Monday, December 7, 2015

3 Straight Nights of Dragon Massage at Bond (formerly Saboon) Spa

This blog post is about a trip I'm on in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Once in awhile I'll travel outside of Thailand and write about the whorehouses I visit. If you haven't fooled around in KL before and looking for some different flavors, I really recommend hopping over there for some fun.

On this trip to KL, I was turned out to a different variety of happy ending massage by a friend who's been showing me around KL's nightlife. It's called the Dragon massage. It's weird, but if you've never experienced before, you'll either hate it or end up liking it!

What's a Dragon Massage?

I mentioned not too long ago on my page about Bukit Bintang sex saunas that there were some changes. That Saboon Spa, which is my #1 spot for finding Chinese, Vietnamese and even Thai hookers has changed their name to Bond Spa.

So, I went over to Bond Spa to check out what else has changed besides its name. And of course I went over to get laid with some fine looking girls which they are most well known for.

Even all around you'll still see the Saboon name along with the newer name. One minor change however is the food menu. It's not as extensive as before so today you have about 12 items to choose from.

But of course I didn't go there just for the food, sauna and jacuzzis. Though this time around the jacuzzis looked a little dirtier.

Anyways, back to the girls. So for 3 nights in a row I went over to Bond Spa to check out their Dragon Girl Massage Service.

This is a kind of service provided by pretty looking young Chinese girls. If you can't speak Mandarin like me there could be a bit of difficulty communicating, so remember these girls can't speak English.

Also girls that provide Dragon Massage do a lot of work compared to the regular girls on Bond Spa's lineup. And from my experience each and every girl performs differently sexually. And nearly all of the girls perform oral with no condoms in the showers. But for the intercourse a rubber on your little brother is a must!

But first I'll give you a bit of a refresher on how you can take a look at their available girls as well as.

The Line Up

You can ask the papasan, or Captains as they are called in Malaysia to take a look at their available girls. They can call them all down to the cafe area, which is what most guys do. They will all stand right in front of you. And there will be other guys in the area checking out the ladies as well.  You see what you like, just tell the Captain.

A Little More Privacy

To be honest this is my preferred way of checking out their girls. You can tell the Captain you would like to see the girls up stairs. The Captain will oblige and take you to a private room upstairs where girls will gather to meet you. They will again line up in front of you.  And you just pick who you like.


If you get on really well with the Captain he will show you photos of girls on his cell phone. Now this isn't really my preferred way. Because most pictures, actually every photos have been altered one way or the other.

However, again, if you really get on well with the Captain, they will show you girls that have just arrived in town. And these Captains will eventually clue in on what kind of girls you like; slim, tall, long hair or short hair, they'll figure it out and set you up.

There is one Captain I always have help me out and so far he has picked out a lot of winners for me. I do not recommend anybody picking out a girl if they do not know you however.

The First Night

I chose this 21 year old girl from Hubei China, she was tallish with very white smooth skin and long black hair. She didn't have much of an ass, like most Chinese girls. She had a very nice set of tits though. Her face was quite pretty even though I know she had a lot of makeup on her face.

These massage beds are in all the showers but are never used. I wonder why?

First off is the shower of course. All these girls will clean you up. They will also pay particular attention to your asshole too. It's for a good reason.

Once shower is done it's off to the bed, facedown first. One of the techniques these dragon massage girls start off with is the cat bath. It's basically the girl using her tongue and entire mouth (every girl has a different technique) all over your backside.

This 21 year old from Hubei China alternated with hot and cold water in her mouth and she would swirl her tongue all over my backside. I have to admit, it was quite a stimulating erotic sensation.

When that was done I was instructed to get on all fours. Yes, this is where she will eat out your asshole. Guys, I'm only doing this for research purposes, so if you are sickened by this you can you know what. Just one of the reasons why I tell guys why they shouldn't kiss hookers.

Anyways the tongue in my ass was interesting. Really it was and not in a gay way. Anyways once the rimming was over I was asked to turn over for another treat. A bareback blowjob. And who doesn't like those.

From there the condom goes on and you can guess what happens next.

Every room has these in the shower rooms but they're never used. All the action  happens on bed.

Second Night - Different Dragon Massage Girl

The next night I had the Captain chose a tall 19 year old girl from Shenzhen, China. She had arrived the night before and ready for action. I only saw her on a photo the night before but I trusted my Captain's instinct.

When I went up to the room to meet my girl I was a happy customer. She wasn't super hot but she was cute and really looked good with nice curves that most China girls don't have.

She did everything that the first girl did. But during the cat bath she did something weird, as if the whole experience doesn't sound too weird for guys reading these kinds of sexual experiences for the very first time. She slipped on these form fitting plastic bags over my feet and started sucking on my toes with a mouthful of hot water in her mouth. Did if feel good to me? No because it was too weird.

Next was the anal licking. She sprayed something which I'm assuming is some sort of antiseptic. Cause my bum hole had a burning sensation. She also sprayed into her mouth too and started to go right on. At no point, as far as I know, will these girls put a finger in your ass.

Next up was the obligatory BJ which she did well. During sex though I do have to say she was really tight. Too tight and I think she just has that muscle to help her squeeze on tight. It was very pleasurable and one of my top 5 dragon massage experience ever in Kuala Lumpur.

