Monday, October 27, 2014

No Baht - No Honey

More Money You Bring The More Fun You'll Have

Another big question I get asked often his how much it'll cost for one night of fun in Bangkok and Pattaya. It all really depends on how much you want to "do" and most importantly how much Baht you've got stuffed in your pocket. But of course the more money you have on hand the more fun you'll have. Though for even those with a limited budget can still have a decent night out.

There is no real magic number or figure I can throw out. However, it's quite simple to do a price breakdown and from there you can figure out yourself how much you're going to need for a night of sexual romp. But you also have to be realistic. I mean come on, if this is going to be your first foray into Thailand's red light districts I know your imagination is running wild picturing yourself in an orgy with six hookers on your hotel bed followed by another six soapy massage girls in a jacuzzi. But do you really have the stamina to bang 12 girls? Be realistic and don't waste your time on coming up with a budget to bang 12 girls not unless you really know you've got it in you.

I suppose if you're in your early 20's and even up to early 30's it is possible to go all out stud. But if you're in your mid to late 30's and 40's letting the boys out of the gate twice is enough to make you satisfied.

So to start off, lets say you want to scope out a BJ Bar for your first shot. And then off to a go go bar and have a bar girl set off your second shot.


A blow job in the afternoon

Lets be conservative and say your body is able to pop twice in 24 hours. Figure a blow job bar during afternoon time which will set you back 700Baht. If she did a great job cleaning your pipes you can tip her say 300THB. You'd probably bought a beer too so that's about 150THB. Tally those numbers up you've just spent 1150THB or $35USD. Not bad for an afternoon hummer.


On to a go go bar at night

When the evening rolls in and you're planning on hitting up a go go bar and if you find a dancer you like you can expect to pay 600THB bar fine. If she's one of the best looking girls you can expect to pay 2500THB for an hour which is short time. But it is a go go bar so you will have to buy drinks but let's just say you're going cheap on this and order a water. That small bottle of water will cost you around 50THB depending on the bar. But you have to also buy a lady drink which will usually be a watered down cola but cost you at least 150THB.

Keep in mind, there are go go bars that have a 2 lady drink policy on top of the bar fine such as Baccara Bar in Soi Cowboy. Baccara is one of the best go go bars in Bangkok with fine looking bar girls so the price, depending on your outlook might be justified.

To tally up it's 600THB bar fine + 2500THB short time price + 50THB water + 150THB lady drink for a grand total of 3300THB which is $102USD as of writing.

Include that with the afternoon delight $35USD + 102USD at a go go bar and you've spent $137USD. That's not really bad at all. Considering a night out at a strip club in Las Vegas will undoubtedly cost twice or more and you only go home with blue balls and a wet dick. Thai red light districts are an absolute bargain.

This $137USD figure is or course a conservative figure. I know there are guys who spend way more because of beers and drinks for the ladies. But if you're on a strict(ish) budget $137USD is feasible. If you can't spend more than that you might want to consider saving enough until you can. Not trying to be a dick but I get a lot of emails from guys asking what they can do with a lot less.

There are ways to cut corners. For instance you can pick up a street hooker. With a freelancer there's no need to pay a bar fine nor buy lady drinks. I know guys who strictly sticks with street hookers for those reasons alone. But the trade off is the best looking girls are found in go go bars.

But there are other ways to bang hot Thai chicks and still save some cash. I always tell people that Bangkok's oil massage shops have some of the best looking working girls. And most shops these days have an all inclusive rate meaning you get a mediocre massage and full service. Inclusive rates start at around 2100THB ($65USD) for an hour, some less some a little more depending on the shop you go to. So my advice is if you really want to find hot Thai girls get yourself to a oil massage parlor.

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