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A Look at Bangkok's Patpong's Pay for Play

Like a lot of visitors to Bangkok's naughty nightlife many years ago, Patpong was the first red light district I stepped foot in the city. Patpong was all the rave a few decades ago and pretty much kicked off the seedy reputation of Bangkok.

As the years went on and the internet was at everyone's finger tips, information about Bangkok's infamous nightlife was easily accessed. And most of the info back then pointed to the Patpong's naughty go go bars and sex shows where tired worn out Thai prostitutes launched ping pong balls from their vaginas into customers beer glasses. You can find a map of Patpong's go go bars here.

That was then. Today Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy has pretty much taken all the luster out of Patpong's lime light plus a hefty share of customers particularly Western sex tourists. Though that doesn't mean Patpong is dead at all. The sex shows and go go bars are still there though the atmosphere has changed greatly (more on that later).

One of my best friends I hang out frequently with is an expat from Japan. Like me, today he visits mostly Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy. And like me his first time with a Thai hooker was in a short time room in Patpong.

According to him he says a lot of Japanese men are sexually adventurous. And they will try a lot of things just to get their rocks off, including ladyboys either pre-op or post-op. Sure enough, a  lot of Patpong's clientele are Japanese.

One of the reasons why most guys (at least the ones that I know) don't like venturing to Patpong's go go bars because most of the most popular venues have a mix of genuine girls and ladyboys. A lot of guys have a hard time telling the difference between the two until it's too late when they're in a room and both drop their shorts. And what's worse is discovering that the ladyboy's cock is bigger than theirs.

While Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza's go go bars are strictly segregated so customers can avoid any such uncomfortable embarrassing situations.

A lot of Asian tourists as I can see with my own eyes and of course there are a fair share of Westerners too don't mind mixing it up with the other team. So in a way, this red light district is offering it's services to satisfy that type of clientele. This is not to say that guys who are strictly into girls will not find a bar girl who's panties they want to get into.

Whether you have something against ladyboys or not they are a big part of Bangkok's pay for play scene. And if you have a bigger problem with gays then you might not like Patpong because it is the sole gay nightlife center in the city tailor made for gay foreigners.

But if you can see the trees through the forest correctly, Patpong has a lot of fine looking 100% female talent. I particularly like the bar girls employed at King's Castle 1 and King's Castle 2, both located on Patpong soi 1.

Drink prices at the bars I visit are reasonable. A bottle of Singh will set you back 130THB to 150THB. Lady drinks are around the same price. And I find that the ladies overcharge on their short time and long time rates but you can always talk the price down to a reasonable level. Depending on the girl I like for example at King's Castle 2 I'll keep a price in mind. Short time I offer up 1500THB. For long time I paid about 4000THB once.

Also should mention about Club Electric Blue on Patpong soi 2. Only been there a like 5 or 6 times, it's a great atmosphere and the girls are fun too. It's a very well run bar and kudos to their management. All 100% females inside by the way.

As I recall there used to be a lot more soapies too above Surawongse road. Now there are a few that I know about, Takara Massage on Patpong soi 1 next to Gold Fingers go go bar and New Versailles which is around the corner from the Rose Hotel. I haven't been to either one since last year. I went with a few friends and saw that the talent wasn't up to par. But to their defense we were their late afternoon, so it's understandable that if they had any better looking girls, they wouldn't be there until night time.

If you're interested I'll be visiting Takara and New Versailles soapy massage really soon and will be writing a post about it. So check back often.

There are many Thai massage parlors with happy endings though they are not all located on the main drag of Silom or Surawongse road. The usual one that I go to is Ben Ten Massage on Silom soi 6. They have clean rooms, good service but most importantly okay looking girls. I typically go there for the oil massage.

So what's up with Patpong? Why would most guys shun a visit there? Well the area is totally commercialized. Almost every nook and corner on Silom is a night market, particularly on Patpong soi 1. So you get a big mix of all types of tourists of all ages.

One of my buddies swore off Patpong because he said he had to get through too many baby strollers to get to a go go bar. Personally, I don't think it's that bad but yes, you do see foreign families pushing strollers with teens figuring out which fake brand name jeans to buy.

Once I was in King's Castle 2 and normally I always sit near the front entrance. All of the best go go bars have their best looking girls in the front in full view of passerbys on the streets. This is how they get you in and it works.

Anyways, I was sitting on a stool and I had this hot bar girl on my lap. I was fooling around squeezing her tits and ass. And I had a feeling somebody was staring at me. Off the corner of my eye I saw two old female tourists standing by the front entrance looking right at me. They looked liked nuns and probably were and they had the eyes of extreme disapproval.

My mom never caught me jerking off but if I had to describe how I felt at that time that would be it. They were eventually ushered off but talk about a mood killer.

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