Sunday, December 28, 2014

A Visit to Bangkok's Cherry Massage - Not!

My friends know I've been living in Thailand for a while now so I'm pretty much the official tour guide as well as their pet guinea pig.

So one of my buddies coming over to Bangkok soon is doing his research and he came across Cherry Massage over on Sukhumvit Soi 24/1. I have been there before a couple a years ago but never been back since. And just recently he read somewhere on another blog that Cherry Massage is really good.

My first visit to Cherry was not so good. But if you've been following my blog you'll know that I do not like to slam any type of adult establishment in Thailand. So if an oil massage parlor or go go bar is not worth your money or time I simply will not mention it here on my blog instead of writing up a nasty review and potentially ruining a business.

Anyways, my first visit to Cherry wasn't so pleasant and I didn't have a good first impression. Sure inside the joint looked good and the Mamasan was plenty nice. But the ladies. Let's just say Cherry Massage doesn't have a website ( or even a fully informational website at best ) with photos of their ladies for a good reason.

My friend asked me for a favor if I could go over and scope out the joint. Sort a like run a recon and see if they've got any beautiful ladies on their line up. And he's paying for it. So why not?

So I strolled down to Sukhumvit 24/1, passed Snow White Massage, Apple Massage. I saw some hotties at Dream Massage and was tempted. But like a good soldier I kept my mind on the mission and I was almost there.

Cherry Massage is located right before Angel Massage which is the last shop on this oily massage lane. As I came closer to my goal I saw at least 5 massage ladies sitting outside and as soon as they saw me and all our eyes I met I immediately turned away. Abort. Abort. Abort the mission!

Thank the lord I still have 20/20 vision. For the brief 2 to 3 seconds I could see there was no one I would ever hump away on and spend my waste my good friend's cash on. And typically, these types of joints place their best looking ladies outside to attract punters. To be fair, perhaps Cherry's best looking ladies are busy upstairs with customers. Either way, that just means I wouldn't be sticking around their shop because I certainly wouldn't pick the ladies hanging around outside their establishment.

Screw my friend and his money. If he really wants to know what Cherry is like he's just gonna have to find out for himself.

As I walked past the ladies they started calling out "Hello, Mister. Massage!" but already my mind was buzzing at a blur calculating where I should go instead as I had time to kill. There are a handful of excellent oilys right in the area at my fingertip.

I was tempted to make a B line right to Angels or I could've headed over to the other Dream Massage on Soi 26 for a Nuru Massage.

But there was a particular massage girl I haven't been with for a little while over at Premier 101 Massage so I made that snap decision to head over and say hello and spend 1.5 hours with the lovely massage girl named Venus.

One one of the rooms at 101 Massage

Venus came over from Angel's Massage and she is quite the popular girl. And I was lucky that I could pick her out last Friday as she only works on weekends now. But her work schedule is hit or miss so I highly recommend making a booking or at least call to make sure she's in for the day.

Normally on this blog I do not tell the names of my favorite massage girls. But since this is around Christmas time I figured I'd throw my blog readers a bone. Don't say I've never given you guys a gift.

One of the larger shower rooms. Not all showers are that big at this massage parlor

Not only does Venus have an awesome body she also has a wonderful service oriented and bubbly attitude. If you're the type of guy though that doesn't like to chat then you might want to skip her. Because she loves to talk which I don't mind at all. You can even speak to her in English. But I am not exaggerating one bit, she does have a lovely body and a cute face.

Also Venus is one of the handful of girls that only allow one shot for customers in Premier 101 massage. Staff at the massage parlor will show you a photo album of their ladies and below the photos you'll see their information on the kinds of services they provide. And it'll also show whether or not their ladies offer 1 or 2 shots to customers. She tells me that a lot of customers are disappointed that she only offers 1 shot and make a big stink about it. Guys, I know we all think with our dicks but seriously, read the ladies profiles, it's all clearly written.

I'm not the kind of guy that would totally discredit an establishment and vow to never go to a certain place ever again. Massage parlors do change and there have been instances where massage girls make a mass exodus to a newer shop with better salary and working conditions.

I don't want to be a dick. Maybe I could've made a simple attempt to walk inside and just take a look anyways. Maybe Cherry is an oil massage joint with beautiful girls in hiding.

So would I ever make my way inside of Cherry Massage? Perhaps. I do frequent Sukhumvit 24/1 often and I will keep an eye out for some cuties like I always do.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My Recent Bangkok's EZ2 Massage Experience

EZ2 Massage is the first shop you'll see coming down Suk 24/1
I usually space out the time I visit an oil massage shop and I think the last time I've been to EZ2 Massage on Sukhumvit Soi 24/1 was around 6 or 7 months ago.

The reason is most shops typically find newer girls to fill their roster in about 6 months or so. Some sooner some later. It all depends on how aggressive they are on their recruitment.

Like the rest of the other oil massage shops on Soi 24/1 EZ2 is one of the small ones except for Angels Massage located on the end of Soi 24/1 which is the largest and possibly the most famous.

But I like checking out the smaller shops because you'd never know you might be pleasantly surprised. So I checked out EZ2 a few weeks ago and I got there around 2pm on a weekend. I usually go a little bit later because most girls don't show. up for work around 4pm. And whatever girls they have in the early afternoon live on the premise of the massage shops.

But I had time to kill and getting a massage and a screw is not a shabby way to pass the time. Besides I've had good experiences at EZ2 and at their other location EZ1 not far on Sukhumvit Soi 24 just opposite the Emporium Mall. Both shops open at 11am and close midnight.

One of the rooms at EZ2 Massage

When I got in I was the only customer inside and was quickly greeted by a mamasan who quickly showed me a price menu. I chose the 1 hour gel massage which only cost 2100THB. Then she showed me the photos of girls available.

This time there seems to be less photos. Which means less massage girl. But during this trip I recall there were only 10 photos. Five of those girls were fairly attractive but they were not in yet. So I chose the best girl I could see available dismissing the mamasans suggestions.

So the mamasan called her out but told me she's a small girl so she can't give a long massage. I said no problem. I wasn't really there for a massage anyways.

As you all may know I kind of have a rule where I don't tell the names of the girls I choose. So let's call her Bun.

A standard shower stall
First time I saw Bun I could sort of understand why the mamasan said what she said. Bun was indeed a tiny girl. She's at least a little under 150cm and when I asked her later on she said she was 39 kilo. She said she is 19 years old but she looked younger to me.

Bun led me to a room upstairs and started going though the routine, take clothes off and off to take a quick shower. She wasn't playful and seemed a bit shy but I do have to say she's a cute girl. After getting me cleaned up she showered herself while I waited for a few minutes on bed.

She started with the massage first and I could feel she was putting some effort even while I dozed off a bit. After 10 minutes or so she asked me to turn around in Thai. She can barely speak English because she said she just came from Isaan to work at EZ2 a few months ago.

Then she started on what I came to EZ2 for. Again she was a bit shy but she was enjoying it as much as I was I could tell you.

Overall Bun was a fun experience to me and definitly an hour well spent. I always liked EZ2 though I can't say it's the best oil massage shop on Sukhumvit Soi 24.