Third Night - Yet another Dragon Massage

This time around I decided I will choose a girl on my own. After some time in the sauna and a small meal I asked the Captain to take me up so I can take a look at the available dragon massage girls.

About 10 girls came out. Two caught my eye. But the one that I chose looked younger. But after we went to the room I found out that she was 28. Which there's nothing wrong with that. Though she looked 22 or 23 at most. I guess it was her very smooth white skin and perky tits that gave her that youthful look.

She didn't spend a lot of time like the other girls did when it came to tossing salad. I don't think she liked it that much. But eating out a customer's asshole is part of the dragon massage package.

She was really nice and a good girlfriend experience from the start, which I know is what a lot of guys look for. Even though there is a huge language barrier issue these girls don't get frustrated. After all they know you're at Bond Spa to get you're there to get your rocks off.

The dragon massage starts off the same way but her BJ skills was really top notch. And a real pro too as she pretty much took control of everything and enjoyed it all as much as I did.

Never once have I ever had bad service over at Bond Spa. Just remember, dragon massage service cost 338RM for an hour of time with the girl. This price includes use of the sauna facilities and free meals in the cafe area.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Finding Thai Girls Off the Beaten Path

Here's a place I went often. A shame it's closing down.

A lot of keen readers have asked me where they can go where no other foreign sex tourists has gone before, except for me I suppose. Because I have mentioned many times that what you see in Bangkok's red light districts such as Patpong, Nana and Soi Cowboy are just a tip of the iceberg.

There are places where Thai locals go for female company. These places are not as huge as the foreign centered pussy hunting grounds though.

Many small single venues can be found all around the outskirts of Bangkok, where there are no convenient MRT or BTS stations. Not even public buses go to those areas. You'll have to have your own set of wheels to venture out to these places.

These types of establishments are not go go bars. And not really a Thai G Club or gentleman's club because it's not as high classed nor pricey. But the girls are just as pretty however. At night they will sit outside in tight fitting outfits to attract customers.

Today many of these clubs on the outskirts of Bangkok are closing down however. About 4 of my favorites have shut down in the last 5 years. The one pictured above is the 5th. But I know many of the girls have found new employment at popular Thai G clubs.

I'll probably get some emails why I haven't mentioned these places earlier. It's because these places are far off and not easy to find nor get to if you don't know the area or speak the language. Another is, they don't really welcome foreigners unless you can speak Thai. Plus the local Thai men won't be happy if they see a bunch of foreigners invading their space.

I'm just one guy and sometimes I'll bring one along which they tolerate but I think more than that they'll have a word with management. Or with me.

A lot of these places are closing down due to lack of business. As you probably know by now the Thai economy isn't doing all too great. Local men with money are spending less and the ones with shit loads of money usually go to the bigger Thai G Clubs in central Bangkok.

Plus girls these days are wiser, meaning they know where to go work where drink commissions are higher. They can make as much money pushing overpriced alcoholic drinks without selling their bodies than most freelancers and bar girls. This is true if the girl is highly desirable.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Best 5 Hotels in Nana Red Light District 2015

Every time around this year I see a huge spike on visits to my websites. So I know plenty of perverts out there are planning on visiting Bangkok's and Pattaya's red light districts soon.

But on this particular post I'll be focusing on 5 hooker friendly hotels in the Nana red light district. To give you a refresher, this red light district is centered around Nana Entertainment Plaza. Adjacent to NEP are plenty of places to find street pussy for sale. Thais, Russians, Africans and ladyboys you name it are plentiful in the Nana area.

Which is why I know a lot of guys are focused on getting a good hotel in walking distance to everything including places to load up on booze. In if you plan on staying right in Nana you're not too far away from the BTS train station and you can walk to Soi Cowboy in about 10 to 15 minutes.

Though there are many budget and high end hotels in the Nana red light district that allow hookers to visit guest rooms, I've picked out 5 of which I know are very good choices. So I've mixed in a few names of budget hotels along with a couple of quality hotels where you can stay and enjoy your time in Bangkok.

1. The Majestic Grande - I've been recommending this guest friendly hotel since it opened 10 years ago. And now after a renovation in 2013 it's been updated and even before the renovation it was still a fine 4 star hotel. Though today it's still just a bit more expensive but not by much. What makes this a real gem of a hotel though is it's just a short walk to NEP, less than 3 minutes so plenty of hookers throughout that area can be found. A night at the Majestic will set you back about 3000THB per night with taxes.

2. The Grand President - Located between Nana and Soi Cowboy red light district the Grand President was one of the hotels I enjoyed staying in all those years ago before I got my own place. And a friend told me it was renovated a couple of years ago as well. It's a 4 star hotel but it's got these crazy budget rates. Last I checked a standard room cost 1800THB to 2100THB a night with taxes.

3. On 8 Sukhumvit - This is the hotel to be if you want to be able to hop not the BTS train quickly. It's also located between Nana and Soi Cowboy though it's a lot closer to Nana. The rooms are smaller but the quality is decent for as a 2 star hotel. Lots of people like this hotel too as it's very convenient. Their cheapest rooms cost around 2100THB per night with taxes and usually includes breakfast.

