Saturday, February 8, 2014

Is safe to visit Bangkok's go go bars and massage parlors the coming months?

Angel Massage - Lobby room where Mamasan shows you pictures of available massage girls
This is just a follow up to a post I wrote last week now that I'm back in Bangkok for a short while. From what I've seen so for the bars and massage parlors are still quiet.

Just a few days ago I went over to Angels Oil Massage which is right on Sukhumvit Soi 24/1. Plenty of oil massage parlors on Suk 24/1 and still a rather quite area.

Anti-government protestors have successfully scared off many tourists, though not the seasoned whore mongers. Bangkok still draws a lot of go go bar and massage patrons. It's just not as much as before November 2013, when the protestors started taking to the streets and occupying key intersections and scaring off foreign visitors.

I've been staying clear of Soi Cowboy because that's just one key location where protestors are camped out.

So I've been going to Nana Plaza's go go bars where it's protestor free. Maybe the scary looking ladyboys are scaring them off.

And even though Nana is not as crowded with sex tourisits a lot of ladies are still working in the bars. Which means you won't have a whole lot of competition.

Patpong's go go bars is not a bad option either and I've been spending a little bit more time there because to me, Patpong's go go bars are getting better. I'll have a report on that later.

What does this mean? Is it still safe to mess around in Bangkok?. Me think so. Protestors don't harass tourists. They even encourage them to join in. I'm not kidding.

So, if you're reading this post, and you're a newbie first time visitor and still want to take a chance on whoring around Bangkok, my advice is to stay at hotels near Nana, the oil massage parlors of Phrom Phong or even near the soapy massage parlors up in Huay Kwang.

Those areas are problem free (as of writing) and I don't think protestors will camp out in those areas because it is not of any significant importance.

Just keep in mind, if it's freelancers and go go bars you're looking for head to Nana Entertainment Plaza. For oil massage and soapy massage make way to Phrom Phong and Huay Kwang respectively.

The BTS (Sky Trains) and MRT (subway trains) are running normally with protest leaders saying they won't disrupt those services. So both train systems are still your go to options for visiting those naughty boy points of interest.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Bangkok's Nightlife, is it safe to visit?

You can still visit Soi Cowboy... though many bars may be closed
Okay, so you've realized I've been off the blog grid for a long while. Well I've been away in Vietnam on a new business venture. And yeah, a lot of shit has been happening in Bangkok.

But of course I still drop by my beloved Bangkok ever so often. And I've been getting tons of emails as well as commentors from perverts wondering if the coast is clear for a visit to the naughty nightlife of Thailand.

And the most questions I've been getting of course is if Bangkok or Pattaya is safe to visit for messing around with Thai hookers.

The easy answer so far is yes. There are no tanks on the streets and snipers on the roofs. As far as I know. Plus hotel rates in Bangkok and Pattaya are feeling the pain as tourists are steering clear so now's a pretty good time to book hotel rooms.

Only thing you have to deal with so far are anti-government protestors who are no threat to tourists. They just camp out in major intersections blocking traffic. If you take a look at the Asoke Sukhumvit junction where Soi Cowboy is located where protestors have made camp (see pic above).

There are more protestors on the weekends though. So maybe you might want to avoid Soi Cowboy.

On the other hand Nana Plaza which is not far at all from Soi Cowboy remains protestor free as of of writing. But I don't think they'll make camp at Nana any time at all.

About Pattaya? Well that famous sin city by the beach is seeing an influx of sex tourists so you might be better off spending most of your time there while staying less in Bangkok. Pattaya is still not as busy though as many travelers are staying clear of Thailand.

The go go bars and massage parlors in Bangkok are less crowded. But girls are still working. So you might have a better chance of scoring better looking girls since competition is scarce. Plus the soapies of Huay Kwang and oil massage parlors of Phrom Phong are unaffected by all the political nonsense.

A couple of last notes there are changes on the go go bar scene so I will be updating my maps. Also apologies for not answering your emails and comments. I try my best to get through all of them but it's hard. But I will pick up on this blog as quick as I can.