If you check out their website you'll see EZ Massage shops have dozens of ladies. And a lot of them are hot. But I cant' say for sure if all those girls are working there. Maybe I just have to visit them more often.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Big Sale on Ambassdor Hotel in Bangkok

If you're coming into Bangkok this month and also next month December you may want to check out the big discounted rates for rooms at the Ambassador hotel which I reviewed here.

As of writing I see that the Ambassador has priced their superior rooms at a little over 1500THB from now until December. So it that's a pretty good price because normally a superior room at the Ambassador has a price tag of a little over 2000THB.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Bangkok's Grand Mercure Fortune Hotel - A 4 Star Hotel Near Two of Bangkok's Best Soapy Massage

Grand Mercure Fortune Hotel on Ratchadipesek Road
Bangkok is well known as a city with many affordable high quality 4 star hotels. And a lot of guys visiting the city's red light districts like staying at 4 star hotels because many have a policy of letting guests invite hookers to their rooms. And many are just a short distance from go go bars and massage parlors. Which was why one of my good friends chose to stay at the Grand Mercure Fortune Hotel.

It's a newly renovated in 2013 and before then it was just called the Fortune Hotel. Today, it's totally made over and managed by the Accor hotel chain which is a good as it's known as one of the best hotel chains in Asia.

So the Grand Mercure Fortune is prime location for making easy visits to Amsterdam Soapy Massage, which is directly across a road. But the hotel is also near a lot of other soapies too which you can see from the map below.

The Grand Mercure Fortune is also near Colonze Soapy Massage which is my #2 favorite soapy to visit. I wrote about my 5 Favorite Soapy Massage Parlors here. But Alaina, The Lord and especially Nataree and Caesars are definitely worth taking a look at.

It's not near any go go bars but Soi Cowboy is just a straight shot south of the hotels location. A taxi ride from the Grand Mercure to Soi Cowboy would just take 5 minutes with no traffic and cost around 60THB. Or, simply hop on the MRT subway which is 2 stops to Sukhumvit station near Soi Cowboy.

Because this hotel is not quite too far from Soi Cowboy, many bar girls working out of that area will not hassle you to rent a short time room near where they work. Because they can easily hop on a motor bike taxi and zip back to their bar from the Grand Mercure Fortune Hotel. And since the hotel is guest friendly, you won't be required to pay a joiner fee.

Pha Ram 9 MRT Subway Station

And getting to this hotel is super easy by taxi as almost every driver will know of this hotel plus because it's near an MRT station you can reach this hotel via the airport train. You only have to make a transfer at Makkasan station and walk to Petchburi MRT station. From there it's only one stop to Pha Ram 9 MRT station.

As of writing you can book a superior room at the Grand Mercure Fortune for 2600THB a night with taxes included for November 2014 travel dates. That's $80USD for a 4 star hotel and that's not a bad deal at all.

It's an ideal hotel because it's close to major malls and shopping centers so there's plenty of restaurants, cafes and shops to check out on foot. So you don't really need to travel too far for anything at all.

Monday, October 27, 2014

No Baht - No Honey

More Money You Bring The More Fun You'll Have

Another big question I get asked often his how much it'll cost for one night of fun in Bangkok and Pattaya. It all really depends on how much you want to "do" and most importantly how much Baht you've got stuffed in your pocket. But of course the more money you have on hand the more fun you'll have. Though for even those with a limited budget can still have a decent night out.

There is no real magic number or figure I can throw out. However, it's quite simple to do a price breakdown and from there you can figure out yourself how much you're going to need for a night of sexual romp. But you also have to be realistic. I mean come on, if this is going to be your first foray into Thailand's red light districts I know your imagination is running wild picturing yourself in an orgy with six hookers on your hotel bed followed by another six soapy massage girls in a jacuzzi. But do you really have the stamina to bang 12 girls? Be realistic and don't waste your time on coming up with a budget to bang 12 girls not unless you really know you've got it in you.

I suppose if you're in your early 20's and even up to early 30's it is possible to go all out stud. But if you're in your mid to late 30's and 40's letting the boys out of the gate twice is enough to make you satisfied.

So to start off, lets say you want to scope out a BJ Bar for your first shot. And then off to a go go bar and have a bar girl set off your second shot.


A blow job in the afternoon

Lets be conservative and say your body is able to pop twice in 24 hours. Figure a blow job bar during afternoon time which will set you back 700Baht. If she did a great job cleaning your pipes you can tip her say 300THB. You'd probably bought a beer too so that's about 150THB. Tally those numbers up you've just spent 1150THB or $35USD. Not bad for an afternoon hummer.


On to a go go bar at night

When the evening rolls in and you're planning on hitting up a go go bar and if you find a dancer you like you can expect to pay 600THB bar fine. If she's one of the best looking girls you can expect to pay 2500THB for an hour which is short time. But it is a go go bar so you will have to buy drinks but let's just say you're going cheap on this and order a water. That small bottle of water will cost you around 50THB depending on the bar. But you have to also buy a lady drink which will usually be a watered down cola but cost you at least 150THB.

Keep in mind, there are go go bars that have a 2 lady drink policy on top of the bar fine such as Baccara Bar in Soi Cowboy. Baccara is one of the best go go bars in Bangkok with fine looking bar girls so the price, depending on your outlook might be justified.

To tally up it's 600THB bar fine + 2500THB short time price + 50THB water + 150THB lady drink for a grand total of 3300THB which is $102USD as of writing.

Include that with the afternoon delight $35USD + 102USD at a go go bar and you've spent $137USD. That's not really bad at all. Considering a night out at a strip club in Las Vegas will undoubtedly cost twice or more and you only go home with blue balls and a wet dick. Thai red light districts are an absolute bargain.

This $137USD figure is or course a conservative figure. I know there are guys who spend way more because of beers and drinks for the ladies. But if you're on a strict(ish) budget $137USD is feasible. If you can't spend more than that you might want to consider saving enough until you can. Not trying to be a dick but I get a lot of emails from guys asking what they can do with a lot less.

There are ways to cut corners. For instance you can pick up a street hooker. With a freelancer there's no need to pay a bar fine nor buy lady drinks. I know guys who strictly sticks with street hookers for those reasons alone. But the trade off is the best looking girls are found in go go bars.

But there are other ways to bang hot Thai chicks and still save some cash. I always tell people that Bangkok's oil massage shops have some of the best looking working girls. And most shops these days have an all inclusive rate meaning you get a mediocre massage and full service. Inclusive rates start at around 2100THB ($65USD) for an hour, some less some a little more depending on the shop you go to. So my advice is if you really want to find hot Thai girls get yourself to a oil massage parlor.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

How Is Safety Inside Bangkok's Go Go Bars and Massage Parlors?

With the high season kicking in gear, a lot of newbie questions have been rolling in. And this particular question on safety inside of Bangkok's or even Pattya's bar and massage shops is probably on the minds of many first timers who are hesitant on booking that plane ticket.

