Sunday, March 2, 2014

Thai Protestors are Out of Soi Cowboy...

So are things returning to normal? So far it looks that way. I sure bet that Soi Cowboy's go go bars are absolutely relieved.

Anti-Government protestors have dismantled their protest sites near the tourists areas of Asok/Sukhumvit and Ratchaprasong (Central World Mall) and also Pathumwan (Siam Square, MBK, Siam Paragon Mall).

But even through all these months of protestors camping out in major intersections of Bangkok you could still head to a go go bar or massage parlor with no problems at all.

Now the protestors are concentrating their efforts out in the Lumphini area not far at all from Patpong red light district. But no worries at all if you're planning to head to Patpong.

Right now since the army is not getting involved it seems like the country is starting to understand that making such a big mess is not good for the country's image among many other issues.

Personally in the last few weeks I've been in Bangkok is seems like there are still many tourists. Though the bars are still on the quiet side.

However, it seems like the oil massage parlors are quite busy. I went to Akane on Chidlom and BKK Premier 101 massage (more posts coming soon) just recently and both were busy in the afternoon.

So as of writing, everything looks like it's returning to normal. So if you're planning on coming over anytime soon keep those fingers crossed.

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