Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Boss Suites Hotel Opens in Pattaya

So one of the best budget hotels in Bangkok has opened up in Pattaya. The Boss Suite in Bangkok is one of my top 5 hotels near Nana Plaza. And I've been recommending them since they first opened back in 2000.

This time around when I was doing research on a guest friendly hotels for my Pattaya red eye guide (yes you've all been waiting) I came across Boss Suites Pattaya. I knew since the Boss in Nana allows bar girls to stay the night with guests I knew the one in Pattaya would have the same policy too. But the proof is in the pudding right?

So for your reference here is the email reply form Boss Suites Pattaya:
Dear Mr.jim

Thank you very much for your e-mail,I would like to tell you that
the hotel no charge a joiner,we are glad will have you to stay with us.

Best Regards,
Boss Suites Pattaya opened up late 2013 and so far has been getting a lot of really good reviews. Which is not a surprise at all since the one in Nana is also well managed too. And this particular property is also in a really good part of Pattaya as well because it's right in the center of the city.

This hotel is near my favorite go go bars in Pattaya

This hotel is located right on Second Road, between Soi 11 and Soi 12. Which means if you choose to stay here you'll be near some of my favorite go go bars in the area near Soi LK Metro. Plus I've been visiting Papayago Club to check out their beautiful coyote girls (dancers). Will be doing a review on Papayago soon.

So Boss Suites Pattaya is just around the corner from Soi LK Metro. Beach Road is just a 5 minute walk north and Walking Street is around a 15 minute walk. Though you can easily hop on the baht buses heading to Walking Street from Beach Road and it only costs 10THB.

Standard Room 29.5 square meters

There are a handful of room types at the Boss Pattaya but if you're just looking to take Thai hookers to your room you'll most likely be planning on staying in a Standard or Deluxe room type. And there is free internet Wi-Fi throughout the hotel.

Standard has a view of Second Road while Deluxe rooms have a view of the swimming pool. Both rooms are about the same size at 30 square meters though the Deluxe are slightly bigger. The hotel's pool is much larger than the one at Nana by the way if it matters.

And the hotel's rates are just about on par with the Boss Suites Nana which is around 1500THB to 1600THB and  typically includes buffet breakfast. Boss Suites Pattaya is quite a nice little budget hotel in central Pattaya in an ideal location and highly recommended.

Check rates for your travel dates and read recent reviews for Boss Suites Pattaya.

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