Friday, July 5, 2013

A Visit to Pattaya's Soi LK Metro...

And Hooked Up With a Hot Bar Girl at Showgirls Go Go Bar...

It's no big secret while in Pattaya, I always prefer hanging around Soi LK Metro for picking up bar girls. A lot of my favorite Pattaya gogo bars are located in that little slice of central Pattaya.

And there's a guest friendly hotel I like staying in that area called LK Metropole. They have big rooms, a swimming pool and a well equipped fitness center, which I put to good use as I'm developing a beer belly. And LK Metropole is surrounded by go go bars, yet far enough to not hear the loud music that's blasted throughout the night.

Soi LK Metro is not exactly quiet either since some of the best go go bars are around there like Champagne A Go Go, Oasis and Sugar Sugar. But it's a whole lot less crowded than it is on Walking Street.

I do like Walking street's go go bars. However, it's packed with people and so crowded. Sometimes it's like a zoo.

And I was expecting to go bar hopping the entire night. However, I ended up staying at Showgirls Pattaya from 9pm to 1am. Showgirls closes at 3am by the way. And their happy hour drink special prices start from 2pm to 8pm.

There's a Welcome Girl standing outside of the go go bar that really got me all hot and bothered. Never seen her before. She told me she's 23 and from Phuket. She could be lying but she was so hot I would've believed whatever she told me.

She was slim, tall and had curves in all the right places thanks to the surgeon who did a very good job on her breast implants. Not too big and not too small, just the way I like tits on my ladies. And she had a tan, not too dark however but she still had a lovely glow about her.

Showgirls go go bar is a small building with two levels. The second floor is more spacious with more dance area for the girls. I recommend hanging out on the second level. It's a new bar that opened last year and has retained it's shiny sheen. So far I've been there around 6 times and I must say I really like this bar. And the attitude of the ladies are fun and outgoing.

There are quite a handful of cuties working at the time though none of my friends picked up any girls. While I was there I saw at least a dozen girls either dancing on the stage or sitting around with customers. And we did stay for awhile and bought a bunch of lady drinks that cost 130THB each. Not a bad price.

About 11pm my friends left all by their lonesome selves to another bar nearby. So this was a good time to take my girl out and back to my hotel, which was only a short walk 3 minute walk.

Showgirls' bar fine price is 600THB and I talked to my girl beforehand on what she would charge me for short time. We settled on a price of 2500THB for 2 hours with 2 shots. She originally asked for 3000THB but I got it reduced to 2500THB without too much resistance. Remember, the prettier a bar girl or freelancer is the more you will have to pay. These working girls know how much they are worth. And they know if one potential customer can't pay what they're worth they can easily find another who can.

She went to change her clothes and when she got back to me she had this hot skimpy white mini dress that showed off her amazing tits and curvy hips. I popped a boner right there and then.

Thank god LK Metropole Hotel is around the corner from Showgirls. Walking around with a boner too long is unhealthy. And the bulge sticking out from my pants was too obvious.

Funny thing as I was walking towards the hotel I saw a security guard standing by the door talking with hooker and the customer looking on clueless. I knew LK Metropole is guest friendly so they shouldn't charge a joiner's fee at all.

As I got closer and hear the conversation I then understood that the security guard knew the Thai hooker because he worked part time as a bouncer at the go go bar she worked in. So all's good.   

When we got back to my room we quickly undressed and hit the shower together. I want to add that Thai girls are normally shy. Yes, even when they are hookers and have been stark naked with many customers. So they do not expect their customers to hop into the shower with them.

Which is why it is important that you speak with your bar girl or freelancer on the street about what you expect before settling on a price. Don't sound like a demanding asshole while doing so. Just be polite and joke around. To me, it's a big turn on having some nice foreplay action in the shower.

She was into it too which is a plus. I know a lot of guys have experiences with ladies that are fun in the bars but when you take them back to your hotel room they are completely opposite. I've had those experiences too and you can't help but feel a bit of buyer's remorse.

I made my first shot in the shower after a long nice foreplay action. When we got to the bed we relaxed a bit for another 30 minutes until I felt I was up for my second round. All in all she was with me for the entire 2 hours. I gave her 1000THB tip for a total of 3500THB. It was well worth it. Because I had already settled in my mind to pay her 3000THB. And the extra 500THB tip on top was for a really good time. I swear after a romp with her I could barely stand up.

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