Monday, July 22, 2013

Tips on Thai Go Go Bar Girls

6 Questions You Should Ask Before Paying that Bar Fine

Sometimes I get emails from guys who've recently visited a go go bar in Bangkok or Pattaya asking me if bar girls give blow jobs. And I'm scratching my head thinking what a dumb question. Of course bar girls give blow jobs. It's kinda like asking someone if the Pope is a Christian.

So I started asking back some question and this was all done via email. One guy mentioned he went to Angel Witch go go bar over at Nana Plaza and the girl never blew him. I asked if he asked her to perform oral and he replied no.

I know guys can be very shy for whatever reason. Don't be. I'm not implying you should be a total ass either. But asking a prostitute for a blow job will not offend her good senses. Prostitutes are also not mind readers.

And depending on the bar girl's attitude they may not take the initiative on providing top notch customer experiences.

I also know a lot of guys who simply assume that bar girls automatically do everything that we see on porno films like spankings, bondage or whatever else a guy does to get his rocks off. And if you're into anal with a lady you definitely should check and ask if she's into it because I can assure you not all bar girls are.

Along with bargaining for short and long time rates, you should also discuss what types of services you want and expect.

Now if you have a lot of questions on what services are to be expected, you should ask. Believe me, Thai prostitutes have probably heard it all so any sick perverted requests you may have may not even phase them at all. Worst thing that would happen is they'll say no and won't run away.

In any case here are 5 questions you should ask before forking over that bar fine:

1. Getting a Blow Job

All bar girls give blow jobs. It's part of the job description. Not unless they've just got braces. However some give covered blow jobs and some go bare back on their customers. If this is an important issue to you then you should ask before hand. If you really like the girl, and she only wants to give blow jobs with a condom, I really think you should respect her stance and not consider this a deal breaker.

2. Anal Sex

Personally, I'm not into anal sex. But I know many guys who are. And there are a lot of Thai girls that don't do anal, particularly the petite girls. Who can blame them?

So before you try sneaking your snake into that hole you'd better ask for permission to do so at the bar before you find out too late that she denies access to her glory hole.

I also received an email from one fellow who loved going to Akane Fashion Massage because I told him they have girls there that do rim jobs. Again, I'm not a fan of messing around with arseholes during a sex romp.

But I wouldn't be surprised if you'd find a bar girl that would decline eating your ass out. Doesn't hurt to ask. What's the worst that can happen?

3. 1 Hour Means 1 Hour

There's one particular bar girl I enjoying hanging out with at Rainbow 4. And a lot of times she gets picked up by customers for short time because she doesn't do long time. Speaking of long time, you should also make it clear that she shouldn't leave way before the sun goes up.

And there are short time rooms in Nana Plaza so a lot of her customers use the facilities there. A lot of times I've noticed that she's usually back down in about 30 minutes and not the full 1 hour her customers paid for.
Once I've even see her back down at the bar in 20 minutes.

Now I know a lot of guys don't care because once they blow their load then there's no point in keeping her on the full hour.

However, I know there are also a lot of guys that want the bar girl to stay the full hour they've paid for. For whatever reason, I don't know, maybe they want to chat or something. I can understand. After all, you should get what you pay for.

My personal opinion, just let her go. Otherwise you might want to study up on some ways to control blowing your load too fast

4. Massage

Yes, I do get a lot of questions wondering if go go bar girls provide customers with massage. The easy answer would be no. But if I think back through the years, there were girls that gave me a massage. I never asked for it. They just did it. So I suppose if you ask nicely you may get one.

But let's be serious, you wouldn't be getting a professional grade traditional Thai massage. Massages are not really a skill set owned by bar girls.

5. Going Down on a Go Go Girl

I avoid going down on prostitutes for obvious reasons. But yes, I know there are a lot of degenerates who absolutely love it.

In most cases bar girls won't allow it. Some won't even let customers suck on their nipples. But if you must, just be sure to ask her if you're allowed to go down on her.

6. Going in Without a Condom

This thought shouldn't even come across your mind. This is probably the only question that would freak out bar girls.

And even if you came across a hooker that consents to unprotected sex should set off those little alarm bells in the back of your head. Chances are, she's got something and is reckless enough to pass it on to you. 

It should go without saying while discussing with a bar girl on what types of services she provides you should do so as a gentlemen. Be respectful and she just might perform that special service she normally doesn't perform. 


  1. Hello!

    I'm a big fan of your site.

    Leaving for a short trip in the end of August. Any hotels on promotion in BKK that you can recommend?

    1. Rock,

      Thank you for the comment. Plenty of discounts on hotels these days since more foreigners are visiting Thailand these days.

      What is your budget? If you can spare $130USD I recommend Grand Centre Point Ratchadamri. I did a review here on this blog and you can find it by using this blogs search box.

      If you have a different budget or want a few more options you know how to reach me.


    2. Jim.

      I am going to Thailand in October does this mean the hookers will be low in numbers ? Where is the best place to go for all day all night fun ?