Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bangkok's Holiday Inn Sukhumvit Soi 22

I frequently receive emails asking me for names of foreign owned hotels in Bangkok that allow hookers in guest rooms. There are many. But one that comes to mind recently just because I had dinner at one is the Holiday Inn Sukhumvit 22. Originally an American company but after a quick google search today it is a multinational owned hotel chain.

Anyways, there are several Holiday Inn properties in central Bangkok. But this particular property on the corner of Suk 22 has a few massage shops and even a club where men can pick up working girls.

But it's not as action packed as the Phrom Phong area where all the oil massage parlors are at. Though the Holiday Inn Sukhumvit 22 is about a 10 minute walk to Phrom Phong. So yes, the hotel is in a very good location indeed.

Though the nearest and best oil massage shop close to this Holiday Inn Suk 22 is Dream Heaven Massage on Sukhumvit soi 33, around a 10 minute walk too. They charge 2000THB for 1 hour oil massage, and it is full service so massage and sex is included. Can't beat that.

Okay, back to the hotel's info. It's a new 4 star guest friendly hotel opened around late 2013 so everything is still in good condition. I know a lot of guys love staying in newer modern hotels so if that's you this should fit the bill nicely.

Deluxe Room at Holiday Inn 22

Currently a deluxe room at this Holiday Inn will set you back 3000THB per night. It's a 28 square meter room so good size. The price is about right due to the location and quality. No breakfast included for that 3000THB rate but really you are not going to have a problem finding food to stuff your face in that hotel's location.

I recommend Bangkok Betty located in the hotel's lobby. Go for the affordable main dishes because the starters are small and overpriced.

Okay, so you want to know what's to do around the hotel. Well there is a disco within the hotel called Dreamz Discotheque 22. It's not the best right now in terms of finding freelancer hookers inside. Because it's a new hotel I guess so the ladies don't want to take a chance going to a place with no customers.

Then directly across from the hotel's entrance on Suk 22 is the Titanium Club & Ice Bar.It's not a go go bar. It's not loaded with freelancers like you'd find in Club Insanity or Club Climax. It's a nice little club but like Dreamz22 you might not find a whole lot of freelancers inside.

Entrance to Titanium Bar & Ice Club

A couple of legit massage parlors?
There are a couple of massage parlors also right along Suk 22 but I don't know if they provide full service. One quick way to establish if a shop offers sexual services is when the windows are completely tinted black for privacy. But there are instances though where a completely legit looking shop offers have massage girls that provide hand relief.

But you won't find any shops in line with the services you get from the oil massage shops in Phrom Phong area. As I mentioned earlier, luckily this Holiday Inn is not a far walk from that area. Which is one of the benefits of staying there.

Overall, this is a good hotel for those asking for a hotel that is foreign owned and new building too. That, said many Thai owned hotels are really good too for quality and service. So I wouldn't worry too much about finding foreign owned hotels only.

For your reference here is an email reply regarding Holiday Inn Sukhumvit 22 guest friendly policy:
Dear Mr. Jim

Regarding of Joiner stay overnight hotel have not additional charge.

But please have extra guest show I D card for keeping. We look forward to welcome you and your guests to Holiday Inn Bangkok Sukhumvit 22

Best Regards, Siriporn C, (Ms.)
Reservation Team Leader.”
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