Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Nice Enjoyable Experience at Akane's Sukhumvit Soi 33

I wrote about what was pretty much the worst oil massage experience I've ever had in Bangkok here not too long ago.

As such I've been going to a lot of my favorite places in these past few weeks to get my mind wiped.

I'm not saying I'll never go back to Akane in Chidlom because I do like their body scrub service. But I decided to switch it up the scene by heading over to Akane's second branch over on Suk soi 33.

It's located about 200 meters down the soi 33 on the left side opposite Love Teen and Dream Heaven Massage which are right next to each other. I tell you though, I was tempted to head over to Dream Heaven because I saw some cuties sitting outside of the shop. Maybe sometime next week instead. I just wanted something simple today instead.

As I entered I could see there were quite a few ladies available, at least 7 or 9 just lounging around and comparing the functions of a Samsung phone versus an iPhone.

You take a seat on any of the sofas and you'll get a glass of iced tea along with a nice cold moist towel. Followed by the menu. It's the same menu you'll find on their website.

I chose the 90 minute course dubbed the S-3. It's a blow job course and the fine print says it's a covered blow job. However, from my experience that's never the case. I'll explain later. This 90 minute course cost 1580THB.

After choosing the course you get a locker to put away all of your valuables. I'm such an idiot that I always forget to leave my phone in my pants. This way I can take pics of the rooms. Because I know so many people are wondering if the massage rooms at any oil massage in Bangkok or Pattaya are filthy and nasty.

Anyways, all the places I've pretty much mentioned here on this blog do not have floors covered in jizz. As far as I know.

As usual, after choosing the course you choose the lady. The mamasan calls up the ladies to present themselves in front of you.

Now I already knew who I was going to choose as soon as I came in. Now there were only a few girls I saw at that time that were easy on my eyes. I picked a girl name Hijiri. On the scale of 1-10 I give her a 6. Not smoking hot but as I said she was easy on my eyes and would do just fine for me.

She's a bit short and has a decent body but her tits were on the smallish side. Which is just fine for me. Her English was decent if you're the type that likes to talk to your massage girls. I do. Anyways she was talking to me in English first since I am a white boy. But I switched to Thai because I think it's a lot more fun talking in the ladies native language.

So the routine starts off with a shower. which was right inside the cramped massage room. There's a funny looking chair inside the shower room that is in many oil massage shops with happy endings. It's basically for the customer to sit on and there is a groove in the middle of the seat where the massage girl can easily clean the customer's asshole. And this is Akane and they are heavy on the ass play on request.

And Hijiri did ask if I'd like a finger in my ass. As always whenever I'm in Akane, whether Chidlom or Sukhumvit 33 my answer is always no. But if butt hole invasion is your game then Akane's girls will play. And their girls do provide anal rimming. I plead the 5th on that one. The chair also provides easy access for the ladies to clean your privates.

Then it was off to the massage bed. Hijiri doesn't have great massage skills but it was relaxing an enjoyable enough leading to the finale.

So the S-3 course is a BJ package. There is no full intercourse package provided in both Akane branches.

Hijiri's skills were pretty good. She used oil and made the right moves in the right places. And there was no condom. She was playful too and overall she gave me 2 shots. Normally Akane girls do provide 2 shots to make customers happy but keep in mind not all girls offer it.

The fat chick that gave me a BJ at the Akane on Chidlom didn't ask but then again I think she felt I wasn't too happy.

Previously I used to frequent the Chidlom branch more but now I think I'll head over to the Sukhumvit branch more often. It was a good experience and my money and time was well spent.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Looking for Apartments to Stay in Bangkok or Pattaya?

So I've been getting a lot of request for info on apartments. Yeah, I know a lot of serviced apartments can be expensive. There are many budget apartments in Pattaya and Bangkok with limited service meaning you'll have a maid come in and clean once or twice a week.

