Monday, June 17, 2013

Thai, Oil and Lotion Body on Body Massage Guide

There seems to be quite a confusion about the differences between a soapy massage and a Thai massage. So on this post I'll try and clear up the confusion. Yes both types of massage you get body on body action, however there are subtle service differences.

To simplify everything on this blog check out my post on soapy massage service guide. There you'll find everything you need to know about that category.

Now there are a lot of Thai massage shops designed for the sole enjoyment for men all over major tourists centers like Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. And most of these shops near the red light districts double as brothels. For simplicity sake, let's just refer to these sex parlors as oily massage.

Because Thai body to body sex shops provide 3 types of services:
  1. Thai Massage
  2. Oil Massage
  3. Lotion Massage
But who goes to one of these places and wants a simple Thai massage? It's not fun at all when a massage girl rubs her body all over yours and there's no lubricant involved. I bet 9 out of 10 guys choose the oil massage, which is why I prefer to call it that.

So where do you find a massage shop with sex on the menu?

Near the red light districts of course. So in Bangkok, that would be anywhere near the vicinity of Patpong in Silom district. And Nana, Soi Cowboy in the Sukhumvit district.

In Pattaya it's even easier to find a shop for a rub and tug because it's so condensed. In Phuket on Bangla Road there are also a handful of shops for the naughty boy as well.

Just to reiterate, not all massage shops in Thailand are brothels. To avoid any embarrassment here is a list of body to body massage parlors for men. You'll also find out the difference between a legitimate shop and shops that provide happy endings for men.

So what is the big difference between a soapy and Thai massage shop for men?

The one big difference between a soapy and a normal massage shop is the bathtub. One equally big difference is that Thai men prefer soapies because their particular likes in women work inside soapy parlors.

A oil massage shop has a shower stall in the room where you and a lady can have foreplay. While at a soapy parlor foreplay takes place in a bathtub and since you're not standing it's more relaxed and she can slide up and down your body.

That's not to say that a lady can't slide up and down your pole in a shower stall either. One of the best foreplay action I ever had was at a shop called Dream Heaven massage on Sukhumvit soi 33.

Shower stall at Dream Heaven Massage
I have to add though some massage shops have the options of rooms with bathtubs but you have to pay extra to use such a room. And these rooms are normally referred to as VIP rooms.

Another difference is you can choose what type of massage you want the girl to perform like regular Thai, oil or lotion massage. And depending on the shop they have up-sells for spa like options like nuru nuru, sand scrubs and seaweed wraps. Some places provide full body scrubs with salt. Some shops offer the so called famous balls massage. All at an extra cost of course.

I'm willing to bet my last dollar though that if a guy goes to a massage parlor he will typically pay for an oil massage. When you select an oil massage course you'll get a better experience especially when the girl pours oil all over your body and starts rubbing her breasts up and down the customers body.

Thai massage shop for men also know there are no limits to a man's perversion. So customers can also pay for 2 ladies in the room. You'll find a cutesy name like '4 Hands Course' which ultimately means you can have 2 girls jerk or suck you off.

Price Chart from Dream Heaven Massage Bangkok
Another difference between a soapy and Thai massage shop is that soapy establishments are huge complexes with parking spaces for customers. So there are typically more girls to choose from inside.

Oil massage shops are smaller though still discreet with a fewer number of girls. The shop that I know with the most girls is Bangkok's Angel Massage on Soi 24/1. They usually have about 2 dozen ladies. Other than that all of the other shops typically employ at least a dozen ladies. The more popular the shop, the more ladies you'll find inside.

Body on body massage out call service is possible
One final difference is soapies do not have out-call service. While shops that provide Thai, oil and lotion massage typically have a set of ladies that will go to your hotel room for a body to body massage.

Though they won't travel too far so if a shop is located in the Sukhumvit district you should choose a hotel in Sukhumvit. And the cost for out call service is nominal, usually just a few hundred Baht more.

Today I am noticing that there is a trend with many massage parlors of charging all inclusive rates. So you may come across a shop that will charge different rates for a hand job which is the cheapest at 500THB on top of the cost of massage. Blow jobs cost about 1000THB while full service cost 1500THB.

For example take a look at the price chart above that came from Dream Heaven Massage. They charge 1500THB for a 1 hour oil massage. That 1500THB rate includes full service sex. So even if you want a simple hand job you're still paying 1500THB because it is an all inclusive rate.


  1. hi James,
    irrespective of whether you have the information/experience on my question or not, you are doing a amazing job, travellers like me are benefitted the most because of u, hats off for the good work, u publish in the blog. keep up the good work. im planning to travel alone to bangkok for 4 days, planned to stay near sukhumvit soi and my only intention is to enjoy my bachelorhood and nightlife. i have three questions to u, it is not specific to this post.
    1. Im more interested in meeting blonde, latinos and white bar girls, so how good are my chances and what is the cost it will require?. so is there a massage parlour with services provided by these girls.
    2. will there be female tour guides who would accompany me throughtout and what will tariffs for them.
    3. for a budget traveller how much expense is expected for 4 days for accomodation, and fun, i can compromise on accomodation. i need a secure safe fun, which will last with nice monents. will 7000 thb/day be enough for this. how much wud u suggest me?

    thank u james cheers

  2. Neo,

    Thailand is the wrong place to meet latinos my friend.

    For white bar girls, it's best to head to Pattaya's go go bars for Russians. Not cheap though and if your budget is 7000THB per day that's not enough to hook up with one.

    There are plenty of female tour guides, not sure what they charge however.

    For a budget traveler, you can figure 2500THB to 3000THB to get laid at a massage parlor or bar girl.

    Plenty of cheap hotels in Bangkok but I haven't stayed in many of them so can't say which one is safe or not safe.