Saturday, May 31, 2014

Pattaya Red Eye is 60% Ready to Go...

Recently I've been getting a lot of email on when my nightlife guide on Pattaya is up. And I guess it's mostly due to the fact that many tourists are staying away from Bangkok's nightlife due to the country's current political problem.

Now in my opinion, things are not as bad as your local news station may show. The go go bars, massage parlors and such are still in operation granted there is a 12am to 4am curfew. But I do know many tourists find that schedule is suitable for finding their flavor of the night.

And I wouldn't suggest visiting a soapy or oil massage parlor in Bangkok after midnight because that's when last call starts before closing at 1am. So believe me, if you have the time, you can still have fun at an oily or soapy massage in Bangkok.

That's all I have to say about Bangkok's nightlife. Now Pattaya also has a 12am curfew too. But I've noticed some places are opening a little bit later. I guess Pattaya's curfew restrictions are not as severe. But things can change as of writing. But currently things are stable.

Anyways, my Pattaya Red Eye website is about 60% finished. And it should be fully finished in a few weeks once I've got all my information gathered and ready to post up.

Plan Your Trip on Pattaya Red Eye...

Just like the information you'd find on my Bangkok Red Eye website, on Pattaya Red Eye you will find a handy map of go go bars as well as info on where to stay in Pattaya. But we all know there's more to Pattaya then go go bars.

So you'll also find a list of BJ bars, oily and soapy massage parlors too. Plus I know many are looking for information on Russian clubs. So you'll be able to find some information on that too.

You can check out Pattaya Red Eye now. Though it's not completely finished you can still take a look. There is a submission page where you can offer up some suggestions to me on making my website more useful.

And thanks for making these websites so popular. It's been a lot of fun making them!