Friday, June 14, 2013

Part Time Thai Hookers Are My Kinda Ladies!

Thai pretties working at a car show
If you ask me what type of working girls I prefer in Thailand's red light districts I would say ladies that work part time as freelancers. I find that most full time hookers in Bangkok and Pattaya are hardened and jaded. I don't blame them. If I was a woman prostituting myself I'd have the same shitty attitude when hundreds of odd strangers are always haggling for the cheapest price to hump away at me. I'd be a sore bitch too.

There are a lot of reasons why many Thai ladies prostitute themselves on the side while working a normal job by day. Not just poor girls from the farms but also middle classed educated ladies who need to make some extra spending money.

You won't find part timers in go go bars and working inside the fishbowls because those ladies are contracted to work 7 days a week. And if they miss a day they have to pay a penalty. So they sleep during the day and work mostly at night.

Where to find Them

I've met most part time freelancers working as side liners in massage parlors. At Colonze 2 massage I met a pretty lady selling cars for Honda by day. At Poseidon I met an accountant working in the model section. I thought she was bullshitting me so I threw out some accounting terms I learned way back in college like 'Break Even Point' and 'Break Even Units'. And she knew the terms perfectly!

Hell, I met at least 3 side liners whom by day work at Swensen's Ice Cream and at night work at Nataree Massage. Other's work in supermarkets and department stores.

Once at a soapy massage my friend took me to outside of Bangkok I met a mixed American-Thai from Boston working as a sideliner. That was kind of weird but she was gorgeous! I wonder what happened to her?

A small percentage work as 'pretties'. You've seen pretties before. They are usually in Thai car shows or if you're walking through a mall find them in temporary show rooms for the latest computers or make up companies.

Now I'm not claiming that all pretties are in the pay for play scene so please don't go and ask them how much is a short time romp in the mall's bathroom.

But the place I know has the most part time prostitutes is Utopia massage, which is my #2 favorite soapy massage parlor in Bangkok working in the 2nd floor model section. That's where I found a handful of ladies working as pretties whenever the job is available.

Thai pretties do make a lot of money. Average looking ladies can make several thousand Baht an hour. Above average looking pretties can make double. But if you know Thai women, then you'll know they love to buy luxury brand name merchandise so they need a lot of cash.

Lots of ladies who have the opportunity to become part time hookers do so because in Thailand the national set daily wage is 300THB per day. That's $10USD per day. And Thai ladies love to shop especially for brand name luxury goods. Louis Vuitton bags, Coach bags, shoes, perfumes and iPhones, you name it they are not cheap for anyone making 300THB a day. And their drive for material goods drives them to sell themselves.

However, most of Thailand's part time hookers don't have the looks to make it in the model category. Many are single mothers and need to support a child and or their folks back in the village. Some even do it to support a lazy husband. So they sell themselves in freelance bars, hotel bars, on the sois of Sukhumvit and yes in the after hours clubs that are always a good place to pick up Thai ladies..

Now I know most guys have a real fetish for Thai University girls. It's true you're going to find some working as prostitutes on the side. However, they're not easy to find and highly limited.

You may also find some on Facebook. But be careful, many hookers claim they are young Uni girls to lure perverts who believe everything. Yes, you all know who you are. Because guys do fall for it.

Real Thai girls that do go to University and need the extra cash  don't hang out on the streets of Sukhumvit. More about Uni girls coming up on a future post because that's another subject in itself.

Most part time hookers that I know work on weekends. Which is one of the reasons why there are more ladies inside Thermae Bar underneath the Ruamchitt Hotel on Fridays and Saturdays. Also the after hour clubs are packed as well during those two days.

Though you will find even more ladies during the first and last week of the month when it comes time to pay the rent, bills, loan sharks, etc.

One thing about Thailand's part time hookers is you can't expect them to speak a whole lot of English. Since they do not interact with foreigners like bar girls do on a daily basis you may face a huge language barrier.

Though I've never seen that issue get in the way especially if she's a good looker.


  1. Hi james. Thanks for blogging. Just want to ask for your opinion, if I have 5000tbh to blow in a single session, which place do you strongly recommend? I know to get a thai uni girl freelance is almost impossible but is it possible to get an 8 or 9 in rating scale at nataree or 101 or any other place with that budget? My main criteria is simple. I want a pretty model. Is it possible? Please advise guru. Thanks.

    1. Hello Alex,

      Hmmm, if I had 5000THB to spend you might try Amsterdam Massage or even Poseidon Massage. Both are easy to get to.

      If you are familiar with your way around Bangkok then I recommend Utopia Massage's model section as well.

      Personally I do like the sideline girls working at Nataree, though many are pretty I wouldn't rate them as model quality. And the only 5000THB girls at Nataree look under-aged to me. I could be wrong however.

      I also like 101 Premiere Massage and you wouldn't have to worry about spending 5000THB. It's an oil massage parlor so they only have one set of prices for all ladies. Take a look at their website and you'll see their prices.

      Currently I am working on a post on Thai Uni girls. But just to give you a glimpse, Thai Uni girls usually stick with local Thai guys with money, not foreigners.

      And they hang out in popular clubs that only Thais go to. They are looking for sponsors to take care of them financially. Not one night stands for chump change.

      Which is really why it's hard for foreigners to find a real Uni girl.

      What we see on Facebook or Chat room type internet portals are typically Thai hookers pretending to be studying.


    2. Thanks Master James. Your expert opinion is highly appreciated. And thanks for the heads up regarding thai uni girl at least I dont waste my time with the impossible.