Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My Recent Bangkok's EZ2 Massage Experience

EZ2 Massage is the first shop you'll see coming down Suk 24/1
I usually space out the time I visit an oil massage shop and I think the last time I've been to EZ2 Massage on Sukhumvit Soi 24/1 was around 6 or 7 months ago.

The reason is most shops typically find newer girls to fill their roster in about 6 months or so. Some sooner some later. It all depends on how aggressive they are on their recruitment.

Like the rest of the other oil massage shops on Soi 24/1 EZ2 is one of the small ones except for Angels Massage located on the end of Soi 24/1 which is the largest and possibly the most famous.

But I like checking out the smaller shops because you'd never know you might be pleasantly surprised. So I checked out EZ2 a few weeks ago and I got there around 2pm on a weekend. I usually go a little bit later because most girls don't show. up for work around 4pm. And whatever girls they have in the early afternoon live on the premise of the massage shops.

But I had time to kill and getting a massage and a screw is not a shabby way to pass the time. Besides I've had good experiences at EZ2 and at their other location EZ1 not far on Sukhumvit Soi 24 just opposite the Emporium Mall. Both shops open at 11am and close midnight.

One of the rooms at EZ2 Massage

When I got in I was the only customer inside and was quickly greeted by a mamasan who quickly showed me a price menu. I chose the 1 hour gel massage which only cost 2100THB. Then she showed me the photos of girls available.

This time there seems to be less photos. Which means less massage girl. But during this trip I recall there were only 10 photos. Five of those girls were fairly attractive but they were not in yet. So I chose the best girl I could see available dismissing the mamasans suggestions.

So the mamasan called her out but told me she's a small girl so she can't give a long massage. I said no problem. I wasn't really there for a massage anyways.

As you all may know I kind of have a rule where I don't tell the names of the girls I choose. So let's call her Bun.

A standard shower stall
First time I saw Bun I could sort of understand why the mamasan said what she said. Bun was indeed a tiny girl. She's at least a little under 150cm and when I asked her later on she said she was 39 kilo. She said she is 19 years old but she looked younger to me.

Bun led me to a room upstairs and started going though the routine, take clothes off and off to take a quick shower. She wasn't playful and seemed a bit shy but I do have to say she's a cute girl. After getting me cleaned up she showered herself while I waited for a few minutes on bed.

She started with the massage first and I could feel she was putting some effort even while I dozed off a bit. After 10 minutes or so she asked me to turn around in Thai. She can barely speak English because she said she just came from Isaan to work at EZ2 a few months ago.

Then she started on what I came to EZ2 for. Again she was a bit shy but she was enjoying it as much as I was I could tell you.

Overall Bun was a fun experience to me and definitly an hour well spent. I always liked EZ2 though I can't say it's the best oil massage shop on Sukhumvit Soi 24.

If you check out their website you'll see EZ Massage shops have dozens of ladies. And a lot of them are hot. But I cant' say for sure if all those girls are working there. Maybe I just have to visit them more often.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Big Sale on Ambassdor Hotel in Bangkok

If you're coming into Bangkok this month and also next month December you may want to check out the big discounted rates for rooms at the Ambassador hotel which I reviewed here.

As of writing I see that the Ambassador has priced their superior rooms at a little over 1500THB from now until December. So it that's a pretty good price because normally a superior room at the Ambassador has a price tag of a little over 2000THB.