Friday, June 6, 2014

Protect Yourself Against Cheating Hotel Staff...

Just recently I received an email from a guy staying over at the Paradiso Boutique Suites in Bangkok. Dozens of guys have booked this hotel through me because it's a good budget hotel that is super close to a lot of action near Soi Cowboy. And all of them have told me they could bring different ladies to their rooms every night.

Here's what he had to say:

Hi, I would like to share regarding the Paradiso Boutique Suites. It is NOT a guest friendly hotel. There is a joiner fee of THB600 for the 2nd time when you bring a different girl to the room. Only the first time there is no joiner fee. I was surprised when they shows me the photocopy of the girl IC tagged to my room for the previous night. Accordingly only the first time gal is free. This is the first time I encounter such 2nd timer joiner fee incident. The person at the counter even gave me a receipt for the joiner fee. Hence, all traveler please take note.
Immediately I thought, well it's possible Paradiso has changed their policy. Then I emailed the guy who made the complaint asking if he booked a room for 2 guests. And he replied yes he did. So then he shouldn't have been charged a 600THB fee. This was highly suspicious and I had an idea of what had happened but I wanted to make sure.

So I went ahead and emailed Paradiso Suites to check for myself and see if they've changed their policy. Here is the reply below:

Dear Guest

We will charge for the 3rd person. If you stay alone, you can take one lady up to your room without charge but she has to leave her ID.card with our security guard, as the hotel will not hold any responsibility which may happen.

Best RegardsTanee Pimratna
From the email, it is clear that Paradiso is still confirmed guest friendly. As the email states, there is no charge for 1 lady to a room at a time. So I thought, maybe the night time staff was trying to make a quick and easy 600THB off of the hotel guest.

I sent an email back to the guy that made the complaint and told him that the hotel was still guest friendly. So he shouldn't have been forced to pay up. Here is his reply below:

Thanks Jim

I manage to get back the THB600 fee before I check out as I make a fuss out of it.

But I guess it is the receptionist on duty that night that was trying to take advantage of the situation. Spoilt my mood that night.

That receptionist even gave me a receipt with his name on the hotel letterhead. I am going send it to the GM email address to inform the hotel GM about it.
So my suspicions that he was being scammed by a naughty night time receptionist were true. I'm happy he got his money back and I'm happy that he did not stand for being taken advantage of.

This sort of scam towards hotel guests is rare and isolated. And this is the very first time someone has emailed me regarding this issue.

Now even though my websites contains a list of confirmed guest friendly hotels near the red light districts in Thailand, I always recommend that you personally email the hotel you are planning to stay in and ask about their policy.

Once you get the confirmation, print it out, or keep the email on your mobile phone. Be sure to get a name too from the hotel staff that replied to you. This way, you have got yourself some protection.

So if a cheating hotel staff comes up to you just show them the email. Or if they are very persistent, just pay the joiner fee first. But ask for a receipt.

Then, the next day, ask to speak to a manager. Show the manager your email confirmation along with the proof you unfairly paid up a joiner fee and you'll get your money back.

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