Monday, July 22, 2013

Tips on Thai Go Go Bar Girls

6 Questions You Should Ask Before Paying that Bar Fine

Sometimes I get emails from guys who've recently visited a go go bar in Bangkok or Pattaya asking me if bar girls give blow jobs. And I'm scratching my head thinking what a dumb question. Of course bar girls give blow jobs. It's kinda like asking someone if the Pope is a Christian.

So I started asking back some question and this was all done via email. One guy mentioned he went to Angel Witch go go bar over at Nana Plaza and the girl never blew him. I asked if he asked her to perform oral and he replied no.

I know guys can be very shy for whatever reason. Don't be. I'm not implying you should be a total ass either. But asking a prostitute for a blow job will not offend her good senses. Prostitutes are also not mind readers.

And depending on the bar girl's attitude they may not take the initiative on providing top notch customer experiences.

I also know a lot of guys who simply assume that bar girls automatically do everything that we see on porno films like spankings, bondage or whatever else a guy does to get his rocks off. And if you're into anal with a lady you definitely should check and ask if she's into it because I can assure you not all bar girls are.

Along with bargaining for short and long time rates, you should also discuss what types of services you want and expect.

Now if you have a lot of questions on what services are to be expected, you should ask. Believe me, Thai prostitutes have probably heard it all so any sick perverted requests you may have may not even phase them at all. Worst thing that would happen is they'll say no and won't run away.

In any case here are 5 questions you should ask before forking over that bar fine:

1. Getting a Blow Job

All bar girls give blow jobs. It's part of the job description. Not unless they've just got braces. However some give covered blow jobs and some go bare back on their customers. If this is an important issue to you then you should ask before hand. If you really like the girl, and she only wants to give blow jobs with a condom, I really think you should respect her stance and not consider this a deal breaker.

2. Anal Sex

Personally, I'm not into anal sex. But I know many guys who are. And there are a lot of Thai girls that don't do anal, particularly the petite girls. Who can blame them?

So before you try sneaking your snake into that hole you'd better ask for permission to do so at the bar before you find out too late that she denies access to her glory hole.

I also received an email from one fellow who loved going to Akane Fashion Massage because I told him they have girls there that do rim jobs. Again, I'm not a fan of messing around with arseholes during a sex romp.

But I wouldn't be surprised if you'd find a bar girl that would decline eating your ass out. Doesn't hurt to ask. What's the worst that can happen?

3. 1 Hour Means 1 Hour

There's one particular bar girl I enjoying hanging out with at Rainbow 4. And a lot of times she gets picked up by customers for short time because she doesn't do long time. Speaking of long time, you should also make it clear that she shouldn't leave way before the sun goes up.

And there are short time rooms in Nana Plaza so a lot of her customers use the facilities there. A lot of times I've noticed that she's usually back down in about 30 minutes and not the full 1 hour her customers paid for.
Once I've even see her back down at the bar in 20 minutes.

Now I know a lot of guys don't care because once they blow their load then there's no point in keeping her on the full hour.

However, I know there are also a lot of guys that want the bar girl to stay the full hour they've paid for. For whatever reason, I don't know, maybe they want to chat or something. I can understand. After all, you should get what you pay for.

My personal opinion, just let her go. Otherwise you might want to study up on some ways to control blowing your load too fast

4. Massage

Yes, I do get a lot of questions wondering if go go bar girls provide customers with massage. The easy answer would be no. But if I think back through the years, there were girls that gave me a massage. I never asked for it. They just did it. So I suppose if you ask nicely you may get one.

But let's be serious, you wouldn't be getting a professional grade traditional Thai massage. Massages are not really a skill set owned by bar girls.

5. Going Down on a Go Go Girl

I avoid going down on prostitutes for obvious reasons. But yes, I know there are a lot of degenerates who absolutely love it.

In most cases bar girls won't allow it. Some won't even let customers suck on their nipples. But if you must, just be sure to ask her if you're allowed to go down on her.

6. Going in Without a Condom

This thought shouldn't even come across your mind. This is probably the only question that would freak out bar girls.

And even if you came across a hooker that consents to unprotected sex should set off those little alarm bells in the back of your head. Chances are, she's got something and is reckless enough to pass it on to you. 

It should go without saying while discussing with a bar girl on what types of services she provides you should do so as a gentlemen. Be respectful and she just might perform that special service she normally doesn't perform. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Trip Report By JT

One of my blog readers named JT sent a trip report on his first ever visit to Thailand. And of course he's not there for the country's temples and culture.