4. iCheck Inn Nana Bangkok - Here's one of the cheapie hooker friendly hotels I always recommend. It cost around 1600THB a night with taxes included. The room is a bit small at 22 square meters but that's plenty of space for you and your flavor of the night. Very no frills but it's clean and quality is good. It's located on Sukhumvit Soi 7/1 so you can walk to Nana in about 3 minutes.

5. Legacy Express Sukhumvit - This is another good budget option that is close to NEP. A room here will set you back around 1550THB but the room is slightly larger here at 27 square meters so not a bad deal at all.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Biggest Mistakes Newbies Must Avoid

Sound Advice From Yours Truly

There are many different reasons why guys come to Thailand. But the main reason is the relative ease of finding a young Thai honey to keep you company. Finding Thai street hookers and brothels filled with young ladies willing to slather copious amounts of oil while getting you off is a huge temptation. Hell it's one of the reasons why I came here.

But some guys, mostly the newbies, take their relationship with a Thai hooker to a whole different level. Some take them out to expensive dates. Buy them expensive gifts. Some guys tip more than half and I've known a few newbies tip more then the hookers' asking rate. And some guys, the overly sensitive ones, even shed a tear when they hear a sad story about a hookers horrible life.

Now I'm not saying you should be a total asshole to the ladies.  I'm just saying there is a fine line between what you've come to Thailand to do and getting a full on girlfriend.

You keep spoiling a hooker by showering her with gifts and throwing money at her she's going to think you've got a serious thing for her. That's just how she's going to see it. Even when you're just being a nice. They'll get attached to you in no time. If that's your goal then go for it.

But when it comes time for you to dump her you're going to wonder why she has suddenly become a psycho.

I know most newbies have the goal of banging as many hookers as they can. Which is kinda hard if you have one hooker always keeping an eye on you, the golden ticket. Believe it or not, these ladies will get attached, especially the younger girls who are newer to the sex industry and therefore not as jaded.

So to run it all down, if your goal is to screw a lot of girls, don't let one get too attached to you. Your phone will be running off the hook if they can't get in touch with you. You'll get text messages nagging you to contact them. And it's worse if they see you in any of the hunting grounds.

Keep your relationship the way it's supposed to be. You pay for her time and that's all. But I know there will be guys who want to look for that Thai girlfriend experience. If that's your goal then go for it. However, I highly suggest that you do not lead them on and make them think that you're the guy that's going to take them out of the game and take care of them financially.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

One Guest Per Night Friendly Hotels in Bangkok

Not so long ago I was contacted by a reader staying that stayed at the Phachara Suites Hotel in Sukhumvit.  It's one of the best 4 star hooker friendly hotel in the heart of freelance and go go bar action that is Nana Soi 4.

Now I have been there lots of times though not as a guest since I have my own place. However, I have plenty of friends stay at the Phachara many times.

Anyways a reader notified me that the management at the Phachara has a one guest per 24 hour policy with no charge now. Take in another hooker within a 24 hour period and they'll slap you with a 1000THB fee. I think this is a new policy since it's the first time I've heard of it. Even my friends whom were all frequent guests told me it's all new to them as well. Either that or they've never notice the sign at all posted on top of receptionist desk.

This isn't the first time I've ever heard of a hotel with a sign practically saying  "1 hooker per night only" but I've been recommending anyone planning a Bangkok threesome to stay at the Phachara because they've got some big sweet studio rooms.

So why did this happen all of a sudden? My guess is many hotels in Bangkok have started to hurt financially due to a drop of tourist. And that is a big guess. Or maybe hotels are just getting wiser and figured it's easy money. Because no matter what, Phachara is still a very good hotel and besides, while asking around most of the guys I know say they pretty much bang one hooker a night in their rooms anyways. During the day or evening they screw Thai hookers in oil or soapy massage parlors which all have perfectly fine beds and showers.

But lets say you are fully committed to having a threesome and you don't want the place you're staying that to limit your fun. Perhaps check out Citadines Serviced Apartments located in the Sukhumvit area that are close to Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy. I also recommend the Centre Point Sukhumvit 10 serviced apartment as well which is closer to Soi Cowboy.

Bottom line is, Phachara still allows guests to invite hookers to rooms just know that they'll charge an extra 1000THB if you invite and another Thai hooker to your place within 24 hours.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

What to Expect on Your Upcoming Trips to Bangkok 2015

With the High Season Rolling in...

Comes a plane load of horny tourists from around wanting to bang Thai hookers in Bangkok. This is the time I get the most emails from eager first timers knowing what to expect and from seasoned whore mongers needing to know what's new and happening.

Either ways, after checking out my website bangkokredeye.com everyone wants to know if the information has been updated. Things always change when it comes to Bangkok's sex industry, but not by much so everything you find on my website is still relevant and updated.

But just a reminder to for the newbies to use my guide flexibly. It's a great starter for those wanting to know where to find go go bars, soapies and oil massage parlors with happy endings. You can do everything I recommended here exactly but if feel free to customize your trip. Because I can tell you with a certainty that everyone will have different experiences.

