Sunday, June 23, 2013

Going Out with A Bang at Soi Cowboy's Baccara Bar

On Monday I'm headed off to Macua to check out some saunas and hit the black jack tables at the casinos.

I was going to save my energy but a persistent son of a bitch kept nagging me to go with him to Baccara last night.

I have to admit it was hard to refuse the invite especially when Baccara is one of my favorite go go bars in Bangkok. I already went to Lolitas a couple of days ago and thought it was enough to sustain my manly urges until stepping foot in Macau.

But no, the beautiful sirens of Baccara beckoned me.

Their secret sauce is they employ some of the best looking ladies in the bar industry. I've written a lot about this bar on a post here not long ago.

Most go go bars have an A and B team girls. And these teams rotate on the stage during a set period of time, usually once every 10 minutes. The A team girls are prettier while the B teams are fugly.

However, Baccara's B team girls are easy on the eyes too. So they've got a lot of good looking girls on their stage most of the time.

Here's a refresher on visiting Baccara. For the best looking girls be sure to sit near the entrance. But good luck finding a seat because the place is always packed. It's standing room only starting around 9pm.

But I prefer to sit in the back by the small stairs leading to the dance stage. That's where you can see the girls up front and so close they'll be rubbing up against you to get up the stage.

Though sometimes it does backfire when obnoxious asshole bar customers get in front of me and I'm forced to stay away as far as I can so their asses don't touch my boner.

You can also head up to the 2nd floor where girls dance topless. But I avoid that area like the plague because that's the only section of the bar where customers are allowed to smoke. Yes, I am a pussy when it comes to second hand smoke.

Speaking about pussy, the second floor stage is transparent so from the first floor you can see the girls wearing skirts but no panties. 

Anyways, Soi Cowboy's Baccara is a really fun go go bar and I never fail to have a great time hanging out there with my friends!


  1. Dear James,
    First I would like to thanks for providing such a great information under one page. You really know ur stuff and I am happy to take some help from it. I just booked hotel from your guest friendly hotel list.
    Here I would like to share some of my experience which I got last month. I visited Phuket and it was mostly visiting some island and I really didn’t get the chance to enjoy real phuket. But that I hope to enjoy next time.
    I also visited pattaya and it was my mixed experience. I arrived there on Thursday and visited some famous go go bar such as whats up, baccarat etc. on Thursday it was really nice I went there and enjoyed some great time. On that day I was tired so I just sit there and enjoyed some drinks. It was nice and after few hours I came back.
    For next day I was really looking forward to go there and pick some girl. But it become my worst experience on Friday. I would like to tell in advance that I am Indian and it was really surprise that they didn’t let me enter the bar and said entry only by invitation. Baccara, whats up, Alcatraz, all bar were same. I was really disappointed and felt really bad.
    I also had a great time at honey massage2 it was really awesome and they really are professional.
    Here what I want to know that in Bangkok are they behave in same way? Do they allow Indian on weekend or not? I am looking forward to visit some go go bar on next weekend. Please let me know in detail so I can save my embarrassment again.

    Thanks for ur help and suggestion in advance

  2. Mangal,

    Glad to hear you had a good time. Sorry to hear you had not such a good time.

    Now I have heard of racism against certain groups especially in Pattaya.

    In Bangkok I've seen Indian customers inside bars weekdays and weekends.

    That said, I don't know every detail about every bar's policy on Indian customers. Mainly because I'm not Indian so I haven't shared the same bad experiences as you had.

    I'd like to asked how were you dress? Because most Asian, especially Thais treat people better if they're well dressed. Something like button shirt, pant and shoes.

    Sorry, I wish I could offer you more advice but this is the best I can do.

    You might want to try that and see if it works.