Thursday, August 29, 2013

Why I Like Thermae Bar and Coffee...

I met up with a bunch of my best friends at one of my favorite watering holes in Ekkamai last night. Just catching up and shooting the shit like old times after my month long stay in Vietnam.

A few of them mentioned how much the Thermae has gone done the drain since the girls working inside started giving preferential treatment to the Japanese and Koreans. Now this wasn't something that just happened over night.

In general, Thai working girls have always preferred Japanese and Koreans for as long as I can remember. They love their skin tone, boy bands and TV soap operas.

That doesn't bother me though. To me, the Thermae is a great place to sit and have a chat with friends. Because it's relatively quiet compared to full blown go go bars with stereo loudspeakers on steroids.

One other big complaint about Thermae's hookers is you can't take a good look at the goods before you can take them to a room, either upstairs at the Ruamchitt Hotel (500THB hourly charge) or you can just book a room there if one is available. The Ruamchitt located between Soi 13 and Soi 15 is one of the areas most affordable hotel's on Sukhumvit road.

I've mentioned this already but most of the ladies at Thermae had babies. Most of the ladies I've been with working their have stretch marks on their stomachs. I realize that this is probably a deal breaker for most guys.

But most Thai girls that do have kids were knocked up when they were young. Possibly during their late teens or even earlier. So it's not that bad, at least my opinion.

Either way you can still find a few gems here and there stashed away on the soft seats or standing around the Thermae's stairway entrance in the back.

I like Thermae for its old school atmosphere. No I'm not quitting on the bars. But once in awhile I like to kick back in relative peace where the only sounds of music comes from a Jukebox. And I'm the chatty type so much so my friends say I can't shut up.

Inside, you don't need to shout at the top of your lungs just to tell your friends you have to take a piss. And many times my business partners and I enjoy chatting about business before taking a few girls out. And even if we don't take any girls out we still manage a good time just taking in the scene.

As I mentioned there are quite a few gems inside. And these girls are usually quite firm with their rates so no matter how much bargaining and complaining about your blue balls they won't give you a discount.

That's because they know they're worth and eventually a customer will come along and pay that 2500 Baht short time price.

In general, most girls inside Thermae charge 1500THB for short time. And these girls are in the 5s and 6s on the the scale of 10 for looks.

It is possible to find girls in the 7s and 8s but it goes without saying you're just going to have to cough up more Baht to get with one.

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