It is up to you whether you will have a good experience or a bad one, it's all up to your attitude.

RCA (Royal City Avenue)

So I get a lot of email asking me why I never mention RCA when it comes to finding hookers. Yes, you can find hookers looking for foreigners. But you will also find a lot of gold diggers too. And I know most people just want to know how much it'll cost to get laid without having to buy a pricey dinner or a few bottle of expensive piss first.

First though you have to realize what kind of girls go to RCA. Because RCA is not a pussy pick up joint like you would find at most after hours clubs in Bangkok.

Types of Thai Girls You'd Find in RCA

  • Hi-So Girls - These are the rich girls Thai girls from wealthy families. Most are in University with no worries about money. As sex tourists (and if you're reading this, this means you) you want to avoid these girls. They are not interested in you and are aware of your wily foreigner ways.
  • The Average Thai Girl - Thai girls are beautiful and many are not hookers. I know I don't have to say it but a lot of girls think like that. Many Thai women are not in the pay for play scene. Though if you play your cards right you can score with one if you're handsome or at least have a paying job. They usually have their own full time job but of course if they are looking for a foreign boyfriend most likely they want one with some money.
  • Working Girls on a Night Out - Believe it or not even hookers want to unwind with their own clique. Soapy and oily massage girls do get days off and they do go to RCA to drink and party with friends. And if they can find a customer or perhaps a sponsor they will be more than happy to go home with you if you give them the right amount of money.

Now I'm not saying you can't find one nighters with hot Thai girls itching for foreign sausage. You can! However, you got to have the right combination. And by that I mean your looks to money ratio. If you look like David Beckham but not a lot of money, you can find some Thai honey easily. Be realistic, if you can't find a girl that will have sex for free in your home country, chances are, you can't find a girl in Thailand to have with you for free too.

However if you look like Larry King, old as he is, and as rich as he is you can find girls no problem. Bottom line is if you look like an average Joe with an average bank account you'll have to pay for sex like the vast majority of sex tourists.

All Hope is Not Lost...

If you went club hopping in RCA and came out empty hand you can still get laid. There are a few happy ending massage joints right on the strip of RCA. Kitty Spa is the easiest to find because it's right opposite from the clubs and restaurants. It's hard to miss this Kitty Spa. But is Kitty Spa good place to get a hand job or laid? Well, let's just say it's not my favorite joint. But if you're in RCA and curious to check out Kitty Spa feel free to pop inside for a look see.

There are also a couple of soapy massage parlors. Though the most popular one is called Love Boat. But I'll be making maps and reviews of the soapy massage shops near the RCA area. In my humble opinion, the Huay Khwang area is still the top area in Bangkok for soapies.

Other News...

If you're a US dollar earner you'd be happy to know that the Baht has fallen. As of writing $1USD will get you 35.5THB on XE.com. Which is really good if you're bringing with you a fistful of hundred dollar bills to exchange in Bangkok.

Factor in the recent events a lot of hotels in Bangkok are hurting to get some guests in their rooms. What does that mean? It means you can really grab some good hotels deals, especially when the exchange rates are favorable to the dollar.

Recommend budget hotels near some action...

I always tell people you don't have to spend too much money to find a decent hotel for sleeping and bringing back prostitutes. But if you've got the money to splurge than go for it. It'll only make your trip more enjoyable.

The most budget hotels are found near Nana Entertainment Plaza on Soi 4. The first I can recommend is DI Place (1350THB per night) which is just a few minutes walk to NEP and a plentiful of street hookers standing outside of Nana Hotel (1500THB per night). I never recommended the Nana Hotel before but after their renovation this year I've been seeing some good reviews. Heaven@4 Hotel is also on Soi 4 a decent inexpensive 2 star hotel, so check it out too. With a location such as Soi 4 all these hotels are as close to hotels with hookers that you can get.

For other hotels that cost a bit more but also hooker friendly and near a lot of action check this recent post. But if you're looking for a hotel with 4 stars to their name that are not crazy expensive take a look at this post.

And Also...

I wrote on yesterday's post here to use technology to your advantage. I simply mentioned to use the mobile phone app WeChat to located Thai hookers. So far I've received about 30 emails telling thanks, because they've never heard of WeChat or what it could be used for.

I didn't invent the damn thing or even the first to use it for finding Thai hookers. People have been using it around the world to locate hookers in their area. So no need to thank me. Thank the folks who invented WeChat. I'm just the messenger.


Okay, I've been getting a ton of emails on what's taking Pattaya Red Eye so long to complete. And I've been getting request to simply put back up the old one with all its glorious info on whoring around Pattaya. I promise, it'll be finished soon. So don't keep your panties all in a twist.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Using WeChat to Find Thai Hookers

Times are changing...

Even though go go bar hopping and frequenting after hour bars and clubs is still the favored method of picking up hookers in Bangkok and Pattaya, today you can use that little piece of technology you call your mobile phone to help you locate Thai hookers from your bar stool.

Every hooker in Thailand, whether they are hard core full timers to the part timers have a cell phone. And nearly all, if I dare to make that assumption, have WeChat app installed. As much as I always tell guys that a mobile phone in Bangkok and Pattaya is indispensable, for Thai hookers it's a meal ticket for finding more customers.

