rates for a hand job which is the cheapest at 500THB on top of the cost of massage. Blow jobs cost about 1000THB while full service cost 1500THB.

For example take a look at the price chart above that came from Dream Heaven Massage. They charge 1500THB for a 1 hour oil massage. That 1500THB rate includes full service sex. So even if you want a simple hand job you're still paying 1500THB because it is an all inclusive rate.

Updated Hotel Map on Bangkok Red Eye

My new updated hotel and nightlife map for Sukhumvit Bangkok
Thanks to a lot of helpful feedback from readers I had to put in some work on creating a better map of guest friendly hotels in Sukhumvit.

I know my gf hotel map listed on this blog is too narrow and doesn't display the hotels' approximate location. It's because this blog's theme has a preset width. And I tried tinkering with the settings to make the blog wider to accommodate a larger map but everything just became a mess. So I stopped futzing around with it.

Though I do know the list on this blog is helpful enough for those who are familiar with the Sukhumvit district. Which is why I listed the hotels accordingly from Sukhumvit soi 1 to soi 23. So basically from where Nana Plaza starts ending at Soi Cowboy. Lots of nightlife hotspots between both of those go go bar locations like massage parlors, a few BJ bars and soapies.

My Bangkok Red Eye's new gf hotel map would be very helpful to anyone who's coming to the city's Sukhumvit red light district for the first time. Keep in mind although I listed a handful of hot spots on that map there are sections of Sukhumvit where you can hook up with Thai freelancers both on the streets or inside bars. I didn't want to make the map too busy so I decided not to illustrate them on the map. So just take my word for it. Just do a search on this blog and you'll find out where you can locate Thai freelancer hot spots.

I found that the general consensus is most visitors are looking for girl friendly hotels in the 1000THB to 2000THB price range. So I selected twenty nine 2 - 3 star hotels near and between Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy. I listed 4 hotels in the under 1000THB range because to be quite honest, there are not a whole lot of adequate cheap hotels in the red light districts of Bangkok.

However, I recommend squeezing out a few hundred Baht more on your hotel budget because that's all it takes to get yourself a better place to stay in the red light districts of Bangkok. I listed thirteen 4 star hotels that are an absolute bargain.

I also updated a list of popular hotels near massage parlors in the Phrom Phong district too. Remember, Phrom Phong is only 1 station away from Sukhumvit station. So PP district has a good selection of no joiner fee hotels too if you can't find one you like in Sukhumvit.

I also have some requests for making map of gf hotels in the Pratunam district. Because there are only 4 no joiner fee hotels I recommend in that area there's really no need for me to draw up a map. I already made some recommendations here on this post. Just just take my word those hotels are in a good location in Pratunam.

I made the updates on my website last week and so far the feedback on the changes are all positive from seeing an increase in hotel bookings. So I figure a lot of you are finding it more helpful. Both maps are bigger and easier on the eyes. Plus the maps display well on smart phones too.

So I hope this helps out anyone even better while looking for a place to stay in Bangkok. Stay tuned for a map of gf hotels in Pattaya coming soon!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Part Time Thai Hookers Are My Kinda Ladies!

Thai pretties working at a car show
If you ask me what type of working girls I prefer in Thailand's red light districts I would say ladies that work part time as freelancers. I find that most full time hookers in Bangkok and Pattaya are hardened and jaded. I don't blame them. If I was a woman prostituting myself I'd have the same shitty attitude when hundreds of odd strangers are always haggling for the cheapest price to hump away at me. I'd be a sore bitch too.

There are a lot of reasons why many Thai ladies prostitute themselves on the side while working a normal job by day. Not just poor girls from the farms but also middle classed educated ladies who need to make some extra spending money.

You won't find part timers in go go bars and working inside the fishbowls because those ladies are contracted to work 7 days a week. And if they miss a day they have to pay a penalty. So they sleep during the day and work mostly at night.

Where to find Them

I've met most part time freelancers working as side liners in massage parlors. At Colonze 2 massage I met a pretty lady selling cars for Honda by day. At Poseidon I met an accountant working in the model section. I thought she was bullshitting me so I threw out some accounting terms I learned way back in college like 'Break Even Point' and 'Break Even Units'. And she knew the terms perfectly!

Hell, I met at least 3 side liners whom by day work at Swensen's Ice Cream and at night work at Nataree Massage. Other's work in supermarkets and department stores.

