Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Simple Reminder to Slow Down

Pretty go go girls at Soi Cowboy


Taking it Slow and Easy...

I've been getting a lot of positive feedback on my 1 night in Bangkok guide on my website. Though some complained that it's too general. Some suggested that it's not comprehensive enough.

Well I wrote a post last year on what to do in 1 night out in the red light districts on this blog with better specifics.

What I did on my website was just to give everyone more alternatives to suit ones taste.

However, I want to remind everyone that if you don't have a whole lot of time to mess around in Bangkok I highly suggest to simply take it easy and not to rush yourself to an early grave.

I've seen it before and I've done it before. It's not pretty especially when the weather is hot and humid. I've seen some guys enter a go go bar with their shirts soaked through with sweat so badly that their nipples are poking out. Odds are they've been running around the city ragged.

This is an advice I hope most first timers will take. Even though it's easy to get to Bangkok's red light districts; as a first timer you're bound to get lost a bit and waste some time getting back on the right track.

A lot of guys want to do it all in one night. One guy wrote to me saying where's the best place to bang 10 chicks in 8 hours before heading back to the airport? No offense my friend, but do you really have the juice in your nut sack to bang 10 Thai hookers in that amount of time??

I don't know about you, but after I'm finished with any girls I want to sit down and chill out for awhile with a beer and a juicy steak.

Remember, whether you finish or not you still have to pay that massage girl, bar girl and street freelancer for their time.

I also receive many request for tailor made itinerary for a short amount of time. And that's a real difficult thing to do. Because what if under my suggestions you get to a go go bar and find that all the better looking girls are taken out. Then what? It's a fluid situation and difficult to pinpoint when and exactly where at what time you'll find a bar girl that makes you pop a boner.

I've been told I'm a man of many talents but clairvoyance is not one of them.

If you can follow along my 1 night in Bangkok guide plan easily then go with it. If not, pick a few places like a go go bar, oil massage or soapy massage. Keep a notepad and write down places that you've seen with your own eyes and want to go back to someday.

You'll be back even when deep down in your brain you think it's your last trip ever to Thailand.


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  2. Vish,

    I believe all massage shops usually have some mature ladies, just ask them.

    Sorry I can't be of much help since I myself do not actively seek mature ladies.


  3. great site Jim, have found very useful on my travels

  4. Hi Jim,

    If I want to have an HIV test, where is the credible testing center near Sukhumvit area?

    Do they maintain confidentiality if you are a foreigner and undergo the test?

    Jean Paul

    1. Jean Paul,

      In Sukhumvit, the best hospital is Bumgrungrad between Sukhumvit soi 1 and 3. I usually go down the entrance on Soi 1.

      Normally I get annual physical and blood/STD check up from a hospital closer to where I live. Though for HIV I get tested twice a year because of the incubation period.

      But I have had an HIV test about 5 years ago at Bumrungrad after my condom broke inside a massage girl. Yeah, I was freaked out.

      Anyways, if I recall correctly I paid $75 which included a consultation with a doctor who drew the blood, not a nurse which is a good thing to me.

      Because some Bumrungrad nurses are smoking HOT! And getting an HIV test in front of a hot nurse is not a good thing.

      Anyways, to get back on track, yes, as far as I know I had no issue at all with confidentiality. And I had the results in a few hours. At the time you can call to check if you're neg or pos.

      So no need to go back to the hospital for results.

      I hope nothing serious has befallen you.


    2. Hi Jim,

      Thank you for the response

      Same thing happened to me when a condom broke about a week ago.

      Do they require foreigners to present ID's or passports? Can you make your identity anonymous?

      I am worried that they might tip your identity to some agency, or embassy or something if results are positive.

    3. JP,

      As I remember, no passport needed. This can change however because as I said I went there 5 years ago.

      I do remember they are discreet though so I really wouldn't worry.

      Just want to mention, I believe if you are affected by HIV you wouldn't know until 6 months later. Something to do with the incubation period.

      I could be wrong though, science and medicine changes so quickly, so you might want to google check what alternatives you have.

      So if this happened last week I think it's too soon to check.

      The reason why I checked after my incident was because the massage girl I was with looked really worried. So I went to Bumrungrad and got an HIV check to show her I am negative.

      Even though massage girls are checked for STDs, but I went back to my local hospital at the time in 6 months and had a check up for myself in case she gave me something. But I was lucky and dodged the bullet.

      I know how you're feeling, so I'm hoping the best for you.