In a nutshell, yes you can feel safe inside go go bars and massage parlors. Some go go bars have bouncers outside like Shark Bar and Bacarra in Soi Cowboy. Some bars don't have any at all or at least visible like almost every go go bar inside Nana Plaza. Patpong's go go bars have armies of touts so I suppose those guys double as security in case shit does go down.

But overall, you won't find any bouncers or security type folks visible inside go go bars. And even then, those types of venues are quite safe.

Of all the years I've been in go go bars I have seen a couple of fights between customers. And only then have I seen Thai's whom I presume are bar bouncers materialize out of nowhere to throw out the offending patrons.

I have seen foreign customers fight with Thai bouncers twice. And twice I have never seen men beat down so badly in my life. Don't mess with Thais' on there territory folks, you won't win.

On that cheerful note, most bar patrons are guys just like you. They want to have a good time and watch hot Thai bar girls twirl around a pole. A lot of bar customers are just regular folks who have 9 to 5 jobs in their home country and not mobsters and gangsters. And even if you do see an odd foreigner who does have a shady past in most likelihood they don't want to start shit with you even if they don't like the way you look.

Massage parlors, whether they be oily or soapies have a very safe atmosphere for customers too. There are no visible security measures but I'm assuming the papasans would kick someones ass if they get out of line. But in any case, if trouble does start inside an oily or soapy they will call the cops and every single one of those establishments are "sponsored" by the local police force you can bet your ass they'll arrive quickly.

That said of all the times I've been going to massage shops never have I once seen some type of incident involving the police or unruly customers being forced off premise kicking and screaming.

You see, Bangkok and Pattaya's red light districts are big money makers so there are unseen forces (be it Thai police, the mafia, or political) that are in play to try and keep the places as safe as possible for foreign visitors to the city's notorious red light districts.

There's a lot to cover on the subject of visiting Bangkok's nightlife but you can get a good grasp of what to expect here on my tips for first timers section and Red Eye Travel Guide. And even if you haven't been to Bangkok for a long while both those sections will fill you in on what has changed or give you a refresher course.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Where to Pick Up The "Good Girls" in Bangkok

Okay, so just to start off I'm going to be up front. These days, I'm about 20 years too old and just as many lbs. overweight to be picking up Thai girls that are not working in Bangkok's sex industry. The so called "good Thai girls" will not go for a slob like me. I've tried. Believe me. So I can't tell you how to pick up beautiful Thai girls that have proper day jobs. I can only give you advice on those that you'd have to pay to open their legs. Sorry.

Many expensive bars in Suk Soi 11 but there are also affordable bars too

These days there are lots of young good looking foreign guys coming in that I can't compete against. I get a lot of emails asking me where one can go find Thai girls not involved in the pay for play scene. And to those that I get a chance to reply to I always ask first "How old are you? The usual replies are "I'm 60 years old" followed by "but I'm in great shape" and even went as far as showing me a half nude pic of himself, which I really did not want to see.

Listen up fellas, I'm not that old either.  However the good girls have plenty of choices of foreign men in their 20's and even early 30's. Late 30's you've got a chance especially when you don't look it. But the better shape you're in and better looking for the ladies then you've still got chance.

But really, if a Thai girl with a good decent job that loves to party in some of Bangkok's best clubs and bars with their friends and on the lookout for a one night stand or even a boyfriend don't want a dude twice her age and 4 times her weight.

President Palace Hotel
Okay, so I'll throw out there that there are young girls who dig old farts. But let's face it not all Thai girls with proper job and stable family life are destitute and desperate. And if they could make a choice they'd stick with the guys around their own age.

With that out of the way, I do get a lot of emails from foreigners from all over the world in their mid 20's and early 30's. And they ask me the same question as the old farts.

Salil Sukhumvit 11 Hotel
So, if I was younger man, looking for a Thai girl not in the sex industry I would head to Sukhumvit Soi 11. There are a lot of mainstream bars in that area that are not dedicated play for play bars where hookers are abound. And I love visiting Suk 11 because it's a great place now. Lots of international restaurants in a great relaxing atmosphere.

Aside from all the good Thai girls Sukhumvit Soi 11 is fertile ground for picking up foreign women too. No I'm not talking about foreign hookers. Many women from around the world work in Bangkok too and they're also out for a good time among the bars of Suk 11. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying that every single one of them are looking for one nighters. But hey, women are just like men and have needs too. So if you've got game you can pick up foreign women too.

There are a few exceptions. Q Bar for example looks like a mainstream bar but they have a fair share amount of working Thai girls freelancing. Le Fenix Sukhumvit 11 Hotel is right across from Q Bar and I have to mention they have rooms for 1500THB which is an absolute bargain because the location is awesome. I know a lot of guys that pick up girls and take them to Le Fenix because they don't charge joiner fees.

Then there is Hillary 3 Bar which is not total pay for play venue but they do have Thai ladies you can pick up when the price is right. It's a popular watering hole and probably one of the most affordable bars on Suk 11 to grab a beer and check out some local talent.

Ambassador Bangkok Hotel and Club Climax
And of course one of the most popular pick up joints on Soi 11 is Club Climax in the basement level of the Ambassador Hotel. Club Climax is also a good after hours club. The Ambassador is a good place to stay because it's also guest friendly too, which is convenient when you plan to take hookers back to your room.

Matter of fact there are a lot of well rated hotels in Suk 11 that permit hookers in guests rooms. Which is one of the better reasons to stay in that area. Other choices are the President Palace Hotel and Salil Hotel Soi 11.

Finally, I have to mention there is a newish popular bar/club called Levels located right inside the Aloft Bangkok Sukhumvit 11 Hotel. I went there just last week and I have to tell you I've never seen so many beautiful ladies. Not just Thai but foreign ladies too in their early to late 20's. In my estimation I would say it's mostly ladies that are not in pay for play scene. At least it seemed to me that night.

And if you're not way too old and know how to talk to ladies perhaps Levels Club could be one of your best bet on picking up a freebie or more.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My 5 Favorite Soapy Massage in Bangkok 2014 Report

A few years ago I wrote about my 5 favorite soapy massage parlors reviews in Bangkok here. And that post has been viewed/read nearly a million times (exactly 991,082 times as of writing).

It's really no surprise to me at all. Bangkok's soapies are popular. No doubt about it. Who doesn't like to get rubbed down by a pretty girl in a bath filled with soap bubbles? And Bangkok has a lot of these types of male oriented massage centers spread around the city. Some really far out. And some are concentrated not too far from central red light district Sukhumvit with its Soi Cowboy and Nana Entertainment Plaza go go bars.

Things have not changed much in the soapy scene. Just a couple of new places opened up though. But recently, I've noticed a major change in the line up of my favorite soapies. Lots of new faces. Though prices are basically the same. And services are a real hit and miss today. Unlike one of my first time massage experience ever at Caesar's Entertainment many moons ago.

Even though there are a shit load of soapies all over Bangkok all the parlors listed below are easily reached by MRT subway train. Except for one which requires a 15 minute taxi ride from Huay Kwang area, which is basically where all the other soapies I mentioned below are located.