Now, if you've been living under a rock, you download WeChat app to your mobile phone, it's available for iPhone and Android OS. Normally, WeChat is used to keep in touch with your friends via the phones' data service by adding them.

But like most communication mediums today WeChat can be used for self gratification purposes. They have this nifty little "Discover" function where you can discover people nearby. And by nearby people it means anyone who has a WeChat installed on their phones. And get this, there is an option to find either females or men only. Was this app built for finding pussy or what? Remember, set your discover option to females only! Unless you like guys.

Now of course every girl you find with WeChat's discover function are not hookers. So you have to check through their WeChat profiles. But there are several telltale signs that shows they are hookers.

  1. If they have nearly nude profile pics or pics with sexy poses.
  2. They will write that they are lonely, or looking for a boyfriend etc. Usually the info will be in English, after all they are looking for foreigners right?
  3. Check their photo albums for more photos of sexy selfies.
So after you've determined that they are Thai hookers just send a message. Start off with a simple hello. And if they reply ask them if you can meet them. Usually the conversation will trail off to how much she will charge and so on. How much you should be paying is of course totally up to you. But my current guide on Thai hooker prices will give you a good idea on how much you can expect to pay around.

But don't be surprised if you can find a girl who will be able to stay with you for a longer while for a lesser price. Usually Thai girls that are in the part time freelance scene are not so hardened by the business so they charge not as much. But don't expect super cheap.

Finally just a few tips to finish off. If you love Thai ladyboys, you will love We Chat. They typically will tell you upfront that they are ladyboys by putting it right on their profile. For them there's no need to hide because they know there are many guys looking for dudes with tits.

And to find more Thai hookers with WeChat you have to be in certain areas. Remember, WeChat's discover function finds sex workers with WeChat app nearest to your location. So, if you're in Sukhumvit between Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy you can bet you'll find more girls in the pay for play scene which means more choices.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Cheap But Hooker Friendly Hotels in Bangkok Recommendations 2015

With the High Season for Bangkok Hotels Around the Corner...

On my last post I recommended 3 names of four star hotels with some serious discounts. For this post I'm going to focus on some names of hotels in the two to three star range that are nice and just right for a vast majority of sex tourists.

Two to three star hotels in Bangkok are great for those who just need a clean room, good location, perhaps a free breakfast and a comfortable bed to screw hookers. A vast majority of such hotels are dotted all over the Sukhumvit area near Nana Entertainment Plaza and Soi Cowboy.

Patpong red light district has many cheapie hotels too but I highly recommend staying in the Sukhumvit area. That's just my preference. Feel free to check out. I will be coming out with recommendations of guest friendly hotels in Patpong soon.

One of the best cheapie hotels I've ever come across is the Paradiso Boutique Suites located on Sukhumvit Soi 10, it's close to Thermae Bar and Coffee for freelance hookers and ladyboys as well as Soi Cowboy. And the Paradiso is just a short stroll to Lollipops BJ bar. Need I say more? Okay, well a standard room at the Paradiso cost around 1300THB and you can find the discounts here.

But if 1500THB is your daily hotel budget you might enjoy iCheck Inn Nana Hotel located on Sukhumvit Soi 7/1 so you're just a short stroll from Nana Plaza with plenty of street hookers to keep your head spinning at night. It's cheap, the location is great and the hotel is just a few years old with many positive reviews.

The cheapest hotel I can recommend on this post that has clean room with a superb location which is next to Soi Cowboy is the Wellness Residence Bangkok with rooms ranging from 1000THB to 1200THB. Though those cheapie rooms have no windows which I know won't bother many.

These three cheap yet hooker friendly hotels have decent reviews and as much as I recommend them I always tell my readers if you can pay more money for a hotel in Bangkok then do it. However, I know many perverts don't want to spend too much cash on a room but more on Thai hookers, well more power to you.

Paradiso, I Check Inn and Wellness Residence are all decent 3 star hotels right in Sukhumvit and I know you'll enjoy your stay in any of them.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Bangkok Hotel High Season Has Begun

But That Doesn't Mean You Can't Find Hotel Deals in Bangkok

I've always said and I'll say it again. Bangkok has hotel deals all year round. Plus the recent incident in central Bangkok has scared away a lot of tourists, many hotels are trying to win back visitors by slashing their hotel rates. So today, you can find better than usual rates.

And it's always good to stay at a hotel near the red light districts. Though on this post I'm going to focus on which 4 to 5 star hotels in Bangkok close to hookers and are guest friendly.

First up is one that I've always recommended and never had anyone complain about it afterwards, it's the 4 star Phachara Suites Sukhumvit and they have a 55% off discount. Last I checked you can get a deluxe room at the Phachara for around 2200THB. That's a bargain!

Another 4 star hotel I can confidently recommend is the Continent Bangkok Hotel which is very close to Soi Cowboy. The Continent has a deluxe room offer for 3600THB.

Finally another 4 star hotel I've been recommending for the longest time is the Majestic Grande Sukhumvit which was renovated in 2013. You can snag a Grande Superior room for around 2500THB.

