Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My 5 Favorite Soapy Massage in Bangkok 2014 Report

A few years ago I wrote about my 5 favorite soapy massage parlors reviews in Bangkok here. And that post has been viewed/read nearly a million times (exactly 991,082 times as of writing).

It's really no surprise to me at all. Bangkok's soapies are popular. No doubt about it. Who doesn't like to get rubbed down by a pretty girl in a bath filled with soap bubbles? And Bangkok has a lot of these types of male oriented massage centers spread around the city. Some really far out. And some are concentrated not too far from central red light district Sukhumvit with its Soi Cowboy and Nana Entertainment Plaza go go bars.

Things have not changed much in the soapy scene. Just a couple of new places opened up though. But recently, I've noticed a major change in the line up of my favorite soapies. Lots of new faces. Though prices are basically the same. And services are a real hit and miss today. Unlike one of my first time massage experience ever at Caesar's Entertainment many moons ago.

Even though there are a shit load of soapies all over Bangkok all the parlors listed below are easily reached by MRT subway train. Except for one which requires a 15 minute taxi ride from Huay Kwang area, which is basically where all the other soapies I mentioned below are located.

If you want to know how to get to these places mentioned check out my website where you'll find a nifty updated map.

My 5 Favorite Bangkok Soapy Parlors

Nataree Massage in Huay Kwang
#1 Nataree - No surprise here. After all these years, Nataree is still the best. Why? Because they employ a lot of ladies. Though it is a fishbowl soapy, you'll find that a vast majority of the ladies working out of Nataree are Sideline girls (part-timers).

So why is Nataree so special?? It's the sheer amount of girls. It's that simple. The more girls inside the more chances you'll find one to your liking.

Nataree typically has around 20 fishbowl girls and around 60 side liners. Typically ladies let customers have 2 shots. But I've been told by many ladies working at Nataree that today, they are selective on who they give those 2 shots to. So, if you really want to make sure you're getting 2 shots, be sure to ask before you fork over your cash.

There is no need to find out how to say, "Can I have 2 shots?" in Thai. Most girls will understand that. Otherwise, be sure to ask the Papasan to make it clear. There is a papasan named Mr. G who has a good grasp of English and can help sort you out.

Sideline girls start at around 2300THB. Younger prettier sideline girls start at 2600THB. Fishbowl girls cost at 1800THB. You get an 1 hour with the ladies.

#2 Colonze 2 - This joint is getting better and better every time I visit with my friends. You can check out a short blog post review here. I just went there last weekend and wow, I have to say, they have an excellent line up of models.

Colonze 2 has a lot of categories of services to the point it gets too confusing. But to break it down, they have sideline girls, fishbowl girls and models.

Sideline girls and fishbowl girls are found on the first floor. To the right of the fishbowl you'll find stairs leading up to the models section. And their models are what I prefer. Yes, they can be pricy. But they have some damn fine looking girls working at Colonze 2.

I picked a tall model, skinny in the waist, with gorgeous ass and tits. She had long black hair and long legs with fine white skin. I've got a hard on just thinking about her. And no way am I going to tell you her name or her badge number lol! You are on your own my friends.

Colonze 2 models on the second floor will set you back 6000THB for an hour and a half. Their sideline girls cost 2500THB and fishbowl girls' rates start at at 1800THB for an hour and a half.

I like this soapy a lot and though it's a great place it's still hard to knock Nataree off the #1 spot for now. Because you only get to pop once at Colonze 2, which is the normal policy. But if the girl likes you, she may let you pop twice. Just remember to tip.

Model girls working out of soapies only give you 1 shot. But you can ask how much she charges for a second pop. From my experience, they'll let you have another go for 1500THB.

#3 Utopia Entertainment - Although this soapy is very close to Huay Kwang there are no MRT subway stations in the immediate area. Your best bet is to take a taxi. A taxi fare from Nataree to Utopia would probably cost about 60THB or so.

It's not really a hard place to find and get to. It's just that it's in the middle of a very long street with nothing else in the area except a bunch of restaurants and a huge condo complex. But they have a huge neon Utopia Sign that is very easy to spot.