If you want to know how to get to these places mentioned check out my website where you'll find a nifty updated map.

My 5 Favorite Bangkok Soapy Parlors

Nataree Massage in Huay Kwang
#1 Nataree - No surprise here. After all these years, Nataree is still the best. Why? Because they employ a lot of ladies. Though it is a fishbowl soapy, you'll find that a vast majority of the ladies working out of Nataree are Sideline girls (part-timers).

So why is Nataree so special?? It's the sheer amount of girls. It's that simple. The more girls inside the more chances you'll find one to your liking.

Nataree typically has around 20 fishbowl girls and around 60 side liners. Typically ladies let customers have 2 shots. But I've been told by many ladies working at Nataree that today, they are selective on who they give those 2 shots to. So, if you really want to make sure you're getting 2 shots, be sure to ask before you fork over your cash.

There is no need to find out how to say, "Can I have 2 shots?" in Thai. Most girls will understand that. Otherwise, be sure to ask the Papasan to make it clear. There is a papasan named Mr. G who has a good grasp of English and can help sort you out.

Sideline girls start at around 2300THB. Younger prettier sideline girls start at 2600THB. Fishbowl girls cost at 1800THB. You get an 1 hour with the ladies.

#2 Colonze 2 - This joint is getting better and better every time I visit with my friends. You can check out a short blog post review here. I just went there last weekend and wow, I have to say, they have an excellent line up of models.

Colonze 2 has a lot of categories of services to the point it gets too confusing. But to break it down, they have sideline girls, fishbowl girls and models.

Sideline girls and fishbowl girls are found on the first floor. To the right of the fishbowl you'll find stairs leading up to the models section. And their models are what I prefer. Yes, they can be pricy. But they have some damn fine looking girls working at Colonze 2.

I picked a tall model, skinny in the waist, with gorgeous ass and tits. She had long black hair and long legs with fine white skin. I've got a hard on just thinking about her. And no way am I going to tell you her name or her badge number lol! You are on your own my friends.

Colonze 2 models on the second floor will set you back 6000THB for an hour and a half. Their sideline girls cost 2500THB and fishbowl girls' rates start at at 1800THB for an hour and a half.

I like this soapy a lot and though it's a great place it's still hard to knock Nataree off the #1 spot for now. Because you only get to pop once at Colonze 2, which is the normal policy. But if the girl likes you, she may let you pop twice. Just remember to tip.

Model girls working out of soapies only give you 1 shot. But you can ask how much she charges for a second pop. From my experience, they'll let you have another go for 1500THB.

#3 Utopia Entertainment - Although this soapy is very close to Huay Kwang there are no MRT subway stations in the immediate area. Your best bet is to take a taxi. A taxi fare from Nataree to Utopia would probably cost about 60THB or so.

It's not really a hard place to find and get to. It's just that it's in the middle of a very long street with nothing else in the area except a bunch of restaurants and a huge condo complex. But they have a huge neon Utopia Sign that is very easy to spot.

Here is the address and phone number in Thai:
69,69/1-3 ถนนพระราม9
แขวงห้วยขวาง เขตห้วยขวาง
กรุงเทพมหานคร 10320 เบอร์โทรศัพท์:0-2354-1300

I must start off by telling you that Utopia is pricey. So if you're not willing to pay for a taxi then you might want to skip this place. Plus, it is reported that they make foreigners may 500THB or 1000THB extra. I've never had that issue. It could be because I've been going there for a long time and can speak converstational Thai.

I have asked Papasans if have a foreigner surcharge and they say they don't. But I've read that they do elsewhere on other similar websites and blogs like mine. So who knows.

Massage lady prices at Utopia Entertainment are complex too because they have many categories of ladies. Basic fishbowl girls cost about 2300THB. Sideline girls 2800THB. And the cream of the crop model girls that are supposed former Thai Penthouse models or minor television stars prices start at a whopping 7000THB for an hour and a half.

For the models, a papasan or mamasan will hand you a photo album so you can pick and choose. The catch is you will most likely have to book a reservation. Most girls of Utopia's models, depending on their popularity have a 2 week wait list. I shit you not. Is it worth it? If you have the cash to blow I believe it is.

#4 Amsterdam Massage - This soapy is also on the pricey side but not as expensive as Utopia. About 5 years ago it was a massive establishment taking up 2 buildings. But today they've consolidated and all the monkey business takes place the front building.

You won't find a fishbowl setup at Amsterdam today too. So it's basically an all sideline joint. All the ladies are sitting in the back with no glass separating them from the customers. I find it humorous whenever guys just go up to them and check them out like a piece of steak at the butcher shop.

Anyways, Amsterdam has a fairly decent lineup of ladies always around evening time on the weekends. They have a lot of fair skinned ladies like Utopia because that's how Thai men like their women. Although it was my #3 favorite last year this soapy is still one of my all time favorite place to drop by.

I know a lot of guys like Amsterdam because it's another place that is easy to get to. Pha Ram 9 MRT station is right across from Amsterdam Massage, about a 5 minute walk across the main road. You can't miss the building it has a faux windmill on top of it.

Amsterdam massage girl prices start at 2500. But I typically like choosing girls at the 2600THB range. Somehow the Paps and Mams have figured out a scale. They do have models of course and their rates start at 4000THB.

#5 Poseidon Entertainment Massage - Okay, so this soapy has never popped up on my top 5 list ever. So what happened? A McDonald's opened across from it. No seriously, there is a McDonald's just 3 minutes walk from Poseidon's doors.

Now Poseidon has always been a name synonymous with soapy. Tell a taxi drive Soi Poseidon and they'll know exactly where they want to go. And they actually have a fully functioning website with a price list for their fishbowl and models. Holy fuckedy fuck... I'm surprised because so many other soapies don't have a functioning website.

But seriously Poseidon has been lagging against all the soapies in Huay Kwang. So I guess they're trying to kick in a strong come back. Plus I figure management wants to attract new customers from the new huge condos that are being built nearby.

I wrote a review last year but since then I've been popping over to Poseidon more and more often.

So there you go. My updated top 5 list. I hope you enjoy!

***2016 Update! I've written a new top 5 soapy massage post here.***

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hotel Icon on Sukhumvit Soi 2 - A New Hotel Near Nana Red Light District

Hotel Icon - A Nice New 4 Star Hotel Close to Nana

Nana red light district is where most travelers would book a hotel stay because Nana Plaza's go go bars are very popular. Add the hordes of freelancers and and pick up bars and you've got yourself a fertile hunting ground for Thai hookers.

But picking a hotel right on Soi 4 where Nana Plaza and where street hookers are found can be a little too much for some in terms of noise and people walking around. Nana is vastly changing and with the high season coming up soon you can bet it'll get a little too crowded.

Located on Soi 2 which is right next to Soi 4 is Hotel Icon, a new guest friendly hotel in the Nana area with 4 stars to its name. From the hotel's doors you can reach Nana Hotel's parking lot (where Thai hooker's hang out) and across from it Nana Plaza's go go bars in around 5 minutes. Or use the free tuk tuk service provided by the hotel.

