Thursday, June 12, 2014

Bangkok's Ambassador Hotel - 60% Off Discount Available Now

Okay, so just to give you a prime example of just one of many hotels in Bangkok that is seriously hurting during this time.

The Ambassador hotel on Sukhumvit soi 11 is putting out a heavy discount on rooms located in their standard wing.I was searching through Agoda and saw their is a 68% discount so the room cost about 1500THB per night.

Normally the rates at Ambassador hotel cost around 2800THB to 3500THB. The lowest I've ever seen was around 1800THB around late last year. The last time I saw a room that cheap at the Ambassador was back a few years.
Standard Room - Main Wing - Ambassador Hotel
I checked the rates for this month up to September and still see the 1500THB rate available up to then. So It seems like the Ambassador is trying to make up for as many reservations as they can to fill up their rooms.

It's a good hotel in a super location near nightlife. And let's not forget Climax Club a very popular pick up spot for freelancers is just right down the hotel. Even though now it closes at 12 you can still find what you're looking for before midnight.

I have a few friends that stay at the Ambassador and always take working girls out of Climax Club to their rooms for short time.

You can read reviews and check to see if the discounts is still available here via Agoda.com.

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  1. Hi Jim,

    Wanted to know your comments on which hotel to choose in Soi 11, either Ambassador or Le Fenix?
    I read your earlier posts and both are guest friendly, addition as I look in Le Fenix is Free Entry to Qbar (another freelance hunting place right ??), free WI-FI. Ambassador, no free entrance to club climax and nor any WIFI in room?

    But Still i would look to know which hotel to choose between these 2 or even Grand president. Thank you.