Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bangkok's Nataree Massage - Pretty Girls But Shitty Rooms

There are 2 entrances to Nataree, it's best to go through doors on the left...
In Bangkok's body on body massage industry, Nataree is one of those places that you shouldn't miss. Where if you'd only had one night in Bangkok, then that's the place to go screw your brains out before heading back to the airport on a short layover.

Nataree is a soapy type massage parlor in the Huay Kwang district. So it's not far away from Sukhumvit. Only 4 stops away and a 15 minute ride if coming from the Sukhumvit MRT station. You want to take the MRT to Huay Kwang station and take exit#3 and continue walking down for about 3 minutes. You'll find Nataree to your left. Can't get easier than that.

So what's so special about Nataree and why do I and so many other perverts rave so much about them? It's the girls of course. Hot girls. Dark skin, light skin, tall, short, small tits, medium tits and big tits, you'll find your flavor there. I met a few beautiful light skinned Lao girls at Nataree too.

I have to admit, after hanging out with a lot of my former Asian business partners I'm also beginning to prefer lighter skinned Thai ladies. A lot of Nataree's massage girls come from Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai which are well known for beautiful light skinned Thai women.

The papasans are friendly and helpful enough. The one I usually stick with is named Mr. G. and whenever there are newer sideline girls working at Nataree he'll point them out to me.

All of the papasans are not pushy and they are not hard up for tips either. Though I'll hand Mr. G a few bills once in awhile so he can go buy his favorite bottle of Mekong hooch.

You can sit inside literally for hours and stare at the talent and no one will hassle you. But do buy a drink at least. 

Nataree has a lot of customers so it's easy to see the papasans making a decent wage. Not bad for a place that doesn't even have a website.

Their success is due to the fact that they are easy to find and word of mouth from many frequent return customers like me. And they do not tag foreigners with a surcharge. So you pay what the local Thais pay. Not that a lot of Thais go there.

Nataree Massage Prices

You either have a choice of a fishbowl girl or sideliners. If you're unfamiliar with both terms check out my soapy massage guide here.

Fishbowl girls rates start from 1800THB up to 2000THB and you get about 90 minutes. Nataree has around 15 to 20  ladies working in the fishbowl section. If you want a Thai massage and possibly a body on body massage on an air mattress in a bathtub you will have to choose a fishbowl girl.

Minimum cost to get with a sideline girl for 90 minutes is 2300THB, 2600THB and 2800THB. These are the price ranges for the girls sitting around the side of the room and in the center. These rates depend on the order of the girls lightness of skin, followed by age and then looks.

There are 5000THB girls in the back and it's kind of weird because that area is not so well lit. Those girls, are described by the papasan in his own words as "young and fresh". They are light skinned and young, no doubt about that. However, there faces don't do anything for me.

Sideline girls sit outside of the fishbowl in the lounging area and there are a lot of them. I would say around 50 and possibly 70 because there is another soapy parlor called Alaina Entertainment not too far away and it's by the same owner, about a 10 to 15 minute walk. Here's a map of Huay Kwang soapy parlors including girl friendly hotels in the vicinity.

Nataree's rates are all inclusive whether you choose a fishbowl or sideline girl. This means you get a room, some foreplay action and full on sex. So don't even bother asking for a discount if you only want one of their ladies to touch your prick.

Best Time to Visit Nataree

Don't get to Nataree too early...
They open around 12pm though it's quite empty during early afternoons. Now I've never been there that early. But Mr. G tells me that there are about 8 fishbowl girls and about 10 sideliners early in the day. So I wouldn't go so early since it's most likely a waste of time.

About 5pm he says there's usually about 15 fishbowl girls and 20 sideliners. If that's the only time slot you can get there I would take a chance.

Most ladies show up starting around 7pm and topping off at 9pm. Because there are so many girls to choose from there's a good chance you'll find a beauty. Needless to say, sideline girls are Nataree's real bread winner.

What Happens in the Rooms

I usually get to Nataree a little after 7pm. And I always choose a sideliner. If I don't see a lot of customers I'll take my time. If I see a lot of customers inside by that time then the first cute sideline girl I see then I'll pick her on the spot. Believe me you don't want to wait too long or else she'll get swooped up by another customer.

Once you choose your girl the papasan will walk you over to the counter where you pay up. Soon the girl will show up by your side and take you to a elevator and take you to a room where the magic happens.

I've been to a lot of rooms at Nataree and many are in bad shape. There is a bathtub, bed and a sofa plus a TV with bad reception. Not that anyone's there to watch TV. The floors are carpeted and worn. I really try and avoid walking on it barefoot which is why I always wear my flip flops. I can guarantee you that their cheap carpets have never been cleaned since the place opened 30 years ago.

A lot of rooms have a serious case of mold surrounding the air conditioning unit. And I'm not just talking about a spot of mold here and there. If it's absolutely crummy than I'll ask to change rooms. Nataree is a big establishment and they do have plenty of rooms so they'll gladly oblige.

Once in the room you have a chance to order drinks. I usually order a small bottle of water that costs 40THB. A maid brings the massage girl's kit with shampoo, tissues, mouth wash, lubes, condoms and various hygiene products.

By then your girl has turned on the water to fill the bathtub. While that happens you can chat. But I prefer a bit of foreplay by having her sit on my lap. Once the tub is more than half way full it's time to get down to your birthday suit. She takes off her clothes too and hops in the tub and starts the wash down.

This in a way is foreplay too no matter how you look at it because she soaps up her hands and starts washing your meat and veg thoroughly. And she'll put soap on her breast and give your little guy a good up and down too. She'll also clean your arms and legs too but you can always tell her your dick is really filthy and needs extra washing. She'll oblige with a smile.

