Friday, September 5, 2014

Pattaya's Diamond Beach Hotel - A Place to Sleep and Get a Soapy Massage

Since I've been getting a lot of request for info on Thai hotels with hookers I'll throw a bone out for everyone today.

The hotel and soapy both are located on Soi Diamond
In Pattaya, the 3 star rated Diamond Beach Hotel has a shop called VIP Massage Sauna attached. Now the hotel is already in a very good location. As the name states, it's located right on Soi Diamond. So it's not far from Walking Street, just a 5 minute stroll.

And Soi Diamond already has a fairly decent number of go go bars designated in the area such as Super Baby, Heavens Above and Cream. If you do choose to stay at any hotel near that area you should visit all 3 go go bars.

So if you do decide to stay at Diamond Beach you can order up a lady to your room for an on the spot soapy massage experience which starts from 1800THB for the hour. Or you can just use the in house rooms. I recommend using the in house rooms because the bathtubs are bigger. Remember, the price depends on the age of the girl as well as how attract she is. So you can expect to pay around 2200THB to 2500THB for an hour for younger ladies with fair skin and a good body.

Are there are there a lot of hot massage girls at VIP Massage? My stance is to never knock a business with ugly girls. That said, you may find a handful of girls that are easy on the eyes. For me, I saw a pretty girl about 22 years old but she was swooped up by another taker before I put down my bottle of beer after a first sip.

But I have had many friends tell me that they've been with a lot of decent looking massage girls at VIP massage.

The hotel's cheapie superior rooms are not so expensive. The price per night is about 1200THB with free breakfast. Diamond Beach's deluxe rooms are in better condition but expect to pay about 500THB more which also includes breakfast. And the hotel even has a swimming pool and a gym but with equipments are like antiques.

It's not the greatest hotel in the area but it certainly is one of the most convenient hotel in the heart of Pattaya's sleazy district. And the hotel does have quite a lot of good ratings and reviews.

Read guest reviews and find discounts for your travel dates for Diamond Beach Hotel.

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