Friday, July 12, 2013

Hooking Up with Thai University Girls - Don't Read This if You Hate Disappointments

Thai University Hookers in the Red Light Districts - As Real as Big Foot and Elvis in a UFO Together

One of the top 3 questions that I receive most often is where to find Thai university girls working as prostitutes.

From my experience and I've been here for over a decade is that there are none. Well, not in the sense of the pay for play scene common in the foreigner sex tourists circle. It is possible to score with 'real' Thai university girls.

And you're certainly not going to find them hanging around any of Thailand's red light districts

Somehow rumors have spread around that you can easily pay a Thai uni girl for sex as easily as bar girls. That my friends, is a total myth.

You won't find Thai uni girls selling themselves on the sois of Sukhumvit. Nor find them working at the massage parlors in Phrom Phong or out in Huay Kwang.

In the beginning I was wondering why I've been getting a lot of these questions. I know a lot of guys go on Facebook or Camfrog or whatever else cam to cam or social networking site out there trying to meet girls with their dicks hanging out (you all know who you are) in the comforts of their own homes.

And, I do know a lot of Thai women play up on mens' fantasies. So when a guy comes up on a social networking site and finds a supposed "17 year old Uni Girl" they fall for it. I'm not on Facebook but I can bet that there are hundreds of Thai hookers claiming they are young uni girls looking to hook up with a foreigner with promises to men that they'll be the first man to pop their cherries. But before you get that honor you're going to have to send her some money first.

Head down to any shop providing internet service along Sukhumvit road and you'll find groups of Thai prostitutes fishing for horny men during the day. There's even a group of ladyboys and femboys that go to these places fooling men into parting their cash. And some are dressed like innocent looking uni girls.

Then there are dating sites offering men a chance to hook up with uni girls. So you'll find a bunch of girls dressed up in body hugging black mini skirts and button down shirts. Yes, the way these girls dress make me want to cream in my pants too.

But let's face it, putting a uniform on a girl and placing her photo on a dating site doesn't mean she's going to a university. It's just smart marketing to get guys to sign up.

I hate to say it but there are a lot of naive guys out there. I know a few working girls in their mid 30's pretending to be young 18 year old virgins looking for husbands on Camfrog. And they wear the same university girl's uniform.

And somehow they've convinced men to send them cash. This was all done without taking off their clothes and spreading their legs. They can rake in 10000THB in a day by getting a few thousand Baht from this guy and a few thousand from the other fellow jerking off behind his computer screen.

As a man, sure I feel bad for these suckers. But what can I do? In a way, aren't they asking to be ripped off? I can't look out for people who need protection from themselves.

Reasons Why Real Thai Uni Girls Don't Have to Be Hookers

Thai girls who can afford to go to university are taken care of by their parents. Their folks are those who are all hard working lower to middle and upper class families. And their parents support them by taking care of their tuition, buying them a car or motorbike and even footing the bill for an apartment.

While a vast majority of Thai prostitutes working in the industry work to support their parents, children, dead beat husband or boyfriends. It's the total opposite. Simply put, most of the working girls you see in Patpong, Nana and Soi Cowboy come from either poor families or broken homes.

Then there are the Hi-So (high society) uni girls. You've seen them before. They're the ones holding their noses up and clutching their LV bags and newest iPhone X at Siam Paragon Mall or strutting up and down Siam Square. If you're not young and good looking don't even look at them my friends. You won't stand a chance. 

Hi-So girls have fancy cars, perhaps a home or a condo in a posh neighborhood. Jewelery, trips to the plastic surgeon and outside of the country are all take care of by their very wealthy parents.

And even if they wanted more money and shiny jewelerly they don't need to get it from horny sex tourists on a budget. They'll just find a Thai guy with money.

Because what foreigners see in Patpong, Nana and Soi Cowboy is just the tip of the iceberg. Thai men with cash don't go to those foreign centric red light districts. However, there are plenty of places where Thai men with money go to meet ladies.

Sure you may find Thai girls in university post up sexy photos of themselves on Facebook. But what young university aged girl today in the world doesn't do that? It doesn't mean that they're in the pay for play scene. It's just shit that young people do these days. 