All 3 hotels have really good reviews and the rates are as good as they get for now. So it's best to reserve your room as soon as you can.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Escort Services in Bangkok or DIY? Which One Is Right For You

It All Depends If You're a Lazy or Adventurous Sex Tourist

First timers arriving into Bangkok will feel their adrenaline running and their hearts beating a mile a minute. They might even have a hard on too. Swear to god; saw it once with a bunch of other people on the airport public taxi queue.

Even a well planned DIY night out on the red light districts from my website www.bangkokredeye.com I know a lot of guys still can't decide if they want to use an escort service or go out on their own to hunt for pussy.

Pros and Cons of Escort Service Girls

When I first started messing around in Bangkok and Pattaya I've always had a lot of vacation days. So for me I was never in a hurry. I had plenty of time to spread out and never in a hurry.

For guys who really don't have a lot of time vacation time or on a short layover maybe an escort service would do. If I didn't have a lot of time I might've gone for an escort service. Just give one a ring and have them set up a lady for me and meet me at my hotel lobby or something.

But there's a price to pay of course for escort girls. Girls from these services, depending on the agency, cost more for their time. However, chances are escorts can speak a decent amount of English. Most agencies know this is important to their clients besides their looks.

Also probably by now you've searched through a bunch of escort service websites and see many hot women. And you've written their names down somewhere while doing doing your research and probably jerked off to a few pics.

But are those real pics of the ladies? Have they been touched up with the ol' photoshop? As I mentioned, I've never used escort services. But I have many pervert friends who have tried. And I asked them these questions and they say in most cases photos are of the actual girls. And the photos are always touched up to make them look more attractive.

So, they will look "different" from the actual pics. A few friends who have used such services before have had a totally different girl show up at their doorsteps. And to turn them away you have to pay a 1000THB note. That kinda sucks. So choose your escort agency wisely.

That said, I do know a lot of guys who've had nice and pleasurable services from escorts. As I mentioned, most of their ladies can speak a fair amount of English. And they even know the city well so they can provide guide services so you can confidently tell your friends and family back home you've visited a couple of temples and musuems instead of BJ bars.

DIY Pussy Hunting

If you have a lot of time I highly recommend going out on your own to the bars, clubs and massage parlors. My website has a bunch of maps to pinpoint the way and Bangkok's red light districts are linked via the MRT subway and BTS Sky Trains.

Though depending on the popularity of certain places you may find that it's difficult to find someone you like. Or maybe you're the picky type. But there are a lot of women working in the sex industry. Chances are you'll find someone you like. It's the laws of probability.

Be sure to have a cell phone on handy. Take down phone numbers if you're busy with another bird. Never be shy but don't be a dick either.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Okay, So I've Been Away For A Long While...

Lots of things have happened and there are some changes to be made on my website www.bangkokredeye.com and www.pattayredeye.com is still on the way.

Meanwhile, for all you newbies here is a video of some of the soapy massage parlors right when you exit the Huay Kwang MRT station.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Walking to Poseidon Massage in Bangkok

Here's short video I made on how to get to Poseidon Massage in Bangkok. It's super simple and easy. No need to take a taxi.

Just take the MRT to Sutthisan station, look for entrance/exit #4, and just follow the video. You'll also see a little bit of Copa Cabana Massage, a review coming soon on that one. Enjoy!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Rasputin Massage in Pattaya Review

Pattaya's Rasputin Massage - On Second Road between Soi 5 and Soi 6
So I already made it quite clear. I'm not a huge fan of Pattaya's soapy massage parlor scene. That's one of the main reasons why I never made a top 5 list like I did for Bangkok.

That's not to say all body to body massage establishments in Pattaya suck. I'll still list and map them for everyone to find. Because what I don't personally like could be something you enjoy. And also massage girls come and go and get better.

But Rasputin Massage in Pattaya, boy oh boy - I know for a fact everyone will enjoy. Although I suck at math I don't need to be Einstein to know that the more ladies a soapy has the more chances there will be better looking girls or at least ladies that you particularly find attractive.

Rasputin is located on Second Road between Soi 5 and Soi 6. They open from 12pm until 1am. Although last call is usually around 11:30am to midnight. It's super easy to find and the best way to get down there is by taking a Baht bus.

If you're staying at a hotel between Walking Street down to Soi LK Metro through Soi 11 and 12, it only cost 10THB to get to Rasputin's massage location (maps coming soon). With no traffic you can get there in about 5 minutes. But the easiest marker for finding Rasputin is the McDonald fast food restaurant.

Outside of Rasputin Massage - This pic was taken around 11am so it was still closed.

Continue walking down the driveway and you'll come across some restaurants and some sort of cabaret theatre about 300 meters and you hit Rasputin.

Every time I come over to Pattaya this is the place I always come to for a good old fashioned body to body soapy massage. I typically go there around 6pm because that's the time that the models show up. Around 8pm you can expect to see around 100 girls, about 10 or 15 of them are in the model category. That's a lot of ladies.

Call me an elitist snob but I prefer the model girls. They've got the looks I like a lot. Slim, long hair, long legs and fair skin. Models are quite tall too.