After coming off from a recent bitter divorce, JT wanted to run into the arms and comfort of young Thai honeys.

He only submitted the events of his first evening in Bangkok and I can tell you he was off to a very good start. I'll put up the rest of his trip report as soon as I get them.

Meanwhile, here's a look at his first submission:

Friday, July 5, 2013

A Visit to Pattaya's Soi LK Metro...

And Hooked Up With a Hot Bar Girl at Showgirls Go Go Bar...

It's no big secret while in Pattaya, I always prefer hanging around Soi LK Metro for picking up bar girls. A lot of my favorite Pattaya gogo bars are located in that little slice of central Pattaya.

And there's a guest friendly hotel I like staying in that area called LK Metropole. They have big rooms, a swimming pool and a well equipped fitness center, which I put to good use as I'm developing a beer belly. And LK Metropole is surrounded by go go bars, yet far enough to not hear the loud music that's blasted throughout the night.

Soi LK Metro is not exactly quiet either since some of the best go go bars are around there like Champagne A Go Go, Oasis and Sugar Sugar. But it's a whole lot less crowded than it is on Walking Street.

I do like Walking street's go go bars. However, it's packed with people and so crowded. Sometimes it's like a zoo.

And I was expecting to go bar hopping the entire night. However, I ended up staying at Showgirls Pattaya from 9pm to 1am. Showgirls closes at 3am by the way. And their happy hour drink special prices start from 2pm to 8pm.

There's a Welcome Girl standing outside of the go go bar that really got me all hot and bothered. Never seen her before. She told me she's 23 and from Phuket. She could be lying but she was so hot I would've believed whatever she told me.

She was slim, tall and had curves in all the right places thanks to the surgeon who did a very good job on her breast implants. Not too big and not too small, just the way I like tits on my ladies. And she had a tan, not too dark however but she still had a lovely glow about her.

Showgirls go go bar is a small building with two levels. The second floor is more spacious with more dance area for the girls. I recommend hanging out on the second level. It's a new bar that opened last year and has retained it's shiny sheen. So far I've been there around 6 times and I must say I really like this bar. And the attitude of the ladies are fun and outgoing.

There are quite a handful of cuties working at the time though none of my friends picked up any girls. While I was there I saw at least a dozen girls either dancing on the stage or sitting around with customers. And we did stay for awhile and bought a bunch of lady drinks that cost 130THB each. Not a bad price.

About 11pm my friends left all by their lonesome selves to another bar nearby. So this was a good time to take my girl out and back to my hotel, which was only a short walk 3 minute walk.

Showgirls' bar fine price is 600THB and I talked to my girl beforehand on what she would charge me for short time. We settled on a price of 2500THB for 2 hours with 2 shots. She originally asked for 3000THB but I got it reduced to 2500THB without too much resistance. Remember, the prettier a bar girl or freelancer is the more you will have to pay. These working girls know how much they are worth. And they know if one potential customer can't pay what they're worth they can easily find another who can.

She went to change her clothes and when she got back to me she had this hot skimpy white mini dress that showed off her amazing tits and curvy hips. I popped a boner right there and then.

Thank god LK Metropole Hotel is around the corner from Showgirls. Walking around with a boner too long is unhealthy. And the bulge sticking out from my pants was too obvious.

Funny thing as I was walking towards the hotel I saw a security guard standing by the door talking with hooker and the customer looking on clueless. I knew LK Metropole is guest friendly so they shouldn't charge a joiner's fee at all.

As I got closer and hear the conversation I then understood that the security guard knew the Thai hooker because he worked part time as a bouncer at the go go bar she worked in. So all's good.   

When we got back to my room we quickly undressed and hit the shower together. I want to add that Thai girls are normally shy. Yes, even when they are hookers and have been stark naked with many customers. So they do not expect their customers to hop into the shower with them.

Which is why it is important that you speak with your bar girl or freelancer on the street about what you expect before settling on a price. Don't sound like a demanding asshole while doing so. Just be polite and joke around. To me, it's a big turn on having some nice foreplay action in the shower.

She was into it too which is a plus. I know a lot of guys have experiences with ladies that are fun in the bars but when you take them back to your hotel room they are completely opposite. I've had those experiences too and you can't help but feel a bit of buyer's remorse.