Once at a soapy massage my friend took me to outside of Bangkok I met a mixed American-Thai from Boston working as a sideliner. That was kind of weird but she was gorgeous! I wonder what happened to her?

A small percentage work as 'pretties'. You've seen pretties before. They are usually in Thai car shows or if you're walking through a mall find them in temporary show rooms for the latest computers or make up companies.

Now I'm not claiming that all pretties are in the pay for play scene so please don't go and ask them how much is a short time romp in the mall's bathroom.

But the place I know has the most part time prostitutes is Utopia massage, which is my #2 favorite soapy massage parlor in Bangkok working in the 2nd floor model section. That's where I found a handful of ladies working as pretties whenever the job is available.

Thai pretties do make a lot of money. Average looking ladies can make several thousand Baht an hour. Above average looking pretties can make double. But if you know Thai women, then you'll know they love to buy luxury brand name merchandise so they need a lot of cash.

Lots of ladies who have the opportunity to become part time hookers do so because in Thailand the national set daily wage is 300THB per day. That's $10USD per day. And Thai ladies love to shop especially for brand name luxury goods. Louis Vuitton bags, Coach bags, shoes, perfumes and iPhones, you name it they are not cheap for anyone making 300THB a day. And their drive for material goods drives them to sell themselves.

However, most of Thailand's part time hookers don't have the looks to make it in the model category. Many are single mothers and need to support a child and or their folks back in the village. Some even do it to support a lazy husband. So they sell themselves in freelance bars, hotel bars, on the sois of Sukhumvit and yes in the after hours clubs that are always a good place to pick up Thai ladies..

Now I know most guys have a real fetish for Thai University girls. It's true you're going to find some working as prostitutes on the side. However, they're not easy to find and highly limited.

You may also find some on Facebook. But be careful, many hookers claim they are young Uni girls to lure perverts who believe everything. Yes, you all know who you are. Because guys do fall for it.

Real Thai girls that do go to University and need the extra cash  don't hang out on the streets of Sukhumvit. More about Uni girls coming up on a future post because that's another subject in itself.

Most part time hookers that I know work on weekends. Which is one of the reasons why there are more ladies inside Thermae Bar underneath the Ruamchitt Hotel on Fridays and Saturdays. Also the after hour clubs are packed as well during those two days.

Though you will find even more ladies during the first and last week of the month when it comes time to pay the rent, bills, loan sharks, etc.

One thing about Thailand's part time hookers is you can't expect them to speak a whole lot of English. Since they do not interact with foreigners like bar girls do on a daily basis you may face a huge language barrier.

Though I've never seen that issue get in the way especially if she's a good looker.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Bangkok's Heaven@4 Hotel - Book 4 Nights Pay for 3 Nights Special

I've mentioned Heaven@4 hotel located on Sukhumvit soi 4 many times because of their ongoing discounts. And I've had some emails coming in asking where specifically are the stay 4 nights pay for 3 nights deal.

There's Good News and Bad News

Starting with the good news, the discount is alive and well. You can locate the discount here on my hotel room booking website.

As you can see from the screen shot below the total including taxes comes out to 4500THB divided by 4 nights comes out to 1125THB or $37USD per night for a superior room. That's not a bad price at all to pay for a hotel located just minutes away from Nana Plaza's go go bars and all of the Thai hookers on display surrounding the hotel.

Rooms available June 2013
There are four room types at this Heaven@4 and every room has the stay 4 nights and pay for 3 deal. Not every room has a window, though on my hotel reservation website you can make a request for one. But this hotel is so popular there's no guarantee you'll get a room with a window upon arrival.

Which leads me to the bad news. It's hard to get a room at Heaven because this discount is so popular. I did a quick search and there are rooms available this month, however when I plugged in some travel dates for July to September it seems all rooms are filled.

I checked for next month and none were available
Now I'm not saying you shouldn't try and check for yourself to see if this deal is still around for your travel dates. Room availability can change at a drop of a hat. And no I do not have control over room availability so I can't get you a room. So I recommend that if Heaven@4 fits your budget just check often because you can get lucky.

I also have to add that just because I see rooms available in June as of now doesn't mean you will see them available at the moment you check. So if you're coming to Bangkok this month I suggest making a booking here ASAP.

Oh, I do have to add that the hotel requires 1000THB room deposit upon check in. Sounds like a hefty deposit, and true, not many Thai hotels ask for deposits. Funny thing is that because the hotel is so close to Thai street hookers and beer bars it's a dangerous combination.