But There's a Chance - But It's a Very Slim Chance for Mr. Johnny Foreigner

As a sex tourists you're going to have a really tough chance scoring with a Thai uni girl. As I've stated already you won't find any around because there really aren't any working as prostitutes.

But if you're dead set on scoring on a uni girl you're going to need to change up your game plan. Take a different approach. You have to learn Thai. You need to have a lot of spending money. Put on a proper pair of shoes and toss the flip flops.You'll probably need to learn how to dance too.

That's because if you're out to score on uni girls you have to go to where they party. And they do not party in Soi Cowboy, Nana or Patpong.

You'll need to go to the hip clubs of Thonglor/Ekkamai district or in and around the Royal City Avenue (RCA) area.

I don't mean to offend anyone. But if you have more white hair on your back than hair on your head and you can't see your own shoes because of your belly you may want to skip those places.

Thonglor and Ekkamai are where the Thai yuppies go to unwind in cool clubs particularly around the Sukhumvit soi 55 area. You can get to this area by taking the BTS Sky Train to Thong Lor station.

RCA is the mecca for young Thais with many famous mega clubs along the strip like Route 66, Slim and Flix. Those are the most notable names and their are a few other minor clubs in that area. Take a look at the parked cars in that area. All are owned by the rich kids. I'm not afraid at all to admit that I am totally out of my league at RCA. If only I was 20 years younger!

But I have some friends that are in their mid 40's who still go there. And yes, they do go there in the hopes of having a freebie with the many gorgeous young Thai girls that party there. They've never had success and will soon quit going to RCA because they've finally realized that a couple of 40 year old white dudes at a club full of young Thai people scream sex tourists.

The only guy that I know in his mid 40's that score on a regular bases with Thai uni girls is this asshole. Just kidding, his name is Somchai and he's someone I can really count on in a bind.

Somchai still goes to the clubs and because he is a Thai national he can easily schmooze with the girls in the clubs. Young girls with older men in Thailand is socially acceptable. Since Somchai has so much money it shoots out of his ass he has no problem at all finding uni girls looking for a sugar daddy.

Today Thai women, and no I'm not only referring to hookers, are warming up to the idea of having casual sex partners. However, if they have a choice they'd rather be with a guy who can support them financially. There's a Thai word called 'gik' that basically means 'fuck buddy'. But most Thai guys I know that have giks usually have to pay in the form of cash or gifts one way or another. So nothing is really free.

So unless you can speak the Thai language with ease and have a shit load of free spending cash, you too can have a Thai uni girl for a gik.

Unlike the hookers you see inside the bars and clubs of Sukhumvit, real Thai university girls don't come around looking for men. You really have to go all out and get to them. So if you're coming to Bangkok for a few days or a few weeks and even just a month this isn't worth all the work anyways.


  1. Good post. It's very true that scoring with Uni girls can be really difficult if you are a sex tourist of advancing years. I work at a university, I'm only 32, and I speak Thai fairly well. I have had a small few (and good looking!) students hit on me while I was working, but it would be highly unethical for me to pursue any young women who studies at the university. I would love to have sex with one, sure. But I don't want to lose my job or interfere with the student/teacher relationship. However, for the most part, the good looking girls like to go out with good looking Thai guys close to their age....same as in the west. Why wouldn't they? The easy access to working girls in this country has created the illusion, for some, that most Thai girls are easy and looking to hookup with a farang... This is simply not the case for most educated middle and upper class Thais. However, Many Thai women do find farangs attractive, but they need to be in shape and well groomed to really catch their eyes, typically.

    1. Hello,

      A man of principle you are my friend, though I bet it's hard as hell to beat the temptation of a uni girl coming on to you. I respect that.

      Th sole purpose of this post is to tone down some expectations that most guys may have on the country's red light districts.


  2. Incredibly humorous post; the best I have read in a long while. The part about standing no chance with the young Thai middle class women if you have more grey hair on your back and a desert in your head, and a fat belly that obstructs the view to your shoes- that had me in stitches. You really are a very good writer.

  3. I don't think so...there are such cases.

  4. You're full of shit. I've had loads of Thai uni girls.

    1. Good for you! I hate disappointing people....