So there are no Thai hookers near Hotel Icon. As I said it's in a quiet section of Sukhumvit Soi 2. But I suppose you can always order up in call service from a massage parlor.

Superior room at Icon Hotel
The hotel is brand new. Just opened in 2014 so you can expect everything to be modern and in good working condition. When I last check a 28 square meter superior room will set you back 3000THB which includes a free breakfast. Wi-Fi internet access is also free. Their beds and pillows are quite nice and comfortable which you won't often find in most newer boutique styled hotels in Bangkok.

Hotel Icon is certainly one of the nicest hotels close to Nana red light district. But the price is a bit high however. But it is a new hotel with lots of nice guests amenities. Be sure to check out the rooftop swimming pool. And this hotel is a true 4 start hotel so the price might be justified.

For your reference here is an email confirmation from Hotel Icon's stating it's guest friendly policy:

Dear Jim, 
Greetings from Hotel Icon Bangkok! With regards to your query, we do not have Joiner Fee, however please note that normal occupancy per room is 2 person. Should there be a 3rd person staying in your room, there will be an additional charge of THB 800 per night and our maximum guest per room is 3 person. Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Have a great day ahead. Warm Regards, Amornthep S.Hotel Icon Bangkok
Read more guests reviews and find discount rates for Hotel Icon Bangkok.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Pattaya's Diamond Beach Hotel - A Place to Sleep and Get a Soapy Massage

Since I've been getting a lot of request for info on Thai hotels with hookers I'll throw a bone out for everyone today.

The hotel and soapy both are located on Soi Diamond
In Pattaya, the 3 star rated Diamond Beach Hotel has a shop called VIP Massage Sauna attached. Now the hotel is already in a very good location. As the name states, it's located right on Soi Diamond. So it's not far from Walking Street, just a 5 minute stroll.

And Soi Diamond already has a fairly decent number of go go bars designated in the area such as Super Baby, Heavens Above and Cream. If you do choose to stay at any hotel near that area you should visit all 3 go go bars.

So if you do decide to stay at Diamond Beach you can order up a lady to your room for an on the spot soapy massage experience which starts from 1800THB for the hour. Or you can just use the in house rooms. I recommend using the in house rooms because the bathtubs are bigger. Remember, the price depends on the age of the girl as well as how attract she is. So you can expect to pay around 2200THB to 2500THB for an hour for younger ladies with fair skin and a good body.

Are there are there a lot of hot massage girls at VIP Massage? My stance is to never knock a business with ugly girls. That said, you may find a handful of girls that are easy on the eyes. For me, I saw a pretty girl about 22 years old but she was swooped up by another taker before I put down my bottle of beer after a first sip.

But I have had many friends tell me that they've been with a lot of decent looking massage girls at VIP massage.

The hotel's cheapie superior rooms are not so expensive. The price per night is about 1200THB with free breakfast. Diamond Beach's deluxe rooms are in better condition but expect to pay about 500THB more which also includes breakfast. And the hotel even has a swimming pool and a gym but with equipments are like antiques.

It's not the greatest hotel in the area but it certainly is one of the most convenient hotel in the heart of Pattaya's sleazy district. And the hotel does have quite a lot of good ratings and reviews.

Read guest reviews and find discounts for your travel dates for Diamond Beach Hotel.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Penthouse Hotel Review - A Pattaya Hotel with Girls

This post is dedicated to the lazy guys who can't or don't have the inclination to step out of their hotel to find Thai hookers in Pattaya. You're welcome.

There are a few obvious guest friendly hotels in central Pattaya that are not far at all from where all the go go bars are located with a supply of in house hookers.

The first comes highly recommend from several degenerate friends who've stayed at the Penthouse Hotel located on Soi Pattaya Land 2. It's the city's gay nightlife area but don't worry if you're not gay there is also plenty of straight action surrounding the Penthouse Hotel.

Penthouse Hotel  on Soi Pattaya Land 2
This is not and I repeat not a family hotel. This hotel has a strict no one under aged 18 allowed. The rooms inside of the hotel are geared towards satisfying a men's fantasies. There are stripper poles, pillows and padded furnitures throughout their rooms so guests can basically screw everywhere in the room. And for god sakes the rooms are even sound proofed so you can blast the volume while watching the in house porn movies.

So what else the hotel provide for guests to ensure a more pleasurable stay? Yup, they have hookers that work in house but are found in the Kitten Club next to the hotel. Though you can always take the ones you've hired from a go go bar or one or two freelancers on Beach Road which is a short walk from the hotel.

And next to the Kitten Club is Obsessions a ladyboy club and yes indeed the Penthouse Hotel is a ladyboy friendly hotel too.

If you want to go all out with a couple of friends you can always book a Babylon Spa Party Deluxe room which cost 9000THB a night breakfast included. It has 2 king sized beds and yes big jacuzzis to mess around in.

Otherwise their standard rooms cost around 1700THB per night with breakfast too. And their standard rooms are around 35 square meters which is ample space to have fun with bar girls. This is a really popular hotel for all the obvious reasons so I recommend booking in advance.

For rates and reviews check out Penthouse Hotel Pattaya.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

60% Discount for In Residence Bangkok Sukhumvit Hotel

I often keep an eye out for special hotel deals. Particularly for hotels in Bangkok rated in the 4 to 5 star quality range.

Today I found a very nice one. It's the In Residence Bangkok Hotel located about a 150 meters down Sukhumvit soi 13. Soi 13 is a prime location for visiting Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy because the hotel is located right between both hot spots. And of course there be plenty of freelance pick up spots around the area.

In Residence is also located near a short alley where you can quickly cut across to Soi 11 for even more clubs and disco options such as Club Climax and a little further up Q Bar if you're looking for Thai freelancers. Bash Bangkok an upscale club is also a good option too for finding prostitutes. Hillary Bar also on Soi 11 is also one of the many options for picking up local girls.

In Residence Bangkok Hotel - 55 square meter studio room
What's the big deal about In Residence Bangkok Sukhumvit? For about 1800THB you get a 55 square meter studio room plus breakfast buffet. It's a 4 star hotel by the way. So 1800THB for a 4 star hotel is a very good deal.

So far these rates are good until August when I checked and of course these rates won't stick around for long because they are being offered through Agoda.com. It's a very nice guest friendly hotels on Suk 11 close to the Nana BTS station plus nightlife.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bangkok's Holiday Inn Sukhumvit Soi 22

I frequently receive emails asking me for names of foreign owned hotels in Bangkok that allow hookers in guest rooms. There are many. But one that comes to mind recently just because I had dinner at one is the Holiday Inn Sukhumvit 22. Originally an American company but after a quick google search today it is a multinational owned hotel chain.

Anyways, there are several Holiday Inn properties in central Bangkok. But this particular property on the corner of Suk 22 has a few massage shops and even a club where men can pick up working girls.

But it's not as action packed as the Phrom Phong area where all the oil massage parlors are at. Though the Holiday Inn Sukhumvit 22 is about a 10 minute walk to Phrom Phong. So yes, the hotel is in a very good location indeed.

