Thursday, June 20, 2013

Got My Pipes Cleaned at Lolitas BJ Bar

I'm heading to Macau next week to check out some sex saunas. And to also hit up the awesome casinos. So I've been saving my energy and being a good boy for the past week.

However, I couldn't resist getting a good blow job at one of my favorite BJ bar Lolitas on Sukhumvit soi 8. Check out their website for a location map, it's very easy to find. Soi 8 is also a good hotels to stay in Bangkok.

They also have a bar in Pattaya too right on Soi LK Metro, my favorite area to find a hotel and party in Pattaya.

I have to admit, the first time I've ever been to a BJ bar all those years ago, I was shy as hell. Seeing guys get blown in full view was just way too much. Luckily today I've noticed it's not as bad. There are more curtains and I guess customers are becoming more discreet as well.

Anyways, Lolitas has these corners with privacy curtains where you can't see what's happening but you can certainly hear it. And it's a nice looking bar with nice decor and atmosphere. You can even detect the faint smell of disinfectant and I do see staff cleaning ever so often.

One time a good friend and I got so drunk we were making some crazy sounds while we were getting a hummer. He was squealing like a pig and I was making sounds like a horse. Yeah, we were being assholes and we could hear customers sitting at the bar sharing the same sentiment.

I even paid the girl that just gave me the BJ to kiss my friend in the mouth. Yes, there are lines among friends that shouldn't be crossed and I crossed it. Ahh, the good times. The cost of a BJ at Lolitas is 800THB and it's worth every Baht. I usually tip 200THB to the girl I usually choose and she remembers what I like and how I like it.

Lolitas is a fun bar and a cool place to relax. Their girls may not be the hottest in the looks category but they still have decent looking ladies to service customers. And they do know the art of a good blow job. I overheard a guy in a bar say that there's no such thing as a bad blow job. That's pure bullshit.

Some guys like a little more lip and a little less grip. But the ladies are friendly and playful and well trained in the arts of giving good head. Which is why I go back.

Anyways, when I get back from Macau I'll be sure to write a post about its nightlife. I go there mainly for the saunas. If you've never been to a brothel/sauna in Asia you will be amazed at the types of service you get and not expensive too. My fellow Asians who read my blog from Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong will certainly agree!

Yes Macau has hookers too because there are a lot of guys with money going to the casinos. So you can bet your ass that the girls are high classed prostitutes.


  1. Hi Jim,

    Can you post your adventures on Macau trip? and give some good points and places to visit there in your next post on that pls.


    1. Raj,

      I'm working on a post about my time at Macau. I'm not so familiar with the area because I'm mostly shown around by some friends from Singapore.

      So I'm verifying a lot of information with them before I write the post.

      Shouldn't be too long though.

      Best Regards,