To put it simply, drunk guys and hookers in a room can result in broken lamps and frequent raids on the mini bar. So the hotel management just wants to protect their own interest in case of such events.

A Look at Bangkok's Patpong's Pay for Play

Like a lot of visitors to Bangkok's naughty nightlife many years ago, Patpong was the first red light district I stepped foot in the city. Patpong was all the rave a few decades ago and pretty much kicked off the seedy reputation of Bangkok.

As the years went on and the internet was at everyone's finger tips, information about Bangkok's infamous nightlife was easily accessed. And most of the info back then pointed to the Patpong's naughty go go bars and sex shows where tired worn out Thai prostitutes launched ping pong balls from their vaginas into customers beer glasses. You can find a map of Patpong's go go bars here.

That was then. Today Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy has pretty much taken all the luster out of Patpong's lime light plus a hefty share of customers particularly Western sex tourists. Though that doesn't mean Patpong is dead at all. The sex shows and go go bars are still there though the atmosphere has changed greatly (more on that later).

One of my best friends I hang out frequently with is an expat from Japan. Like me, today he visits mostly Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy. And like me his first time with a Thai hooker was in a short time room in Patpong.

According to him he says a lot of Japanese men are sexually adventurous. And they will try a lot of things just to get their rocks off, including ladyboys either pre-op or post-op. Sure enough, a  lot of Patpong's clientele are Japanese.

One of the reasons why most guys (at least the ones that I know) don't like venturing to Patpong's go go bars because most of the most popular venues have a mix of genuine girls and ladyboys. A lot of guys have a hard time telling the difference between the two until it's too late when they're in a room and both drop their shorts. And what's worse is discovering that the ladyboy's cock is bigger than theirs.

While Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza's go go bars are strictly segregated so customers can avoid any such uncomfortable embarrassing situations.

A lot of Asian tourists as I can see with my own eyes and of course there are a fair share of Westerners too don't mind mixing it up with the other team. So in a way, this red light district is offering it's services to satisfy that type of clientele. This is not to say that guys who are strictly into girls will not find a bar girl who's panties they want to get into.

Whether you have something against ladyboys or not they are a big part of Bangkok's pay for play scene. And if you have a bigger problem with gays then you might not like Patpong because it is the sole gay nightlife center in the city tailor made for gay foreigners.

But if you can see the trees through the forest correctly, Patpong has a lot of fine looking 100% female talent. I particularly like the bar girls employed at King's Castle 1 and King's Castle 2, both located on Patpong soi 1.

Drink prices at the bars I visit are reasonable. A bottle of Singh will set you back 130THB to 150THB. Lady drinks are around the same price. And I find that the ladies overcharge on their short time and long time rates but you can always talk the price down to a reasonable level. Depending on the girl I like for example at King's Castle 2 I'll keep a price in mind. Short time I offer up 1500THB. For long time I paid about 4000THB once.

Also should mention about Club Electric Blue on Patpong soi 2. Only been there a like 5 or 6 times, it's a great atmosphere and the girls are fun too. It's a very well run bar and kudos to their management. All 100% females inside by the way.

As I recall there used to be a lot more soapies too above Surawongse road. Now there are a few that I know about, Takara Massage on Patpong soi 1 next to Gold Fingers go go bar and New Versailles which is around the corner from the Rose Hotel. I haven't been to either one since last year. I went with a few friends and saw that the talent wasn't up to par. But to their defense we were their late afternoon, so it's understandable that if they had any better looking girls, they wouldn't be there until night time.

If you're interested I'll be visiting Takara and New Versailles soapy massage really soon and will be writing a post about it. So check back often.

There are many Thai massage parlors with happy endings though they are not all located on the main drag of Silom or Surawongse road. The usual one that I go to is Ben Ten Massage on Silom soi 6. They have clean rooms, good service but most importantly okay looking girls. I typically go there for the oil massage.

So what's up with Patpong? Why would most guys shun a visit there? Well the area is totally commercialized. Almost every nook and corner on Silom is a night market, particularly on Patpong soi 1. So you get a big mix of all types of tourists of all ages.

One of my buddies swore off Patpong because he said he had to get through too many baby strollers to get to a go go bar. Personally, I don't think it's that bad but yes, you do see foreign families pushing strollers with teens figuring out which fake brand name jeans to buy.

Once I was in King's Castle 2 and normally I always sit near the front entrance. All of the best go go bars have their best looking girls in the front in full view of passerbys on the streets. This is how they get you in and it works.

