Sunday, March 2, 2014

Getting a hummer from a fat chick at Akane Chidlom...

I’ve always said Akane in Chidlom isn’t for everyone. Mainly because they do have many massage girls on the hefty side. But there are some skinny girls there too. Like I’ve always said, the Akane branch in Chidlom doesn’t have the best looking girls.

The second Akane branch over on Suk 33 does however which is why they are much busier.

Now I’m not all too crazy about fat chicks either. But I like to go to the Akane in Chidlom because I like the body scrub. And I’ve had some good experiences with a couple of ladies that no longer work there.
Just last week I went there around 2pm. I figured there wouldn’t be a lot of customers there that time. But I was wrong. Just by looking at the amount of missing keys on the lockers for customers meant I got in during a busy time. And after taking a real quick look around there weren’t many massage girls save for a few chubby ones walking around.
But what the heck I was already inside and I haven’t been there for a long while. So I sat down and was handed the service menu. Same prices and same services. I went with my usual 120 minute S4 massage which includes a body scrub, oil massage and a BJ finale for 1780THB.
And now came the fun part which was choosing the girl. Only three were presented to me and they were the same girls walking around when I first came in. Only fatties and no hotties.

Now you can hold off and say you want to wait for other girls. It’s your right. Whether or not the fat chicks feel offended or not is entirely up to them. But you’re welcome to sit there as long as you want until you see a girl you like.

What did I do? As I said I was there already and really looking forward to the body scrub.
Alright, shame on me. I chose the least fat chick. Did I have buyer’s remorse? I did but at the same time I was like I’m only getting a blowjob at the end. I could close my eyes and imagine I’m getting a hummer from Scarlett Johannsen.

But as we walked to the massage stall while she led the way my buyer’s remorse just got worst. I was already in the room and at the point there’s really no return for me. But I felt bad for the massage girl because I think she knows as she could see on my face I wasn't all too happy lol.

Now if you’ve chosen the S4 Massage course at Akane the massage girl has to take off her clothes when she’s blowing you. And you can even squeeze their tits and some of the ladies will even allow you to finger them. Now that’s all fine and dandy if the girl is hot. But my fat massage girl had way too many curves and a tummy that hung down her waist. I only caught a glimpse and then kept my eyes closed the whole time. And I kept my hands to myself the whole time.

She did provide a pretty good blow job though but with my eyes closed the entire time I guess it was my brain doing most of the work to keep my little brother up during the whole ordeal.

But overall, it was pretty gross lol!

Have to admit the big girl did a good job cleaning my tubes but I wouldn’t pick her again. Next time I’d rather just tell them I’d wait for more girls to become available. The management at Akane won’t mind and the only feelings hurt would be the chubby massage girls that no customers choose.

From now on, because Akane on Chidlom has seem to have gone through a major line up change this past year I’m going to ask to see the ladies up front first. Or I’ll just pick a shorter massage course first and if there is a massage girl that I like I’ll switch over to a longer massage course.

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