Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Nice Enjoyable Experience at Akane's Sukhumvit Soi 33

I wrote about what was pretty much the worst oil massage experience I've ever had in Bangkok here not too long ago.

As such I've been going to a lot of my favorite places in these past few weeks to get my mind wiped.

I'm not saying I'll never go back to Akane in Chidlom because I do like their body scrub service. But I decided to switch it up the scene by heading over to Akane's second branch over on Suk soi 33.

It's located about 200 meters down the soi 33 on the left side opposite Love Teen and Dream Heaven Massage which are right next to each other. I tell you though, I was tempted to head over to Dream Heaven because I saw some cuties sitting outside of the shop. Maybe sometime next week instead. I just wanted something simple today instead.

As I entered I could see there were quite a few ladies available, at least 7 or 9 just lounging around and comparing the functions of a Samsung phone versus an iPhone.

You take a seat on any of the sofas and you'll get a glass of iced tea along with a nice cold moist towel. Followed by the menu. It's the same menu you'll find on their website.

I chose the 90 minute course dubbed the S-3. It's a blow job course and the fine print says it's a covered blow job. However, from my experience that's never the case. I'll explain later. This 90 minute course cost 1580THB.

After choosing the course you get a locker to put away all of your valuables. I'm such an idiot that I always forget to leave my phone in my pants. This way I can take pics of the rooms. Because I know so many people are wondering if the massage rooms at any oil massage in Bangkok or Pattaya are filthy and nasty.

Anyways, all the places I've pretty much mentioned here on this blog do not have floors covered in jizz. As far as I know.

As usual, after choosing the course you choose the lady. The mamasan calls up the ladies to present themselves in front of you.

Now I already knew who I was going to choose as soon as I came in. Now there were only a few girls I saw at that time that were easy on my eyes. I picked a girl name Hijiri. On the scale of 1-10 I give her a 6. Not smoking hot but as I said she was easy on my eyes and would do just fine for me.

She's a bit short and has a decent body but her tits were on the smallish side. Which is just fine for me. Her English was decent if you're the type that likes to talk to your massage girls. I do. Anyways she was talking to me in English first since I am a white boy. But I switched to Thai because I think it's a lot more fun talking in the ladies native language.

So the routine starts off with a shower. which was right inside the cramped massage room. There's a funny looking chair inside the shower room that is in many oil massage shops with happy endings. It's basically for the customer to sit on and there is a groove in the middle of the seat where the massage girl can easily clean the customer's asshole. And this is Akane and they are heavy on the ass play on request.

And Hijiri did ask if I'd like a finger in my ass. As always whenever I'm in Akane, whether Chidlom or Sukhumvit 33 my answer is always no. But if butt hole invasion is your game then Akane's girls will play. And their girls do provide anal rimming. I plead the 5th on that one. The chair also provides easy access for the ladies to clean your privates.

Then it was off to the massage bed. Hijiri doesn't have great massage skills but it was relaxing an enjoyable enough leading to the finale.

So the S-3 course is a BJ package. There is no full intercourse package provided in both Akane branches.

Hijiri's skills were pretty good. She used oil and made the right moves in the right places. And there was no condom. She was playful too and overall she gave me 2 shots. Normally Akane girls do provide 2 shots to make customers happy but keep in mind not all girls offer it.

The fat chick that gave me a BJ at the Akane on Chidlom didn't ask but then again I think she felt I wasn't too happy.

Previously I used to frequent the Chidlom branch more but now I think I'll head over to the Sukhumvit branch more often. It was a good experience and my money and time was well spent.

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