Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Bangkok's Grand Mercure Fortune Hotel - A 4 Star Hotel Near Two of Bangkok's Best Soapy Massage

Grand Mercure Fortune Hotel on Ratchadipesek Road
Bangkok is well known as a city with many affordable high quality 4 star hotels. And a lot of guys visiting the city's red light districts like staying at 4 star hotels because many have a policy of letting guests invite hookers to their rooms. And many are just a short distance from go go bars and massage parlors. Which was why one of my good friends chose to stay at the Grand Mercure Fortune Hotel.

It's a newly renovated in 2013 and before then it was just called the Fortune Hotel. Today, it's totally made over and managed by the Accor hotel chain which is a good as it's known as one of the best hotel chains in Asia.

So the Grand Mercure Fortune is prime location for making easy visits to Amsterdam Soapy Massage, which is directly across a road. But the hotel is also near a lot of other soapies too which you can see from the map below.

The Grand Mercure Fortune is also near Colonze Soapy Massage which is my #2 favorite soapy to visit. I wrote about my 5 Favorite Soapy Massage Parlors here. But Alaina, The Lord and especially Nataree and Caesars are definitely worth taking a look at.

It's not near any go go bars but Soi Cowboy is just a straight shot south of the hotels location. A taxi ride from the Grand Mercure to Soi Cowboy would just take 5 minutes with no traffic and cost around 60THB. Or, simply hop on the MRT subway which is 2 stops to Sukhumvit station near Soi Cowboy.

Because this hotel is not quite too far from Soi Cowboy, many bar girls working out of that area will not hassle you to rent a short time room near where they work. Because they can easily hop on a motor bike taxi and zip back to their bar from the Grand Mercure Fortune Hotel. And since the hotel is guest friendly, you won't be required to pay a joiner fee.

Pha Ram 9 MRT Subway Station

And getting to this hotel is super easy by taxi as almost every driver will know of this hotel plus because it's near an MRT station you can reach this hotel via the airport train. You only have to make a transfer at Makkasan station and walk to Petchburi MRT station. From there it's only one stop to Pha Ram 9 MRT station.

As of writing you can book a superior room at the Grand Mercure Fortune for 2600THB a night with taxes included for November 2014 travel dates. That's $80USD for a 4 star hotel and that's not a bad deal at all.

It's an ideal hotel because it's close to major malls and shopping centers so there's plenty of restaurants, cafes and shops to check out on foot. So you don't really need to travel too far for anything at all.

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