Though these types of Thai apartment won't have a reception desk manned full time by staff. Though there should be one or two security guards watching the place 24 hours.

So what are the benefits of staying in any of the apartments I recommend below?

First off the rules for inviting Thai hookers to your room are totally different between hotels and apartments. Hotels typically allow only 1 guest even if it does have a hooker friendly policy.

Apartment rules are usually more relaxed. Meaning one, two or three is doable. You may be able to stretch the numbers of hookers you want in your room but I wouldn't go to crazy. However, you'd have to pick up your ladies of the night personally near the elevators because nearly all modern apartments in Thailand require key card entrance given only to the occupant.

Most modern Thai apartments in Pattaya and Bangkok are typically big too. Usually a studio room at least 30 square meters with a balcony, hot water for showering, free wi-fi, television (with limited channels though) and of course air conditioning.

For example a place one of my buddies from Japan stay at whenever he is in Bangkok is an apartment complex in the Chatuchak area called Plim Place. He pays about 800THB a night ($25USD as of writing). There's no free breakfast but there is a cafe in the office reception area. And there is also a 7 Eleven next door open 24 hours so he can make a beer and condom run quickly.

In Pattaya, another friend from the UK stays at the AG Apartment in central Pattaya. He always books a standard king room with air conditioning. And I've been there a few times and seen the rooms and it's big. And he usually books the AG Apartment 3 weeks at a time and pays about 600THB per night ($19USD as of writing). Not exactly a modern apartment but clean enough and serves the purpose of any guy who loves to have threesomes in Pattaya

The only drawback I can say about Thai apartments either in Bangkok or Pattaya is they are a little far from the red light districts.

For example the Plim Place in Bangkok requires a 80THB to 90THB taxi ride from Nana and Soi Cowboy. However, if you are familiar with the city's mass transportation, you go to the bus stop next to Plim Place, hop on a bus to the MRT or BTS trains which are not far at all and reach either red light district in about 30 to 40 minutes all under 50THB one way.

AG Apartment in Pattaya requires you to hop on the buses and only cost 10THB to Walking Street's go go bars and also the freelancers on Beach Road. But most everyone I know who visits Pattaya rents a motorbike.

And paying for buses, trains and taxes is a small price compared to paying a higher amount of cash for long stay at a full serviced hotel near go go bars.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Revisit to 101 Premier Massage in Phrom Phong

One of the slightly larger rooms in 101 Premier Massage
So what did I do after having a fat chick give me a BJ? I went to get a mind erase at one of my favorite oil massage parlors in Bangkok. 101 Premier Massage on Soi 26. Yes my friends, no fat chicks there.

I chose a girl named Reina, a cute petite 24 year old massage girl with a tight slim body. She was just what the doctor ordered.

After a shower, a short oil massage to get my engines running she gave me a BJ. After that she gave me another. After a little bit of chit chat she gave me another one. Yes, 3 times I popped my load and yes she does CIM.

As far as I know all rooms have mirrors, so no need to pay extra...
That my friends was what I needed to get that fat chick from Akane out of my mind. I'll still go to Akane but I'll be more selective next time. Or I'll head over to the Akane in Sukhumvit 33 more often because most of the better looking girls are over there. However, no body scrub at that branch.

By the way I was asked which hotel to choose near all of these oil massage parlors in Phrom Phong. I highly recommend Arize Hotel and the more affordable 24 Inn. Both hotels are super close to many massage shops I personally love going to.

Next stop? Dream Heaven Massage on Sukhumvit 26
I also want to I add I saw there's a new Dream Heaven Massage right by the entrance to 101 Premier Massage. Matter of fact as of this minute I decided I'm going to check it out next. I believe this branch moved not far from Suk 24/1.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Getting a hummer from a fat chick at Akane Chidlom...

I’ve always said Akane in Chidlom isn’t for everyone. Mainly because they do have many massage girls on the hefty side. But there are some skinny girls there too. Like I’ve always said, the Akane branch in Chidlom doesn’t have the best looking girls.

