Sunday, December 28, 2014

A Visit to Bangkok's Cherry Massage - Not!

My friends know I've been living in Thailand for a while now so I'm pretty much the official tour guide as well as their pet guinea pig.

So one of my buddies coming over to Bangkok soon is doing his research and he came across Cherry Massage over on Sukhumvit Soi 24/1. I have been there before a couple a years ago but never been back since. And just recently he read somewhere on another blog that Cherry Massage is really good.

My first visit to Cherry was not so good. But if you've been following my blog you'll know that I do not like to slam any type of adult establishment in Thailand. So if an oil massage parlor or go go bar is not worth your money or time I simply will not mention it here on my blog instead of writing up a nasty review and potentially ruining a business.

Anyways, my first visit to Cherry wasn't so pleasant and I didn't have a good first impression. Sure inside the joint looked good and the Mamasan was plenty nice. But the ladies. Let's just say Cherry Massage doesn't have a website ( or even a fully informational website at best ) with photos of their ladies for a good reason.

My friend asked me for a favor if I could go over and scope out the joint. Sort a like run a recon and see if they've got any beautiful ladies on their line up. And he's paying for it. So why not?

So I strolled down to Sukhumvit 24/1, passed Snow White Massage, Apple Massage. I saw some hotties at Dream Massage and was tempted. But like a good soldier I kept my mind on the mission and I was almost there.

Cherry Massage is located right before Angel Massage which is the last shop on this oily massage lane. As I came closer to my goal I saw at least 5 massage ladies sitting outside and as soon as they saw me and all our eyes I met I immediately turned away. Abort. Abort. Abort the mission!

Thank the lord I still have 20/20 vision. For the brief 2 to 3 seconds I could see there was no one I would ever hump away on and spend my waste my good friend's cash on. And typically, these types of joints place their best looking ladies outside to attract punters. To be fair, perhaps Cherry's best looking ladies are busy upstairs with customers. Either way, that just means I wouldn't be sticking around their shop because I certainly wouldn't pick the ladies hanging around outside their establishment.

Screw my friend and his money. If he really wants to know what Cherry is like he's just gonna have to find out for himself.

As I walked past the ladies they started calling out "Hello, Mister. Massage!" but already my mind was buzzing at a blur calculating where I should go instead as I had time to kill. There are a handful of excellent oilys right in the area at my fingertip.

I was tempted to make a B line right to Angels or I could've headed over to the other Dream Massage on Soi 26 for a Nuru Massage.

But there was a particular massage girl I haven't been with for a little while over at Premier 101 Massage so I made that snap decision to head over and say hello and spend 1.5 hours with the lovely massage girl named Venus.

One one of the rooms at 101 Massage

Venus came over from Angel's Massage and she is quite the popular girl. And I was lucky that I could pick her out last Friday as she only works on weekends now. But her work schedule is hit or miss so I highly recommend making a booking or at least call to make sure she's in for the day.

Normally on this blog I do not tell the names of my favorite massage girls. But since this is around Christmas time I figured I'd throw my blog readers a bone. Don't say I've never given you guys a gift.

One of the larger shower rooms. Not all showers are that big at this massage parlor

Not only does Venus have an awesome body she also has a wonderful service oriented and bubbly attitude. If you're the type of guy though that doesn't like to chat then you might want to skip her. Because she loves to talk which I don't mind at all. You can even speak to her in English. But I am not exaggerating one bit, she does have a lovely body and a cute face.

Also Venus is one of the handful of girls that only allow one shot for customers in Premier 101 massage. Staff at the massage parlor will show you a photo album of their ladies and below the photos you'll see their information on the kinds of services they provide. And it'll also show whether or not their ladies offer 1 or 2 shots to customers. She tells me that a lot of customers are disappointed that she only offers 1 shot and make a big stink about it. Guys, I know we all think with our dicks but seriously, read the ladies profiles, it's all clearly written.

I'm not the kind of guy that would totally discredit an establishment and vow to never go to a certain place ever again. Massage parlors do change and there have been instances where massage girls make a mass exodus to a newer shop with better salary and working conditions.

I don't want to be a dick. Maybe I could've made a simple attempt to walk inside and just take a look anyways. Maybe Cherry is an oil massage joint with beautiful girls in hiding.

So would I ever make my way inside of Cherry Massage? Perhaps. I do frequent Sukhumvit 24/1 often and I will keep an eye out for some cuties like I always do.