Anyways, I was sitting on a stool and I had this hot bar girl on my lap. I was fooling around squeezing her tits and ass. And I had a feeling somebody was staring at me. Off the corner of my eye I saw two old female tourists standing by the front entrance looking right at me. They looked liked nuns and probably were and they had the eyes of extreme disapproval.

My mom never caught me jerking off but if I had to describe how I felt at that time that would be it. They were eventually ushered off but talk about a mood killer.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Simple Reminder to Slow Down

Pretty go go girls at Soi Cowboy


Taking it Slow and Easy...

I've been getting a lot of positive feedback on my 1 night in Bangkok guide on my website. Though some complained that it's too general. Some suggested that it's not comprehensive enough.

Well I wrote a post last year on what to do in 1 night out in the red light districts on this blog with better specifics.

What I did on my website was just to give everyone more alternatives to suit ones taste.

However, I want to remind everyone that if you don't have a whole lot of time to mess around in Bangkok I highly suggest to simply take it easy and not to rush yourself to an early grave.

I've seen it before and I've done it before. It's not pretty especially when the weather is hot and humid. I've seen some guys enter a go go bar with their shirts soaked through with sweat so badly that their nipples are poking out. Odds are they've been running around the city ragged.

This is an advice I hope most first timers will take. Even though it's easy to get to Bangkok's red light districts; as a first timer you're bound to get lost a bit and waste some time getting back on the right track.

A lot of guys want to do it all in one night. One guy wrote to me saying where's the best place to bang 10 chicks in 8 hours before heading back to the airport? No offense my friend, but do you really have the juice in your nut sack to bang 10 Thai hookers in that amount of time??

I don't know about you, but after I'm finished with any girls I want to sit down and chill out for awhile with a beer and a juicy steak.

Remember, whether you finish or not you still have to pay that massage girl, bar girl and street freelancer for their time.

I also receive many request for tailor made itinerary for a short amount of time. And that's a real difficult thing to do. Because what if under my suggestions you get to a go go bar and find that all the better looking girls are taken out. Then what? It's a fluid situation and difficult to pinpoint when and exactly where at what time you'll find a bar girl that makes you pop a boner.

I've been told I'm a man of many talents but clairvoyance is not one of them.

If you can follow along my 1 night in Bangkok guide plan easily then go with it. If not, pick a few places like a go go bar, oil massage or soapy massage. Keep a notepad and write down places that you've seen with your own eyes and want to go back to someday.

You'll be back even when deep down in your brain you think it's your last trip ever to Thailand.

Monday, June 3, 2013

The Best $100USD a Night Hotel in Bangkok

Phachara Suites is the Hotel I Would Pick if I Could Spend $100USD Per Night

So on my last post I wrote that if I had $150 bucks a night I would book a room at the Grande Centre Point Terminal 21.

I just received a handful of emails and comments asking if I could recommend a hooker friendly place to stay near Nana or Soi Cowboy between the price ranges of $85USD to $100USD.

I like easy questions!

If that's my budget range I would definitely choose the Phachara Suites Sukhumvit on soi 6! I wrote a review about Phachara last year and you can read about it here including a map of the hotel's location including an email stating their guest friendly policy.

Right now for the month of June you can land yourself a studio deluxe room for $75USD which includes breakfast. Normally it is a $100USD per night hotel.

It's just that Agoda.com now has a 30% off (as of writing) discount. These deals can be ongoing so even if you can't make it here to Bangkok this month you might still be able to get this discount for the near future since low season for hotels is coming up.

So what's the big deal on Phachara? To start off their studio rooms are 45 square meters big! And the hotel amenities are in the 4 star range so you get access to a good pool and gym.

Plus if you like Nana Plaza's go go bars like me it's only a short 5 minute walk from the Phachara's doors. I only recommend hotels that I have personally stayed in before. And I've recommended this hotel countless times and not one single person has said anything bad at all about Phachara Suites.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Best $150USD a Night Hotel in Bangkok

Grande Centre Point Hotel Terminal 21

Here's the Hotel I Would Choose in Bangkok with $150 USD Per Night to Spend

I often get asked if I had $150 dollars to spend on a hotel near a red light district in Bangkok which would I choose.

A budget of $150 dollars per night for a hotel in Bangkok can buy you a decent amount of luxury within the hottest location in the city.

