Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Big Sale On Pattaya Hotels Happening Now...

Just to follow up on yesterdays post on hotels in Bangkok with discounts, here are the names of a handful of recommended guest friendly hotels in Pattaya with special room rates.

Though the military's curfew has been lifted in Pattaya weeks after Bangkok, Pattaya is still seeing quite a slow down in business. So hotels in that particular area of red light madness are also deeply discounting their room rates in hopes of luring customers back into the laps of lovely bar girls.

The first hotel I'd like to bring up is the 4 star LK Empress located right on Beach Road. That's right, the LK is located not only across from the beach but also the hordes of Thai hookers that make that spot their place of employment. And Walking Street is just a short skip and a hop from the hotel grounds. Right now you can pick up a room for about 2100THB. That price is for a studio king room including breakfast. It's an excellent deal and you can't go wrong staying there.

Another great hotel right across the Beach Road is the Baywalk Residence. Rated at 3 stars though some would say it deserves a 4. So the location is hot as well with many Thai freelancers in the area plus many short time bars as well as minor go go bars. For 1600THB you get a superior room including breakfast. If you like BJ Bars (and who doesn't, check out a few places near Soi Yamato, Soi 8 and Soi 6 near Baywalk Residence Hotel.

So if you think the few hotels I mentioned above are a little too pricey for your price range then here is a popular 3 star budget guest friendly hotel right in the heart of Pattaya, it's the Sunshine Hotel and Residence. Around 1300THB per night is the cost and that's an excellent value. This hotels gets a lot of positive reviews because it's a nice hotel close to many businesses catering to single male travelers. Plus it's not far from the beach and Walking Street. And if you're staying at this hotel you are also not far from the LK Metro area for even more go go bars.

Now here is a special surprise. If you think Sunshine Hotel and Residence is cheap at 1300THB what if I told you that if you could afford 1450THB per night you snag a room at a 4 star hotel. That's right, the Miracle Suite Pattaya now has a 50% off discount for their 40 sqm. studio rooms with breakfast included. Bad news is Miracle Suite is a bit off from Walking Street. But you can easily hop on a Baht bus to get there.

And the cheapest of the cheap hotels on this list is Tunes Hotel Pattaya at 600THB. It is located on Second Road and the closest red light district is LK Metro which is about a 10 minute walk. For getting to Beach Road or even Walking Street, it is best to also hop on a Baht bus. Tunes is a very well known hotel chain and yes though you get basic rooms with all the necessities you need for a good time in Pattaya.

So that's all. There are probably more but these are the best deals I could spot for now. Also like to add that these deals are limited so the rates might not be available anymore by the time you've read all of this. I recommend making a booking at your earliest convenience.

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