Though the nearest and best oil massage shop close to this Holiday Inn Suk 22 is Dream Heaven Massage on Sukhumvit soi 33, around a 10 minute walk too. They charge 2000THB for 1 hour oil massage, and it is full service so massage and sex is included. Can't beat that.

Okay, back to the hotel's info. It's a new 4 star guest friendly hotel opened around late 2013 so everything is still in good condition. I know a lot of guys love staying in newer modern hotels so if that's you this should fit the bill nicely.

Deluxe Room at Holiday Inn 22

Currently a deluxe room at this Holiday Inn will set you back 3000THB per night. It's a 28 square meter room so good size. The price is about right due to the location and quality. No breakfast included for that 3000THB rate but really you are not going to have a problem finding food to stuff your face in that hotel's location.

I recommend Bangkok Betty located in the hotel's lobby. Go for the affordable main dishes because the starters are small and overpriced.

Okay, so you want to know what's to do around the hotel. Well there is a disco within the hotel called Dreamz Discotheque 22. It's not the best right now in terms of finding freelancer hookers inside. Because it's a new hotel I guess so the ladies don't want to take a chance going to a place with no customers.

Then directly across from the hotel's entrance on Suk 22 is the Titanium Club & Ice Bar.It's not a go go bar. It's not loaded with freelancers like you'd find in Club Insanity or Club Climax. It's a nice little club but like Dreamz22 you might not find a whole lot of freelancers inside.

Entrance to Titanium Bar & Ice Club

A couple of legit massage parlors?
There are a couple of massage parlors also right along Suk 22 but I don't know if they provide full service. One quick way to establish if a shop offers sexual services is when the windows are completely tinted black for privacy. But there are instances though where a completely legit looking shop offers have massage girls that provide hand relief.

But you won't find any shops in line with the services you get from the oil massage shops in Phrom Phong area. As I mentioned earlier, luckily this Holiday Inn is not a far walk from that area. Which is one of the benefits of staying there.

Overall, this is a good hotel for those asking for a hotel that is foreign owned and new building too. That, said many Thai owned hotels are really good too for quality and service. So I wouldn't worry too much about finding foreign owned hotels only.

For your reference here is an email reply regarding Holiday Inn Sukhumvit 22 guest friendly policy:
Dear Mr. Jim

Regarding of Joiner stay overnight hotel have not additional charge.

But please have extra guest show I D card for keeping. We look forward to welcome you and your guests to Holiday Inn Bangkok Sukhumvit 22

Best Regards, Siriporn C, (Ms.)
Reservation Team Leader.”
Read current reviews and find the best rates for your travel date for Holiday Inn Sukhumvit.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Big Sale On Pattaya Hotels Happening Now...

Just to follow up on yesterdays post on hotels in Bangkok with discounts, here are the names of a handful of recommended guest friendly hotels in Pattaya with special room rates.

Though the military's curfew has been lifted in Pattaya weeks after Bangkok, Pattaya is still seeing quite a slow down in business. So hotels in that particular area of red light madness are also deeply discounting their room rates in hopes of luring customers back into the laps of lovely bar girls.

The first hotel I'd like to bring up is the 4 star LK Empress located right on Beach Road. That's right, the LK is located not only across from the beach but also the hordes of Thai hookers that make that spot their place of employment. And Walking Street is just a short skip and a hop from the hotel grounds. Right now you can pick up a room for about 2100THB. That price is for a studio king room including breakfast. It's an excellent deal and you can't go wrong staying there.

Another great hotel right across the Beach Road is the Baywalk Residence. Rated at 3 stars though some would say it deserves a 4. So the location is hot as well with many Thai freelancers in the area plus many short time bars as well as minor go go bars. For 1600THB you get a superior room including breakfast. If you like BJ Bars (and who doesn't, check out a few places near Soi Yamato, Soi 8 and Soi 6 near Baywalk Residence Hotel.

So if you think the few hotels I mentioned above are a little too pricey for your price range then here is a popular 3 star budget guest friendly hotel right in the heart of Pattaya, it's the Sunshine Hotel and Residence. Around 1300THB per night is the cost and that's an excellent value. This hotels gets a lot of positive reviews because it's a nice hotel close to many businesses catering to single male travelers. Plus it's not far from the beach and Walking Street. And if you're staying at this hotel you are also not far from the LK Metro area for even more go go bars.

Now here is a special surprise. If you think Sunshine Hotel and Residence is cheap at 1300THB what if I told you that if you could afford 1450THB per night you snag a room at a 4 star hotel. That's right, the Miracle Suite Pattaya now has a 50% off discount for their 40 sqm. studio rooms with breakfast included. Bad news is Miracle Suite is a bit off from Walking Street. But you can easily hop on a Baht bus to get there.

And the cheapest of the cheap hotels on this list is Tunes Hotel Pattaya at 600THB. It is located on Second Road and the closest red light district is LK Metro which is about a 10 minute walk. For getting to Beach Road or even Walking Street, it is best to also hop on a Baht bus. Tunes is a very well known hotel chain and yes though you get basic rooms with all the necessities you need for a good time in Pattaya.

So that's all. There are probably more but these are the best deals I could spot for now. Also like to add that these deals are limited so the rates might not be available anymore by the time you've read all of this. I recommend making a booking at your earliest convenience.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Big Sale On Bangkok Hotels Happening Now...

Actually there is a big room sale going on for many hotels all over Thailand, not just discounts for Bangkok Hotels. But of course the focus of this blog post is about guest friendly hotels close to Bangkok's nightlife.

Many hotels all around Bangkok are trying to pick up the pieces and salvage whatever damage the most recent coup has done to scare away tourists. First was lifting the curfew nationwide but most importantly within its capital city.

One of the nicest hotels I recommend is not exactly super close to Soi Cowboy but you can get there in around 10 minutes by foot. It's the Best Western Plus at 20 Sukhumvit. Right now 1600THB per night will get you a room in there which normally cost double. Breakfast is not included but seriously, in that area, you are not going to have a problem finding food to eat.

Now there is a very good budget hotel I've never mentioned before on my blog or my websites and it's called At Mind Executive Suites. You can get a superior room with breakfast for about 1200THB. At Mind Executive Suites can be found along Sukhumvit Soi 8 which is practically right in the middle between Nana Entertainment Plaza and Soi Cowboy. It seriously can not get any better than that.

Also one of my all time favorite guest friendly hotel in Bangkok is the Dream Hotel and it's rated at 4 stars. You can get a superior room with breakfast for 1900THB per night as of writing. This hotel is around the corner from Thermae Bar and Coffee if you want to find Thai freelancers. And a simple 5 minute walk to Soi Cowboy if you want to check out go go bars.

Want to stay at a hotel near my favorite oil massage parlors Angel Massage and 101 Premier Massage? Then Arize Hotel Sukhumvit is where you want to book your hotel room. And of course it's massage girl friendly so you can invite a working nearby any of the massage shops to the comforts of your hotel room. Arize is currently offering a 1700THB price for a superior double room. I wouldn't miss out on it.

