Sunday, August 25, 2013

I'm Back...

Finally I am back in Thailand. I've been away for awhile mostly on business in Southeast Asia. I am retired and I do enjoy my retirement. But old habits die hard and I am a businessman at heart.

You see I am a professional gigolo. Just kidding. I wish but any lady that sees what I'm packing would want their money back.

Years ago back in farangland I was a business consultant as well as a business owner. No I'm not rich.

But I earned enough for a comfortable living with medical insurance and a nice cozy condo to lay my head in with a great view of Bangkok's city skyline every night. I'm not showing off but anyone who knows me knows I work like hell because I enjoy it. So I earned every bit of what I have with my brain and sweat.

So I was away in Vietnam this time on a new business venture with a group of friends from Singapore that I've know half of my life.

I was supposed to stay in Vietnam for a few weeks. But those few weeks turned into a full month. And every night was spent drinking with an equal amount of whoring around with some of the most beautiful women I've ever laid eyes on.

As foreigners, we see Thailand as a playground for men around the world. But Thailand's red light districts is just the tip of the iceberg in Asia.

Macau, Shenzhen, KL, Shanghai, Guagzhou and perhaps another half a dozen of cities in Asia I can't remember off hand are a hot bed of red light districts. But you do need a friend in the know to help get around.

I have my business partners and friends to show me around and without them I wouldn't even dare step into the places they go to get their rocks off.

So now I'm back in Bangkok I have a lot of catching up to do on this blog as well as my website. I have a lot of questions to answer as well as a bunch of trip reports to review before I put them up on my website.

I had a chance to go through a few reports and I must say many of you have taken whoring around to a new level. I am impressed. Soon a bunch of you bastards will have your own blogs.

Thanks for sticking around even do I haven't written a post for a long while.


  1. Welcome back Jim! It's nice to hear from you again. I personally think that in general Vietnamese women are hotter in comparison to Thai women and many stuffs are wayyy cheaper in Vietnam.

    If only I know my way around Vietnam, I think for some reasons I would rather go to Vietnam than Thailand. Someone needs to start a guide for Whore mongering in Vietnam lol...

    1. Hi VG,

      Good to be back. To me Asian women are always fine looking.

      I believe Vietnam will become a major hotspot for mongering someday.

      However, I don't believe go go bars will pop up anytime soon in Vietnam. But those karaoke joints and my friends from Singapore took me to were amazing.

      I wished they allow me to take photos inside and I try to get one of my buddies to give me names and locations.

      But these establishments are kept guarded because they don't want too many uninvited outsiders.

      Oh well... maybe someday!