You might want to learn to say "My dick is dirty. Can you give it a good wash?" in Thai. Either she'll get a good laugh or maybe she might be disgusted thinking you have an STD which isn't so funny at all. So I would also learn to say, "Joking" too as a backup.

Once the wash is done she may give you a bare back blow job. I'm emphasizing may because not every girl treats their customers the same.

If you ask her for one she may decline. She may insist on a covered blow job. If she finds you attractive or likeable in any other way she'll do it. If not don't feel pissed or angry. I don't get it all the time either. If you were a hooker would you blow every John that comes your way? Just saying...

Once the bathtub action is over it's off to the bed for full on sex. Did I mention that Nataree's rooms have 2 mirrors? One on the side of the bed and one above on the ceiling. A buddy of mine loves to bang girls and flex his muscles while watching the mirror. What a sick narcissistic bastard.

Now there are some massage girls at Nataree that give customers 2 shots. Again, if they like you and find you attractive you may get that complimentary second round. If not, don't take it personally.

If you have the libido to go for a second round when one is not offered you can always ask her how much she will charge for a second shot. If she says 1500THB which is what they'll usually ask up front you can try and talk it down.

Want a Thai Girlfriend Experience - Speak to a Nataree Sideline Girl

I wrote a post recently on how much I prefer Thai ladies working as part time hookers rather than the full hardened mercenaries that roam the sois of Sukhumvit.

There are quite a lot of girls that work at normal everyday jobs and supplement their income in Nataree. Once I was walking around MBK in the mobile phone section and my eyes crossed with a very familiar face sitting behind a glass counter filled with cell phones and SIM cards.

At first I couldn't place her. Because her face wasn't heavily done up with cosmetics. I thought I've seen her before at Thermae. When I approached her it became clear I knew her from Nataree and she recogized me because I've been with her up in the rooms at least 3 or 4 times not too long ago.

We chatted for a bit quietly and of course she didn't want me to mention what she does at night in front of her coworkers. So I was just pretending to look and ask questions about the phones. I quietly asked her if she was available for dinner and a movie. What happened afterwards? A gentleman never tells. Just kidding. I shagged her of course.

At Nataree I never really ask what the sideline girls I'm with do during the day. I just assumed they slept all day. But the more I speak to them the more I find out that they have day jobs.

So far I've met a few that worked at Swensen's Ice Cream shops. Some were selling clothes from a stall out in Pratunam or even Central Mall department stores stocking up shelves.

So if you're looking for a girlfriend experience but don't know where to go, try Nataree. Their sideline girls are free to work and leave as they please so no worries about having to pay a fee similar to bar fines charged at go go bars.

Now I'm not promising you that you're going to find a short time girlfriend because there are varying factors that will determine the outcome. Provided that you're willing to offer up enough cash to interest one for their time and work then you've got yourself a rent-a-girlfriend. So Nataree is a good place to start because so many girls working their have free time.

Tipping the Girls

The girls that give me a second round I usually tip 500THB. I only tip when I get good service. Other than that I don't. If a girl asks, just say you don't have any money. What's the worst that can happen? Getting an insult from a prostitute is not the end of the world.

I also recommend tipping if you are planning to see the same massage girl again. She may or may not remember you the next time. But if you choose her often enough she eventually will. And the chances of  you having a better experience with her increases.

But I do believe if they do extras for you that they would not have ordinarily done you should tip them.

Note: Big apologies to a bunch of guys who wanted me to write a post with more info on Nataree Massage.

I orginally had scheduled this post to publish last week, a few days before I left for Macau. But I'm a doofus and I guess since I was so excited to leave for Macau I made a mistake.

After some much needed rest I'll be working on a post about Macau's nightlife. So if you're interested in that then stay tuned!


  1. Oh wow Jim, Well done!. This is my Fav topic ever and I got 2 questions regarding this topic ,Jim.

    First of all, whats the reasonable amount of money to offer to a girl in Nataree to become my short time girlfriend ? like how much per day or how much per couple of days?

    Secondly, Unlike you I'm not an expat and I do not own a car in Bangkok. I only visit bangkok 3-4 times a year. So, will it be difficult for me to hang out with these so called short-time girlfriends without owning a car in bangkok?

    1. Hi VG,

      Great question! There's no hard answer to this question because there's too many variables.

      However, this is what I would do.

      I know they make at least 300THB a day working at their day time job (usually about 8 to 9 hours). It's a minimum wage law set by the government. Just keep in mind this is a wage for non-specialize workers, for example people working in department stores, fast food restaurants and such.

      Working at Nataree depending on the girl they earn 60%-70% and house takes the rest.

      So I would double their daily wage so 600THB. Assuming they can actually take time off from work 600THB is a tempting offer.

      Nataree, depending on their desirability, and you do have to take that into account before making the offer.

      Start low first like around 3000THB. Then I would have a maximum amount in mind about 5000THB. Remember, this rate is on top of the 600THB I would pay if they are able to take off work.

      As I always say, I don't like to tell people how to spend their own money. Some people have more and some people have less.

      If she you're young and handsome, she might go for less. If you're old they may automatically assume you have more money so they won't budge on a price.

      I have a friend who's in his late 20's, good looking guy. This girl was so into him that she practically went out with him for free. She was very pretty too so I guess she made a lot of money.

      As you can see, there are a lot of variables to consider. So there's no hard answer.

      But if it was me that's how much I would pay. If she's very hot I would pay even more. So it depends.

      Yeah, I do have a car but you know what I don't drive it around Bangkok. Traffic is crazy and taxis are cheap.

      I know the importance of cars in the dating world but if a hooker knows you're a tourists they'll understand you don't have a car.

      They only care about getting paid.