Another hotel I've never mentioned before is the In Residence Bangkok Hotel, just 200 meters down Sukhumvit Soi 13. It's also between Nana Entertainment Plaza and Soi Cowboy but walking from one to the other would probably take about 20 minutes. But In Residence is worth mentioning because for 2100THB a night you're getting a 55 sqm. studio room plus breakfast included. Normally the room goes for more than double.

Next up is a hotel just a short 5 minute walk to Soi Cowboy, it's the FurmaXclusive Asoke Hotel. They have deluxe rooms going for 1800THB per night. No breakfast but again, in Sukhumvit area you will never go hungry. Finding a place to eat is as easy as taking a dump. FuramaXclusive is a really popular guest friendly hotel in Sukhumvit area so their discounted rate is limited.

Finally, the Royal President Hotel on Sukhumvit Soi 15. It's an older hotel but it is well kept and popular because of the hotel's location, quality and service. Right now you can get a superior room with no breakfast for 1400THB. The Royal is a 4 star hotel too so I've never seen the price so cheap like that ever before.

There are actually quite a lot more guest friendly hotels in Bangkok with deep discounts. Take a look at my list here.

As I mentioned earlier a lot of hotels are feeling the pain because no tourists are coming to the city. But I have a good feeling with all these hotel discounts going on there will be plenty of customers flowing back in to the red light districts of Bangkok.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Bangkok's Ambassador Hotel - 60% Off Discount Available Now

Okay, so just to give you a prime example of just one of many hotels in Bangkok that is seriously hurting during this time.

The Ambassador hotel on Sukhumvit soi 11 is putting out a heavy discount on rooms located in their standard wing.I was searching through Agoda and saw their is a 68% discount so the room cost about 1500THB per night.

Normally the rates at Ambassador hotel cost around 2800THB to 3500THB. The lowest I've ever seen was around 1800THB around late last year. The last time I saw a room that cheap at the Ambassador was back a few years.
Standard Room - Main Wing - Ambassador Hotel
I checked the rates for this month up to September and still see the 1500THB rate available up to then. So It seems like the Ambassador is trying to make up for as many reservations as they can to fill up their rooms.

It's a good hotel in a super location near nightlife. And let's not forget Climax Club a very popular pick up spot for freelancers is just right down the hotel. Even though now it closes at 12 you can still find what you're looking for before midnight.

I have a few friends that stay at the Ambassador and always take working girls out of Climax Club to their rooms for short time.

You can read reviews and check to see if the discounts is still available here via Agoda.com.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

2014 Military Coup - What it Means For You and Your Sex Holiday to Bangkok and Pattaya

After answering so many emails asking me whether or not it's safe to visit Thailand or not I finally found a bit of time to write a post about this subject.

The short answer is yes. It is safe to visit the red light districts in Bangkok, Pattaya and even the smaller ones in Phuket and Chiang Mai. Though as of writing, Bangkok is the only city that still has a 12am to 4am curfew but that is because most of the protestors are in the capitol.

There are the presence of soldiers on the streets but they are not shooting people indiscriminately. And there are no tanks on the streets anywhere too.

There are still pockets of protestors but the military are handling them with kid gloves. The way I see it, it's a much friendlier Thai army that knows the world is watching so they're trying hard not to make themselves look like an ass.

After 19 coups in Thailand it makes sense that military has a handle on the situation and taken a kinder approach instead of blasting everyone in the knee caps with rubber bullets.

Heck, I live in Bangkok and even though there is a 12am curfew I still see cars on the roads and people walking around minding their own business after 12am.

Though Bangkok's sex industry is getting hit bad though. Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy, and Patpong are taking the 12am curfew seriously. Which shouldn't be a real problem but the military coup has really scared off a lot of tourists.

Pattaya is somewhat affected even though its 12am curfew has been lifted last week. But let's face it, the damage is done already and tourists have cancelled their travel plans.

The hotels in Bangkok and Pattaya are getting hurt too as a result of travel cancellations. It's the low season now and I haven't checked on recent hotel rates personally but what I've read many hotels in Bangkok have lowered their rates slightly more to lure travelers back.

Funny thing, just while writing this post I just got an email asking me if it's safe to come to Bangkok and Pattaya in next month July.

And my answer was I can't tell you what to do because I don't know what will happen next month.

Though I can say is right now, at this moment, Bangkok looks the same as it ever was before the coup even started. Things look a lot calmer than it was in the last coup back in 2006 when protesters took the streets and burned down a piece of Central World.

This 2014 coup is peaceful and calm.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Protect Yourself Against Cheating Hotel Staff...

Just recently I received an email from a guy staying over at the Paradiso Boutique Suites in Bangkok. Dozens of guys have booked this hotel through me because it's a good budget hotel that is super close to a lot of action near Soi Cowboy. And all of them have told me they could bring different ladies to their rooms every night.

Here's what he had to say:

Hi, I would like to share regarding the Paradiso Boutique Suites. It is NOT a guest friendly hotel. There is a joiner fee of THB600 for the 2nd time when you bring a different girl to the room. Only the first time there is no joiner fee. I was surprised when they shows me the photocopy of the girl IC tagged to my room for the previous night. Accordingly only the first time gal is free. This is the first time I encounter such 2nd timer joiner fee incident. The person at the counter even gave me a receipt for the joiner fee. Hence, all traveler please take note.
Immediately I thought, well it's possible Paradiso has changed their policy. Then I emailed the guy who made the complaint asking if he booked a room for 2 guests. And he replied yes he did. So then he shouldn't have been charged a 600THB fee. This was highly suspicious and I had an idea of what had happened but I wanted to make sure.

So I went ahead and emailed Paradiso Suites to check for myself and see if they've changed their policy. Here is the reply below:

Dear Guest

We will charge for the 3rd person. If you stay alone, you can take one lady up to your room without charge but she has to leave her ID.card with our security guard, as the hotel will not hold any responsibility which may happen.

Best RegardsTanee Pimratna
From the email, it is clear that Paradiso is still confirmed guest friendly. As the email states, there is no charge for 1 lady to a room at a time. So I thought, maybe the night time staff was trying to make a quick and easy 600THB off of the hotel guest.

I sent an email back to the guy that made the complaint and told him that the hotel was still guest friendly. So he shouldn't have been forced to pay up. Here is his reply below:

Thanks Jim

I manage to get back the THB600 fee before I check out as I make a fuss out of it.

But I guess it is the receptionist on duty that night that was trying to take advantage of the situation. Spoilt my mood that night.

That receptionist even gave me a receipt with his name on the hotel letterhead. I am going send it to the GM email address to inform the hotel GM about it.
So my suspicions that he was being scammed by a naughty night time receptionist were true. I'm happy he got his money back and I'm happy that he did not stand for being taken advantage of.

This sort of scam towards hotel guests is rare and isolated. And this is the very first time someone has emailed me regarding this issue.

Now even though my websites contains a list of confirmed guest friendly hotels near the red light districts in Thailand, I always recommend that you personally email the hotel you are planning to stay in and ask about their policy.

Once you get the confirmation, print it out, or keep the email on your mobile phone. Be sure to get a name too from the hotel staff that replied to you. This way, you have got yourself some protection.

