Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Best $150USD a Night Hotel in Bangkok

Grande Centre Point Hotel Terminal 21

Here's the Hotel I Would Choose in Bangkok with $150 USD Per Night to Spend

I often get asked if I had $150 dollars to spend on a hotel near a red light district in Bangkok which would I choose.

A budget of $150 dollars per night for a hotel in Bangkok can buy you a decent amount of luxury within the hottest location in the city.

So which hotel would I pick? It's no other then the Grande Centre Point Hotel Terminal 21. I wrote a review about this hotel last year so check out the post here.

It's the best hotel I've ever recommended to everyone last year and this year it's no different. Although the prices for their rooms are slowly creeping upwards. I remember a few years ago when it first opened you could stay there for around $100USD per night.

As of writing if you book a room at this hotel in June there's a discount including breakfast and taxes the price comes out to around $150 bucks. Click here to see if the discounts are still available for this month or anytime in the near future thru Agoda. I'm quite sure you might find more deals as low season for hotel rates is coming up soon.

And this deal is for a 32 square meter superior room complete with modern amenities, a kitchenette and a washing machine too.

Step into the lobby of this hotel and you'll see it's a high quality property and be happy you made the decision to stay there.

One tip for taking a taxi back to the airport from the hotel entrance. Be sure to ask for a meter taxi. Right outside of the hotel they have several taxis that will charge a flat rate that is typically more expensive than the actual meter taxi rate. Or just walk out to the Sukhumvit road and hail a taxi from there.

So if I was visiting Bangkok and that's how much I could afford I would stay at the Grand Centre Point Hotel which is right on top of the brand new Terminal 21 Mall.

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