Sunday, August 25, 2013

Update on Where to Stay in Sukhumvit

I've been off the blog grid for a month now and I've been getting a lot of request for information on hotels in Sukhumvit. Previously I have been writing sporadic posts on hotels with deals near the red light districts.

A lot of my older posts reviews and recommendations of guest friendly hotels close to Soi Cowboy and Nana are still accurate to this date. So there's no need to write an entire posts and take up space on this interweb.

But I've noticed a lot of hotel bookings from guys staying out in the boonies of Bangkok. And a lot of people still ask me for recommendations about where they should stay.

Folks, If you are reading this, I can not stress enough that if you want to enjoy go go bars and massage parlors do not choose a hotel on the far side of town. You are wasting time and paying for taxis. Which doesn't make sense if you're on a budget.

I understand that there are really cheap hotels out in the middle of nowhere. But there is nothing to do around that hotel because it is in the middle of nowhere. Except jerk off by your lonesome self in the confines hotel room.

There are many really affordable hotels near the bars and massage parlors. So there's no excuse you should be jerking off in your hotel room. Many of these hotels are only a 15 minute walk to Soi Cowboy and Nana. Some are 20 minutes max. A 20 minute walk is better than spending 150THB+ and getting stuck in traffic if you choose to stay at a hotel in the boonies.

Here's a hotel that's only around $40USD (as of writing) per night and it's about a 5 minute walk to Soi Cowboy and 20 minutes to Nana Plaza. It's called the Darjelling Hotel on Sukhumvit near the train stations.

Even if you find a cheap hotel on the other side of the town for $20USD remember you're going to have to pay for round trip taxi ride and wasted time. If you can't afford $40USD then I recommend saving enough until you have it before visiting.

Ok, I know many guys can't wait either their vacation time is limited or for whatever reasons. So if you can afford around $20USD a night and want to be near Nana Plaza's go go bars you many want to stay at Modelink Inn on Nana soi 4. It's a backpacker type joint (so you get what you pay for) but still a 10 minute walk to Nana's go go bars and street hookers. Staying at Modelink Inn beats staying at budget hotel in the middle of nowhere.

No matter what I would simply save enough money so I can stay at hotel in Sukhumvit. Bangkok's red light districts will most likely be around well after we're all dead.

For those who have money shooting out of their ass and can comfortably dish out $150USD I'd lay it down on Grande Centre Point Hotel Terminal 21. This 5 star hotel is right across from Soi Cowboy too and a 10 minute walk to Nana with scores of Hi-So pussy to gawk at in the mall attached to the hotel.

I have a lot of hotel recommendations on this blog of course because that's what this blog is all about. There are plenty of fine hotels in Sukhumvit for $50USD to $70USD per night withing stumbling distance to nightlife entertainment venues.

As I said all the info on this blog is still up to date. Do prices for certain hotel rooms may have gone up (or down) depending on the time you are reading this blog post. So do a search on this blog and I'm sure you'll find a place to stay that's just right for the amount that you want to pay. 


  1. Great to have you back!

    I'm arriving on friday and picked hotels from your list. Thanks!

    I will search your blog for good places to visit during my stay.

    1. Hi RB,

      Thanks! And have a great time!


  2. Hi James. I learned a lot from this blog when I went to BKK this aug. Found some good bargirls and also tried Apples with a nice result.

    Next time a want to try moore then one girl, think it has to do with age :) How about taking them to hotel. Do they allow moore then one girl at all or is it only a question about joiners fee?


    1. Christer,

      Sorry for the late reply. If you want to invite more than one lady to your room, you're better off staying at a serviced apartment.

      I've mentioned serviced apartments as well as recommended places to stay right in the middle of all the action, within walking distance to soi cowboy and nana.

      Normally hotels that do allow prostitutes typically allow only 1 girl at a time or else you get charged for the second girl.

      Actually, the Nana hotel just came to my mind. It's not a great hotel for the price but it's right across the soi from Nana Plaza. They do let you bring in more than one hooker. I've seen a guy bring 4 girls while hanging out at the hotel's lobby.

      Anyways, you're best bet are the serviced apartments.


  3. Hi, I have read a lot of your articles on this blog and they are really informative. I am visiting Bangkok in the 1st week of December 2016. I have booked Amora NeoLuxe Hotel, Soi 31. Can I get hookers to come here from Nana/Cowboy? Are there hookers available near this area?

    1. Marcus,

      The area around your hotel mostly has oil massage sex shops. Which is a big positive as I personally enjoy oil massage shops the most.

      But sure if you go to a go go bar in Soi Cowboy or Nana you can bar fine a a girl to head back to your hotel room.

      For street hookers it's best you head to Nana Plaza hotel parking lot. Which is just two stops away on the BTS Sky Train at Nana station.

      As far as I know there are no street hookers around your hotel.