Thursday, August 29, 2013

Why I Like Thermae Bar and Coffee...

I met up with a bunch of my best friends at one of my favorite watering holes in Ekkamai last night. Just catching up and shooting the shit like old times after my month long stay in Vietnam.

A few of them mentioned how much the Thermae has gone done the drain since the girls working inside started giving preferential treatment to the Japanese and Koreans. Now this wasn't something that just happened over night.

In general, Thai working girls have always preferred Japanese and Koreans for as long as I can remember. They love their skin tone, boy bands and TV soap operas.

That doesn't bother me though. To me, the Thermae is a great place to sit and have a chat with friends. Because it's relatively quiet compared to full blown go go bars with stereo loudspeakers on steroids.

One other big complaint about Thermae's hookers is you can't take a good look at the goods before you can take them to a room, either upstairs at the Ruamchitt Hotel (500THB hourly charge) or you can just book a room there if one is available. The Ruamchitt located between Soi 13 and Soi 15 is one of the areas most affordable hotel's on Sukhumvit road.

I've mentioned this already but most of the ladies at Thermae had babies. Most of the ladies I've been with working their have stretch marks on their stomachs. I realize that this is probably a deal breaker for most guys.

But most Thai girls that do have kids were knocked up when they were young. Possibly during their late teens or even earlier. So it's not that bad, at least my opinion.

Either way you can still find a few gems here and there stashed away on the soft seats or standing around the Thermae's stairway entrance in the back.

I like Thermae for its old school atmosphere. No I'm not quitting on the bars. But once in awhile I like to kick back in relative peace where the only sounds of music comes from a Jukebox. And I'm the chatty type so much so my friends say I can't shut up.

Inside, you don't need to shout at the top of your lungs just to tell your friends you have to take a piss. And many times my business partners and I enjoy chatting about business before taking a few girls out. And even if we don't take any girls out we still manage a good time just taking in the scene.

As I mentioned there are quite a few gems inside. And these girls are usually quite firm with their rates so no matter how much bargaining and complaining about your blue balls they won't give you a discount.

That's because they know they're worth and eventually a customer will come along and pay that 2500 Baht short time price.

In general, most girls inside Thermae charge 1500THB for short time. And these girls are in the 5s and 6s on the the scale of 10 for looks.

It is possible to find girls in the 7s and 8s but it goes without saying you're just going to have to cough up more Baht to get with one.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Update on Where to Stay in Sukhumvit

I've been off the blog grid for a month now and I've been getting a lot of request for information on hotels in Sukhumvit. Previously I have been writing sporadic posts on hotels with deals near the red light districts.

A lot of my older posts reviews and recommendations of guest friendly hotels close to Soi Cowboy and Nana are still accurate to this date. So there's no need to write an entire posts and take up space on this interweb.

But I've noticed a lot of hotel bookings from guys staying out in the boonies of Bangkok. And a lot of people still ask me for recommendations about where they should stay.

Folks, If you are reading this, I can not stress enough that if you want to enjoy go go bars and massage parlors do not choose a hotel on the far side of town. You are wasting time and paying for taxis. Which doesn't make sense if you're on a budget.

I understand that there are really cheap hotels out in the middle of nowhere. But there is nothing to do around that hotel because it is in the middle of nowhere. Except jerk off by your lonesome self in the confines hotel room.

There are many really affordable hotels near the bars and massage parlors. So there's no excuse you should be jerking off in your hotel room. Many of these hotels are only a 15 minute walk to Soi Cowboy and Nana. Some are 20 minutes max. A 20 minute walk is better than spending 150THB+ and getting stuck in traffic if you choose to stay at a hotel in the boonies.

Here's a hotel that's only around $40USD (as of writing) per night and it's about a 5 minute walk to Soi Cowboy and 20 minutes to Nana Plaza. It's called the Darjelling Hotel on Sukhumvit near the train stations.

Even if you find a cheap hotel on the other side of the town for $20USD remember you're going to have to pay for round trip taxi ride and wasted time. If you can't afford $40USD then I recommend saving enough until you have it before visiting.

Ok, I know many guys can't wait either their vacation time is limited or for whatever reasons. So if you can afford around $20USD a night and want to be near Nana Plaza's go go bars you many want to stay at Modelink Inn on Nana soi 4. It's a backpacker type joint (so you get what you pay for) but still a 10 minute walk to Nana's go go bars and street hookers. Staying at Modelink Inn beats staying at budget hotel in the middle of nowhere.

No matter what I would simply save enough money so I can stay at hotel in Sukhumvit. Bangkok's red light districts will most likely be around well after we're all dead.

For those who have money shooting out of their ass and can comfortably dish out $150USD I'd lay it down on Grande Centre Point Hotel Terminal 21. This 5 star hotel is right across from Soi Cowboy too and a 10 minute walk to Nana with scores of Hi-So pussy to gawk at in the mall attached to the hotel.

I have a lot of hotel recommendations on this blog of course because that's what this blog is all about. There are plenty of fine hotels in Sukhumvit for $50USD to $70USD per night withing stumbling distance to nightlife entertainment venues.

As I said all the info on this blog is still up to date. Do prices for certain hotel rooms may have gone up (or down) depending on the time you are reading this blog post. So do a search on this blog and I'm sure you'll find a place to stay that's just right for the amount that you want to pay. 

I'm Back...

Finally I am back in Thailand. I've been away for awhile mostly on business in Southeast Asia. I am retired and I do enjoy my retirement. But old habits die hard and I am a businessman at heart.

You see I am a professional gigolo. Just kidding. I wish but any lady that sees what I'm packing would want their money back.

Years ago back in farangland I was a business consultant as well as a business owner. No I'm not rich.

But I earned enough for a comfortable living with medical insurance and a nice cozy condo to lay my head in with a great view of Bangkok's city skyline every night. I'm not showing off but anyone who knows me knows I work like hell because I enjoy it. So I earned every bit of what I have with my brain and sweat.

So I was away in Vietnam this time on a new business venture with a group of friends from Singapore that I've know half of my life.

I was supposed to stay in Vietnam for a few weeks. But those few weeks turned into a full month. And every night was spent drinking with an equal amount of whoring around with some of the most beautiful women I've ever laid eyes on.

As foreigners, we see Thailand as a playground for men around the world. But Thailand's red light districts is just the tip of the iceberg in Asia.

Macau, Shenzhen, KL, Shanghai, Guagzhou and perhaps another half a dozen of cities in Asia I can't remember off hand are a hot bed of red light districts. But you do need a friend in the know to help get around.

I have my business partners and friends to show me around and without them I wouldn't even dare step into the places they go to get their rocks off.

So now I'm back in Bangkok I have a lot of catching up to do on this blog as well as my website. I have a lot of questions to answer as well as a bunch of trip reports to review before I put them up on my website.

I had a chance to go through a few reports and I must say many of you have taken whoring around to a new level. I am impressed. Soon a bunch of you bastards will have your own blogs.

Thanks for sticking around even do I haven't written a post for a long while.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Alive and Well...

Nope, I'm not dead, not just yet. I'm out of Thailand now to take care of some personal matters but will be back soon. And much apologies to those who've been submitting trip reports for my website. I haven't had the chance to go through any until I get back. The reason why I cannot simply put up your trip reports without first going through them is because in Thailand, you have to be careful about what you say on certain subjects and matters. Finally I'd like to thank those who've sent me emails asking why I haven't been putting up any posts on this blog. Receiving emails from concerned degenerates really warms my heart. Just kidding. So I will be back soon with a lot of fresh blog posts.