So which hotel would I pick? It's no other then the Grande Centre Point Hotel Terminal 21. I wrote a review about this hotel last year so check out the post here.

It's the best hotel I've ever recommended to everyone last year and this year it's no different. Although the prices for their rooms are slowly creeping upwards. I remember a few years ago when it first opened you could stay there for around $100USD per night.

As of writing if you book a room at this hotel in June there's a discount including breakfast and taxes the price comes out to around $150 bucks. Click here to see if the discounts are still available for this month or anytime in the near future thru Agoda. I'm quite sure you might find more deals as low season for hotel rates is coming up soon.

And this deal is for a 32 square meter superior room complete with modern amenities, a kitchenette and a washing machine too.

Step into the lobby of this hotel and you'll see it's a high quality property and be happy you made the decision to stay there.

One tip for taking a taxi back to the airport from the hotel entrance. Be sure to ask for a meter taxi. Right outside of the hotel they have several taxis that will charge a flat rate that is typically more expensive than the actual meter taxi rate. Or just walk out to the Sukhumvit road and hail a taxi from there.

So if I was visiting Bangkok and that's how much I could afford I would stay at the Grand Centre Point Hotel which is right on top of the brand new Terminal 21 Mall.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Thai Girlfriend Experience

For whatever reason you want to come to Thailand to hire a girlfriend, well it's going to be easy. I know some guys just want to have as much as much sex as they can without the full commitment. Which is the real reason why 95% of the guys come to Bangkok's red light districts.

In a way, it's a lot cheaper than having a real relationship back at home. And you're pretty much guaranteed to get laid on the first date as long as the price is right.

Practically any Thai bar girl and freelancer with free time can be contracted to be your girlfriend for an agreed time frame.

However, if you want to a girl friend experience with a massage girl working at a shop that doubles as a brothel or a bar girl from a go go bar you still have to pay a bar fine. It's basically a fee that cost from 500THB to 600THB though can be higher depending on the popularity of the girl.

So if you're on a budget and don't want to pay frivilous expenses for a girl friend experience then your best shot are the freelancers found on the streets like in Nana soi 4 and in freelance bars like Thermae and the always popular after hours clubs of Bangkok.

You can also look into renting a girlfriend through Thai escort services. If you've been following my blog I've never recommended such agencies. But times are changing and in a way, I guess such businesses can really provide customers what they really need. Especially for guys who don't have much time to fool around in Bangkok.

Thai escorts should be able to hook customers up with Thai girls that can speak English. I've seen a lot of my friends bar fine girls that can't speak a lick of English. And my friends can't even speak a lick of Thai. Can't imagine the kinds of dinner conversations that goes on between the two.

But you can find bar girls and even street hookers that can speak a fair amount of English too. Though it might take just a little while to find one that suits you. While escort services can help take care of that situation since they are supposed to vet the girls they employ.

I highly recommend finding a girlfriend for rent that can speak a decent amount of English. Because she can double as a translator or even a sight seeing guide.

Now I can't make any recommendations on which escort services to choose because I haven't tried any before. But a good ol' search on google should yield a bunch of agencies you can check out.

I've had a couple of girlfriend experiences myself through the years. It's fun in the beginning but the honeymoon is over once I spot another girl who's panties I want to get into. Sure, it's fun for awhile. But Thailand has way too many temptations for any man to stay faithful.

Good thing is, if you're on a relationship with most Thai hookers, they already expect that you're not the faithful sort. Doesn't mean they won't get pissed off or have hurt feelings. Especially if you've been supporting them financially for awhile. And on occasions you shower them with fine gifts. You're their meal ticket. Take that ticket away and you'll have one pissed off hooker.

Now if you've got yourself a short time girlfriend here's a bit of etiquette refresher. Don't expect her to go dutch. You're paying for everything. I know to a lot of guys I shouldn't have to mention this. But I do know plenty of guys who expect the ladies to split the bill on meals, transportation and etc.

One of my friends even had the audacity to ask a short time girlfriend to pay her own airfare to Phuket. I'm all for equality and what not but if you're in Thailand and hired a hooker to be your girlfriend you are going to have to pay for everything. Come to think of it, wouldn't that be a great way to have a girl break up with you?

Which leads me to the subject of breaking up. Sure these types of relationships can lead into a real one. But let's be serious. It's not going to be a healthy one. For a guy, there's simply too much temptation in the pay for play scene. And hookers which are basically gold diggers go where the gold is.