Here is the address and phone number in Thai:
69,69/1-3 ถนนพระราม9
แขวงห้วยขวาง เขตห้วยขวาง
กรุงเทพมหานคร 10320 เบอร์โทรศัพท์:0-2354-1300

I must start off by telling you that Utopia is pricey. So if you're not willing to pay for a taxi then you might want to skip this place. Plus, it is reported that they make foreigners may 500THB or 1000THB extra. I've never had that issue. It could be because I've been going there for a long time and can speak converstational Thai.

I have asked Papasans if have a foreigner surcharge and they say they don't. But I've read that they do elsewhere on other similar websites and blogs like mine. So who knows.

Massage lady prices at Utopia Entertainment are complex too because they have many categories of ladies. Basic fishbowl girls cost about 2300THB. Sideline girls 2800THB. And the cream of the crop model girls that are supposed former Thai Penthouse models or minor television stars prices start at a whopping 7000THB for an hour and a half.

For the models, a papasan or mamasan will hand you a photo album so you can pick and choose. The catch is you will most likely have to book a reservation. Most girls of Utopia's models, depending on their popularity have a 2 week wait list. I shit you not. Is it worth it? If you have the cash to blow I believe it is.

#4 Amsterdam Massage - This soapy is also on the pricey side but not as expensive as Utopia. About 5 years ago it was a massive establishment taking up 2 buildings. But today they've consolidated and all the monkey business takes place the front building.

You won't find a fishbowl setup at Amsterdam today too. So it's basically an all sideline joint. All the ladies are sitting in the back with no glass separating them from the customers. I find it humorous whenever guys just go up to them and check them out like a piece of steak at the butcher shop.

Anyways, Amsterdam has a fairly decent lineup of ladies always around evening time on the weekends. They have a lot of fair skinned ladies like Utopia because that's how Thai men like their women. Although it was my #3 favorite last year this soapy is still one of my all time favorite place to drop by.

I know a lot of guys like Amsterdam because it's another place that is easy to get to. Pha Ram 9 MRT station is right across from Amsterdam Massage, about a 5 minute walk across the main road. You can't miss the building it has a faux windmill on top of it.

Amsterdam massage girl prices start at 2500. But I typically like choosing girls at the 2600THB range. Somehow the Paps and Mams have figured out a scale. They do have models of course and their rates start at 4000THB.

#5 Poseidon Entertainment Massage - Okay, so this soapy has never popped up on my top 5 list ever. So what happened? A McDonald's opened across from it. No seriously, there is a McDonald's just 3 minutes walk from Poseidon's doors.

Now Poseidon has always been a name synonymous with soapy. Tell a taxi drive Soi Poseidon and they'll know exactly where they want to go. And they actually have a fully functioning website with a price list for their fishbowl and models. Holy fuckedy fuck... I'm surprised because so many other soapies don't have a functioning website.

But seriously Poseidon has been lagging against all the soapies in Huay Kwang. So I guess they're trying to kick in a strong come back. Plus I figure management wants to attract new customers from the new huge condos that are being built nearby.

I wrote a review last year but since then I've been popping over to Poseidon more and more often.

So there you go. My updated top 5 list. I hope you enjoy!

***2016 Update! I've written a new top 5 soapy massage post here.***


  1. Do you know of any "couples" massage please?

    1. Very sorry for the late reply. Most massage places will accommodate couples.

      But I have to add that most Thai sex workers in my opinion are experienced servicing woman.


  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I've never been charged a foreigner fee before. It might be because I go there frequently. I also asked if there is a charge and I was told no.

  3. Hey Jim,

    will have 3 days in Bkk and will try both Nataree and colonze 2 on your recommendations. I have two questions:

    - Do these girls get tested for HIV?
    - What are the chances of transmittance if the girl is rubbing herself on me during the massage?

    On a side note, could you please recommend good places for
    1- Nuru massage
    2- double sandwich massage

    1. GB,

      Sorry for the late reply, but yes these girls are supposed to be tested for HIV and must be negative before they can start work.

      I'm not a doctor but after doing some search it seems unlikely you'll catch something serious from her rubbing on you.

      Use a condom and take a hot shower afterwards would be my advice.

      For Nuru massage I recommend Dream Heaven.