Thursday, July 4, 2013

Share Your Thai Red Light District Adventure

A New Reader Submission Section on Bangkok Red Eye! 

One of my blog readers emailed me a trip report for his first ever visit to Bangkok's naughty nightlife. And for a little while I was contemplating on asking readers of this blog if anyone would be interested in sharing their own stories.

Like which go go bars they went to or which oil or soapy massage parlors they've enjoyed

I finally decided on putting up a reader submissions section on my website. And I think it's a good idea.

Because everyone who reads this blog will know of my personal experiences. So they'll have certain expecations whether good or bad. While the truth is everyone is going to have different experiences. There's just too many variables.

Bangkok's go go bar scene, massage parlors, G-Clubs and so on is pretty much fluid meaning things change from day to day or even month to month.

Take for example the trip report submitted by a reader name M on my website:

From what he wrote he had an excellent time and even a girlfriend experience in a matter of a few days. And it's his first trip ever.

Sure some say he's just lucky. But he's learned a lot from my this blog and my website. So he was well informed on what to expect, where to go party and which hotels to choose. After all luck favors the well prepared

Not everyone is going to have a girlfriend experience especially during a first trip ever into Bangkok's red light districts though.

So I'm hoping if anyone out there would like to share their stories as well. I'll be discreet of course and use initials or whatever name you want me to use on your trip reports.

Just a few rules though. While writing make sure you keep the paragraphs short. Your trip report can be as long as you want. It's just easier for people to read shorter chunks of paragraphs. And I'm not too worried about English grammar and sentence structures.

God knows my own grasp of the English grammar sucks to high heaven so I shouldn't be one to complain. Anyways, do your best to write your reports as grammatically correct as possible.

Follow this link http://www.bangkokredeye.com/reader-submissions.html where you'll find my email address to submit a trip report.

I look forward to reading it and sharing it on my website with everyone!


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