I made my first shot in the shower after a long nice foreplay action. When we got to the bed we relaxed a bit for another 30 minutes until I felt I was up for my second round. All in all she was with me for the entire 2 hours. I gave her 1000THB tip for a total of 3500THB. It was well worth it. Because I had already settled in my mind to pay her 3000THB. And the extra 500THB tip on top was for a really good time. I swear after a romp with her I could barely stand up.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Share Your Thai Red Light District Adventure

A New Reader Submission Section on Bangkok Red Eye! 

One of my blog readers emailed me a trip report for his first ever visit to Bangkok's naughty nightlife. And for a little while I was contemplating on asking readers of this blog if anyone would be interested in sharing their own stories.

Like which go go bars they went to or which oil or soapy massage parlors they've enjoyed

I finally decided on putting up a reader submissions section on my website. And I think it's a good idea.

Because everyone who reads this blog will know of my personal experiences. So they'll have certain expecations whether good or bad. While the truth is everyone is going to have different experiences. There's just too many variables.

Bangkok's go go bar scene, massage parlors, G-Clubs and so on is pretty much fluid meaning things change from day to day or even month to month.

Take for example the trip report submitted by a reader name M on my website:

From what he wrote he had an excellent time and even a girlfriend experience in a matter of a few days. And it's his first trip ever.

Sure some say he's just lucky. But he's learned a lot from my this blog and my website. So he was well informed on what to expect, where to go party and which hotels to choose. After all luck favors the well prepared

Not everyone is going to have a girlfriend experience especially during a first trip ever into Bangkok's red light districts though.

So I'm hoping if anyone out there would like to share their stories as well. I'll be discreet of course and use initials or whatever name you want me to use on your trip reports.

Just a few rules though. While writing make sure you keep the paragraphs short. Your trip report can be as long as you want. It's just easier for people to read shorter chunks of paragraphs. And I'm not too worried about English grammar and sentence structures.

God knows my own grasp of the English grammar sucks to high heaven so I shouldn't be one to complain. Anyways, do your best to write your reports as grammatically correct as possible.

Follow this link http://www.bangkokredeye.com/reader-submissions.html where you'll find my email address to submit a trip report.

I look forward to reading it and sharing it on my website with everyone!


Monday, July 1, 2013

Want to See Nana Hotel Hookers?

I Think a Lot of Newbies Will Enjoy This Video

One of my blog readers sent me this video posted on Youtube. It was filmed back in April 2013 so still current.

I wanted to show everyone this video because I get asked a lot if the hookers standing around Nana Hotel in Bangkok are pretty or not. Are they worth the money and time just to go there. There are a lot of guys (especially guys who've never been to Bangkok) whom automatically think that Thai street hookers are nasty crusty old skanks.

True, there are many prostitutes in and around the Nana area, particularly on Sukhumvit soi 4 where the hotel is located should be home taking care of their grandchildren.

However, there more than a handful of girls standing and sitting down near parking lot that are pleasing to the eye.

The hotel itself has seen better days. And there are many newer hotels very near these freelancers and I wrote a post on 5 hotels I recommend in Nana.

I also want guys to be aware that even though you initially approach a girl and she seems bubbly with a fun, friendly attitude doesn't guarantee she'll have the same attitude when she's alone with you in bed.

Prostitutes are just like any other ordinary salesman out there. They don't just sell the steak they sell the sizzle. Now I'm not saying that you won't find any ladies with a good attitude and a lot of fun in the sack.

Just saying that these ladies have one goal in mind. That's to get you to pick them and eventually give them payment for services rendered. Which is why they are initially super friendly. While having a shitty attitude towards interested customers outright won't help them pay their bills.

The guy that made this video was most likely wearing an eyeglass cam so this was done without the girls permission. Thai hookers do not want to be filmed out in the open. And neither do their pimps. Hell I don't want to be caught on video surrounded by hookers either.

I wouldn't film them out in the open like that (because I look stupid in glasses) since I don't have the balls to do it. But since it's here you might as well take a glimpse on what you can expect.

If you ask me, yes there are pretty girls standing outside of Nana Hotel. Not a whole bunch and the ones that are pretty get picked up rather quickly.

There's a lot of different videos just like this one floating around Youtube by the way. But just want to give a quick thanks to Timothy S. for sending me the link to this video. I'm sure a lot of guys planning a trip to Bangkok for the very first time would love to see this video!