Monday, June 17, 2013

Updated Hotel Map on Bangkok Red Eye

My new updated hotel and nightlife map for Sukhumvit Bangkok
Thanks to a lot of helpful feedback from readers I had to put in some work on creating a better map of guest friendly hotels in Sukhumvit.

I know my gf hotel map listed on this blog is too narrow and doesn't display the hotels' approximate location. It's because this blog's theme has a preset width. And I tried tinkering with the settings to make the blog wider to accommodate a larger map but everything just became a mess. So I stopped futzing around with it.

Though I do know the list on this blog is helpful enough for those who are familiar with the Sukhumvit district. Which is why I listed the hotels accordingly from Sukhumvit soi 1 to soi 23. So basically from where Nana Plaza starts ending at Soi Cowboy. Lots of nightlife hotspots between both of those go go bar locations like massage parlors, a few BJ bars and soapies.

My Bangkok Red Eye's new gf hotel map would be very helpful to anyone who's coming to the city's Sukhumvit red light district for the first time. Keep in mind although I listed a handful of hot spots on that map there are sections of Sukhumvit where you can hook up with Thai freelancers both on the streets or inside bars. I didn't want to make the map too busy so I decided not to illustrate them on the map. So just take my word for it. Just do a search on this blog and you'll find out where you can locate Thai freelancer hot spots.

I found that the general consensus is most visitors are looking for girl friendly hotels in the 1000THB to 2000THB price range. So I selected twenty nine 2 - 3 star hotels near and between Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy. I listed 4 hotels in the under 1000THB range because to be quite honest, there are not a whole lot of adequate cheap hotels in the red light districts of Bangkok.

However, I recommend squeezing out a few hundred Baht more on your hotel budget because that's all it takes to get yourself a better place to stay in the red light districts of Bangkok. I listed thirteen 4 star hotels that are an absolute bargain.

I also updated a list of popular hotels near massage parlors in the Phrom Phong district too. Remember, Phrom Phong is only 1 station away from Sukhumvit station. So PP district has a good selection of no joiner fee hotels too if you can't find one you like in Sukhumvit.

I also have some requests for making map of gf hotels in the Pratunam district. Because there are only 4 no joiner fee hotels I recommend in that area there's really no need for me to draw up a map. I already made some recommendations here on this post. Just just take my word those hotels are in a good location in Pratunam.

I made the updates on my website last week and so far the feedback on the changes are all positive from seeing an increase in hotel bookings. So I figure a lot of you are finding it more helpful. Both maps are bigger and easier on the eyes. Plus the maps display well on smart phones too.

So I hope this helps out anyone even better while looking for a place to stay in Bangkok. Stay tuned for a map of gf hotels in Pattaya coming soon!

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