Saturday, June 1, 2013

Thai Girlfriend Experience

For whatever reason you want to come to Thailand to hire a girlfriend, well it's going to be easy. I know some guys just want to have as much as much sex as they can without the full commitment. Which is the real reason why 95% of the guys come to Bangkok's red light districts.

In a way, it's a lot cheaper than having a real relationship back at home. And you're pretty much guaranteed to get laid on the first date as long as the price is right.

Practically any Thai bar girl and freelancer with free time can be contracted to be your girlfriend for an agreed time frame.

However, if you want to a girl friend experience with a massage girl working at a shop that doubles as a brothel or a bar girl from a go go bar you still have to pay a bar fine. It's basically a fee that cost from 500THB to 600THB though can be higher depending on the popularity of the girl.

So if you're on a budget and don't want to pay frivilous expenses for a girl friend experience then your best shot are the freelancers found on the streets like in Nana soi 4 and in freelance bars like Thermae and the always popular after hours clubs of Bangkok.

You can also look into renting a girlfriend through Thai escort services. If you've been following my blog I've never recommended such agencies. But times are changing and in a way, I guess such businesses can really provide customers what they really need. Especially for guys who don't have much time to fool around in Bangkok.

Thai escorts should be able to hook customers up with Thai girls that can speak English. I've seen a lot of my friends bar fine girls that can't speak a lick of English. And my friends can't even speak a lick of Thai. Can't imagine the kinds of dinner conversations that goes on between the two.

But you can find bar girls and even street hookers that can speak a fair amount of English too. Though it might take just a little while to find one that suits you. While escort services can help take care of that situation since they are supposed to vet the girls they employ.

I highly recommend finding a girlfriend for rent that can speak a decent amount of English. Because she can double as a translator or even a sight seeing guide.

Now I can't make any recommendations on which escort services to choose because I haven't tried any before. But a good ol' search on google should yield a bunch of agencies you can check out.

I've had a couple of girlfriend experiences myself through the years. It's fun in the beginning but the honeymoon is over once I spot another girl who's panties I want to get into. Sure, it's fun for awhile. But Thailand has way too many temptations for any man to stay faithful.

Good thing is, if you're on a relationship with most Thai hookers, they already expect that you're not the faithful sort. Doesn't mean they won't get pissed off or have hurt feelings. Especially if you've been supporting them financially for awhile. And on occasions you shower them with fine gifts. You're their meal ticket. Take that ticket away and you'll have one pissed off hooker.

Now if you've got yourself a short time girlfriend here's a bit of etiquette refresher. Don't expect her to go dutch. You're paying for everything. I know to a lot of guys I shouldn't have to mention this. But I do know plenty of guys who expect the ladies to split the bill on meals, transportation and etc.

One of my friends even had the audacity to ask a short time girlfriend to pay her own airfare to Phuket. I'm all for equality and what not but if you're in Thailand and hired a hooker to be your girlfriend you are going to have to pay for everything. Come to think of it, wouldn't that be a great way to have a girl break up with you?

Which leads me to the subject of breaking up. Sure these types of relationships can lead into a real one. But let's be serious. It's not going to be a healthy one. For a guy, there's simply too much temptation in the pay for play scene. And hookers which are basically gold diggers go where the gold is.


  1. So how much will a really pretty girl with good English cost you per week please?

    1. Hello,

      Don't have the answer to that. As much as people would think I don't know every hooker in town.

      If I could take a guess I would say about 5000THB for an ugly girl and 10000THB+ for a pretty girl with a fair grasp of the English language.

      Sorry can't be of much help.


    2. Im not sure what it cost in Sweden it is illegal here, but a blowjob from a disgusting crack whore cost a little more then 2000THB, (around 2200TBH), (I saw that in a documentary). For the same price, (around 2000TBH), you can pay at the door of a stripp-club to be allowed to come in. I wud not be suprised at all if one night whit a hot girl in Sweden cost around 50000TBH.