The second Akane branch over on Suk 33 does however which is why they are much busier.

Now I’m not all too crazy about fat chicks either. But I like to go to the Akane in Chidlom because I like the body scrub. And I’ve had some good experiences with a couple of ladies that no longer work there.
Just last week I went there around 2pm. I figured there wouldn’t be a lot of customers there that time. But I was wrong. Just by looking at the amount of missing keys on the lockers for customers meant I got in during a busy time. And after taking a real quick look around there weren’t many massage girls save for a few chubby ones walking around.
But what the heck I was already inside and I haven’t been there for a long while. So I sat down and was handed the service menu. Same prices and same services. I went with my usual 120 minute S4 massage which includes a body scrub, oil massage and a BJ finale for 1780THB.
And now came the fun part which was choosing the girl. Only three were presented to me and they were the same girls walking around when I first came in. Only fatties and no hotties.

Now you can hold off and say you want to wait for other girls. It’s your right. Whether or not the fat chicks feel offended or not is entirely up to them. But you’re welcome to sit there as long as you want until you see a girl you like.

What did I do? As I said I was there already and really looking forward to the body scrub.
Alright, shame on me. I chose the least fat chick. Did I have buyer’s remorse? I did but at the same time I was like I’m only getting a blowjob at the end. I could close my eyes and imagine I’m getting a hummer from Scarlett Johannsen.

But as we walked to the massage stall while she led the way my buyer’s remorse just got worst. I was already in the room and at the point there’s really no return for me. But I felt bad for the massage girl because I think she knows as she could see on my face I wasn't all too happy lol.

Now if you’ve chosen the S4 Massage course at Akane the massage girl has to take off her clothes when she’s blowing you. And you can even squeeze their tits and some of the ladies will even allow you to finger them. Now that’s all fine and dandy if the girl is hot. But my fat massage girl had way too many curves and a tummy that hung down her waist. I only caught a glimpse and then kept my eyes closed the whole time. And I kept my hands to myself the whole time.

She did provide a pretty good blow job though but with my eyes closed the entire time I guess it was my brain doing most of the work to keep my little brother up during the whole ordeal.

But overall, it was pretty gross lol!

Have to admit the big girl did a good job cleaning my tubes but I wouldn’t pick her again. Next time I’d rather just tell them I’d wait for more girls to become available. The management at Akane won’t mind and the only feelings hurt would be the chubby massage girls that no customers choose.

From now on, because Akane on Chidlom has seem to have gone through a major line up change this past year I’m going to ask to see the ladies up front first. Or I’ll just pick a shorter massage course first and if there is a massage girl that I like I’ll switch over to a longer massage course.

Thai Protestors are Out of Soi Cowboy...

So are things returning to normal? So far it looks that way. I sure bet that Soi Cowboy's go go bars are absolutely relieved.

Anti-Government protestors have dismantled their protest sites near the tourists areas of Asok/Sukhumvit and Ratchaprasong (Central World Mall) and also Pathumwan (Siam Square, MBK, Siam Paragon Mall).

But even through all these months of protestors camping out in major intersections of Bangkok you could still head to a go go bar or massage parlor with no problems at all.

Now the protestors are concentrating their efforts out in the Lumphini area not far at all from Patpong red light district. But no worries at all if you're planning to head to Patpong.

Right now since the army is not getting involved it seems like the country is starting to understand that making such a big mess is not good for the country's image among many other issues.

Personally in the last few weeks I've been in Bangkok is seems like there are still many tourists. Though the bars are still on the quiet side.

However, it seems like the oil massage parlors are quite busy. I went to Akane on Chidlom and BKK Premier 101 massage (more posts coming soon) just recently and both were busy in the afternoon.

So as of writing, everything looks like it's returning to normal. So if you're planning on coming over anytime soon keep those fingers crossed.