There are three price points for Rasputin model girls:
  1. 3800
  2. 4500
  3. 6000

Rasputin's normal soapy girls' prices start at:
  1. 2000
  2. 2500
  3. 3000
I don't stick to models exclusively because some of their normal girls are fairly attractive too. You get hour and half and only 1 shot with the ladies.

Rasputin has nice big rooms

Rasputin's viewing area is quite nice. There are no actual fishbowl sections separating customers from the girls. Its all basically open and all the ladies are seated on couches along the walls. Model section girls are seated near the front where customers come in. Papasans speak English and are quite helpful and as far as I know do not charge foreigners extra.

Nice big tub for plenty of soapy fun joy joy...
Rooms are huge, the biggest I've ever seen at a soapy with big beds. But for some reason looks like most of the rooms had some major water damage. Okay, yeah I know, you don't come here for the rooms. But Rasputin has porn playing on TV!

Even though Pattaya does have quite a few soapies that I pretty much avoid I'll probably still go just to take a look see. Because I know management changes. New ladies arrive and so on. I wish I could make a top 5 soapy list for Pattaya. However, if you don't want to waste time looking for pretty massage girls Rasputin is always the safe bet.

And if I had to make a top 5 soapy massage list for Pattaya, Rasputin would be #1.

There are also many nice hotels in walking distance to Rasputin Massage. And many of them are not so expensive, about 1500THB - 2200THB per night:

Seven Zea Chi Hotel Pattaya
Pattaya Discovery Chic Tower
Season Five Hotel Pattaya

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Whoring Around in Pattaya

Doing Research And Having Sex in Pattaya...

Walking Street Go Go Bar Map - Updated May 2015

It's a tough job. But someones got to do it and it might as well be me. For the past few months I've been going back and forth between Bangkok and Pattaya to do research and update my Pattaya Red Eye website.

I've been told it was just fine the way it was before and should've left it alone. But I wanted to switch my website to a Wordpress platform same as I did for Bangkok Red Eye. I reside in Bangkok which is why BRE site was transitioned faster.

Anyways, I also wanted to update my maps of go go bars in Pattaya which I've done. Thing about Pattaya is everything is so spread out. There are pockets of go go bars here and over there.

And oily massage parlors in Pattaya are not condensed like it is in Bangkok. Still easy to find a good old happy ending massage in Pattaya but a real pain to mark all of them on my maps.

If you're into ladyboys, Pattaya will be heaven for you. I've also noticed there are many more massage parlors with ladyboys in Pattaya than there is in Bangkok. Though if you want to get a massage and bang one head over to Pattaya Soi 6 ( maps coming soon). Heaps of ladyboys in Pattaya can't really stress that enough.

Pattaya's soapies are sort of condensed together and as I'm writing this post I'm uploading a video I made walking from one soapy to another. Bangkok's soapies when it comes to quality of girls are way better. However, there is one awesome soapy in Pattaya with hot model girls. But be prepared to pay for it will cost a pretty penny. I'll be writing a post about this soapy soon.

I noticed from my stats that videos like the one I did on Kuala Lumpur's sauna and spa are extremely helpful. So I made some videos of walking around Pattaya's soapy area. I gather newbies find it helpful it's the closest thing to hand holding.

I won't go as far as videoing inside such places. For one, the ladies don't want to be on video. Second, I'm pretty damn sure customers don't want to be on video either. Last, it's a 2000THB fine if they catch you which isn't a painful penalty. But management will probably give you a beat down for good measure which I'm sure will be painful.

Pattaya Red Eye should be up 100% by beginning of June. But I will gradually add content to the website soon. It was fun going around Pattaya's red light districts even though I enjoy Bangkok more.

Recently at a bar in Bangkok I saw a group of guys with iPads looking through my Bangkok Red Eye website. I was close enough to hear that they enjoyed my website. But I also overheard they like it a lot because it's not filled with advertisement. Even though I do get a lot of requests for banner ad placement on my website I keep it to a minimum of only a few banner ads. Even on this blog you'll notice there are zero advertisements for sex services.

Though I earn money through hotel referrals but that's because it's useful for the readers. Besides this blog is really meant to be - about hotels near the red light districts.

As an avid web surfer myself I don't enjoy websites full of ads too. It's quite distracting, but that's just me. Though I'm sure for others it is quite helpful. And I promise my readers this blog will never be crammed full of ads. Not unless some one throws me so much money I can't refuse.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Pattaya's P.P. Body Massage Review

P.P. Massage on Soi Chalarmprakiat 2 - It's not far from Soi LK Metro

One of my most popular posts on this blog is about which are the best soapy massage parlors in Bangkok. I've been receiving a lot of emails on why I don't make a top list of body to body massage shops in Pattaya.

There's a good reason for why I haven't come up with one yet. But to start off here's a review of my recent visit to P.P. Body Massage.

Entrance to Chalarmprakiat 2 on Soi Buakow - Turn right...

P.P. Body Massage is not far at all from Soi LK Metro - a small popular slice of central Pattaya with decent go go bars. You can find P.P. by walking along Soi Buakow, towards Soi Honey. And when you see Siam Sawasdee Hotel you make a right where you'll see their sign overhead.