So if a cheating hotel staff comes up to you just show them the email. Or if they are very persistent, just pay the joiner fee first. But ask for a receipt.

Then, the next day, ask to speak to a manager. Show the manager your email confirmation along with the proof you unfairly paid up a joiner fee and you'll get your money back.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Pattaya Red Eye is 60% Ready to Go...

Recently I've been getting a lot of email on when my nightlife guide on Pattaya is up. And I guess it's mostly due to the fact that many tourists are staying away from Bangkok's nightlife due to the country's current political problem.

Now in my opinion, things are not as bad as your local news station may show. The go go bars, massage parlors and such are still in operation granted there is a 12am to 4am curfew. But I do know many tourists find that schedule is suitable for finding their flavor of the night.

And I wouldn't suggest visiting a soapy or oil massage parlor in Bangkok after midnight because that's when last call starts before closing at 1am. So believe me, if you have the time, you can still have fun at an oily or soapy massage in Bangkok.

That's all I have to say about Bangkok's nightlife. Now Pattaya also has a 12am curfew too. But I've noticed some places are opening a little bit later. I guess Pattaya's curfew restrictions are not as severe. But things can change as of writing. But currently things are stable.

Anyways, my Pattaya Red Eye website is about 60% finished. And it should be fully finished in a few weeks once I've got all my information gathered and ready to post up.

Plan Your Trip on Pattaya Red Eye...

Just like the information you'd find on my Bangkok Red Eye website, on Pattaya Red Eye you will find a handy map of go go bars as well as info on where to stay in Pattaya. But we all know there's more to Pattaya then go go bars.

So you'll also find a list of BJ bars, oily and soapy massage parlors too. Plus I know many are looking for information on Russian clubs. So you'll be able to find some information on that too.

You can check out Pattaya Red Eye now. Though it's not completely finished you can still take a look. There is a submission page where you can offer up some suggestions to me on making my website more useful.

And thanks for making these websites so popular. It's been a lot of fun making them!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Boss Suites Hotel Opens in Pattaya

So one of the best budget hotels in Bangkok has opened up in Pattaya. The Boss Suite in Bangkok is one of my top 5 hotels near Nana Plaza. And I've been recommending them since they first opened back in 2000.

This time around when I was doing research on a guest friendly hotels for my Pattaya red eye guide (yes you've all been waiting) I came across Boss Suites Pattaya. I knew since the Boss in Nana allows bar girls to stay the night with guests I knew the one in Pattaya would have the same policy too. But the proof is in the pudding right?

So for your reference here is the email reply form Boss Suites Pattaya:
Dear Mr.jim

Thank you very much for your e-mail,I would like to tell you that
the hotel no charge a joiner,we are glad will have you to stay with us.

Best Regards,
Boss Suites Pattaya opened up late 2013 and so far has been getting a lot of really good reviews. Which is not a surprise at all since the one in Nana is also well managed too. And this particular property is also in a really good part of Pattaya as well because it's right in the center of the city.

This hotel is near my favorite go go bars in Pattaya

This hotel is located right on Second Road, between Soi 11 and Soi 12. Which means if you choose to stay here you'll be near some of my favorite go go bars in the area near Soi LK Metro. Plus I've been visiting Papayago Club to check out their beautiful coyote girls (dancers). Will be doing a review on Papayago soon.

So Boss Suites Pattaya is just around the corner from Soi LK Metro. Beach Road is just a 5 minute walk north and Walking Street is around a 15 minute walk. Though you can easily hop on the baht buses heading to Walking Street from Beach Road and it only costs 10THB.

Standard Room 29.5 square meters

There are a handful of room types at the Boss Pattaya but if you're just looking to take Thai hookers to your room you'll most likely be planning on staying in a Standard or Deluxe room type. And there is free internet Wi-Fi throughout the hotel.

Standard has a view of Second Road while Deluxe rooms have a view of the swimming pool. Both rooms are about the same size at 30 square meters though the Deluxe are slightly bigger. The hotel's pool is much larger than the one at Nana by the way if it matters.

And the hotel's rates are just about on par with the Boss Suites Nana which is around 1500THB to 1600THB and  typically includes buffet breakfast. Boss Suites Pattaya is quite a nice little budget hotel in central Pattaya in an ideal location and highly recommended.

Check rates for your travel dates and read recent reviews for Boss Suites Pattaya.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

2014 Nana Plaza Go Go Bar Map Updated

So I haven't been to Nana for awhile and the last I was there was around mid February this year. I knew my Nana Plaza bar map was a out dated.

Luckily I was contacted by someone who owns a bunch of bars inside NEP and supplied me with the necessary corrections.

You can check out the my brand spanking new map here http://www.bangkokredeye.com/nana-red-light-district.html along with descriptions of go go bars.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Bangkok's Tune Hotel Asoke Review

Today plenty of budget hotels are popping up all over the Sukhumvit district. Which is a good thing as it keeps existing hotels from raising their prices.

Tune Hotel Asoke - Address: 7 Sukhumvit Soi 14, Bangkok
Tune Hotel Asoke located right in the heart of Sukhumvit district is a typical example. Tune is a part of the biggest budget airline company Air Asia. And they're trying to do for the hotel industry what they did for the air industry, which is provide cheaper hotel rates but good quality service and hotel rooms.

The hotel is located in the heart of the Sukhumvit district, right on Soi 14. And the location is prime real estate especially when you want to enjoy Bangkok's red light districts.

For starters, Tune Hotel Asoke is located between Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy. Though it's much closer to the Soi Cowboy, about a 5 minute walk by using the BTS's pedestrian overpass. A walk to Nana Plaza from the hotel's entrance would take about 15 minutes.

Tune's 14 square meter rooms. It's small but at least there's free Internet Wi-Fi
And in between along Sukhumvit road you'll find many establishments to pick up freelance hookers. And many after hours clubs are in the are near Tune Hotel Asoke too. Like the Climax Club underneath the Ambassador Hotel on Sukhumvit Soi 11. Plus the Thermae Bar and Coffee on Sukhumvit Soi 15 is worth a visit too for finding even more Thai hookers in a laid back atmosphere.

Tune Hotel Asoke was built back in 2012 so it's still quite new and has keeps their shiny appearance. And it is considered one of the better budget hotels in the 1500THB range. But the rooms are on the small side at 14 square meters. To me is okay especially if you're only staying for like a week or so.

There are many more hotels in the 1500THB range that are bigger such as Boss Suites Nana or Heaven@4 near Nana Plaza. That said I know for most people 14 square meters is just right. Depends on your preferences of course.

For your reference here is an email from Tune Hotel Asoke regarding their guest friendly policy:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Warmest greetings from Tune Hotel Thailand!

Thank you very much for your email and for your kind interest to our hotel.
Refer to your query, we do not charge for joiner.

Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We look forward to welcoming you in the near future.

Best Regards,

Chanatyanan Phasukpiemjith
Reservation Officer, Indochina

Check for the lowest rates for your travel dates and read guest reviews for Tune Hotel Asoke.