This soi is called Chalarmprakiat 2. Don't worry, this place is super easy to find and I promise maps are coming soon. To give you a perspective on distance, walking from Soi LK Metro to P.P. Massage takes about 6 minutes. You can check out their website for directions though. Or take a look at the video I made below to giving you an idea how near Soi LK Metro is to this massage parlor.

I went there around 7pm which is the time most ladies show up. P.P. Massage opens from 12pm to midnight daily. And they are busy. From what the ladies and papasans tell me - they have a lot of customers coming in by busloads from India and China.

Keep walking down about 200 meters and you'll find P.P. Massage

So what's my impression of this soapy joint. Well, when I stepped inside, sat down and took a look at the fishbowl I thought I was in a weight watchers convention. I've never seen so many fatties stuffed in a fishbowl. And believe me, I've been to many. I have no doubt this joint is busy as the ladies must be making some serious cash for food.

There are girls with red numbered badges with prices ranging from 1800THB to 2000THB (have no clue how the papasans tell the difference) and girls wearing blue badges costing 2500THB. There are no sideline girls or models at P.P. Massage. You get hour and half and only 1 shot. For extra shot you pay 1500THB.

Body to body massage service in Pattaya is not dead...

I was lucky that P.P. had a handful of skinny girls with decent looks. I picked the best one out of the batch, a girl with a red numbered badge. She wasn't super hot but from 1(ugly) to 10 (hot) I rate her at a 6.

If you've been following this blog you'll hear me gripe that soapies these days, particularly in Bangkok do not involve inflatable mats. Well in P.P. a soapy body slide on a rubber mat is normal service. That's a plus. It was fun and my girl did a decent job on the mat. After a quick wash down it was off to bed and I'll spare you the rest of the details.

So here's the rundown. If you enjoy fat voluptuous Thai women then you'll have a great buffet experience at P.P. Body. Rooms are clean and the place looks renovated. I took a good look at the other rooms while I pretended I had to go to the bathroom.

To be fair, I'm not there on a frequent basis. So maybe they do have better looking girls. But since this place is easy to find and if you're staying in the central Pattaya location it wouldn't hurt to drop by.

I'll also be checking out a few other well know soapy massage parlors in Pattaya called Rasputin and Sabai Room Body Massage so check back soon.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Where To Find Cheap Hookers in Bangkok

I've mentioned before that what you see in Nana, Patpong and Soi Cowboy is just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to Bangkok's cash for sex scene. Sure, those three red light districts are built for the sole purpose of entertaining foreign sex tourists in the form of gogo bars and beer bars.

But the local Thai men that don't have a whole lot of money to spend have their own little pockets of areas for finding hookers. Now a lot of these places are practically inaccessible to the average Mr. Johnny Foreigner. But if you've ever had the chance to travel through the rural areas of Bangkok you'll find lots of tiny bars with tinted windows with stools outside with 500THB hookers sitting around waiting for Thai customers on a budget.

That's right, 500THB is the price to pay for these girls for short time. But typically Thai men will buy drinks too. Usually a bottle of cheap whiskey and get drunk before going up to a short time room with a girl. These tiny little bars are no place for foreigners so no matter how cheap their women are it's probably best you stay away from.

But where else do the locals go for cheap pussy?

A lot of Thai guys have cars so there are places they'll drive to right in Bangkok for cheap sex and thrills. Thanon Phet Uthai is one such place. So guys will pick up a girl, drive to a quiet spot and do the deed. You're probably thinking well that is gross. Where does the girl go to get cleaned up when she's done with a customer? There are places nearby with a public toilet. You might still think that's gross but hey that's just the way it is. Though there are small Thai hotels nearby that rent out room by the hour. Just ask the girl and she'll take you to the nearest one.

Personally I prefer to take the ladies back to my place since I have my own car. And chances are if you ever get to this area you'll probably be taking her back to your hotel room. If you are not familiar with the streets of Bangkok it's probably not a wise idea to follow someone to a situation that is not in your control.

This very popular local pick up spot is near the Makassan Airport Rail Link and Phetchburi MRT subway station so you can walk there in about 10 minutes. But you'll at least need to get a taxi to get back to your hotel. Not unless your girl won't mind hiking it back to the subway station.

From my experience the ladies will charge foreigners more money but not as much as hookers you'll find at Nana Hotel parking lot or along Nana Soi 4. At Thanon Phet Uthai I get charged about 800THB for short time and for long time about 2500THB to 3500THB depending on the looks and age of the prostitute. From the gathering of street hookers I see there often I am sure you'll find some in the 500THB range with no problem. That is if you like older unattractive women.

And Then There Are The Parks...

A park with plenty of car park spaces for customers are also prime areas where Thai hookers hang around for horny locals.

Even Chatuchak Park where the famous weekend market takes place has a small freelance scene late at night. Starting about 10pm I've seen prostitutes standing around Phahonyothin Road side of the park. That's the only spot I've seen prostitutes as pictured on the map below. Not sure if there are more inside but I don't think so. It's quite a long stretch of road but the Chatuchak MRT and Mo Chit BTS subway stations are right on the same side of the road.

Chatuchak Park Map...

Out of pure curiosity I drove out there once to ask how much those girls charge. This was around 11pm at night on a weekend and I saw about 4 hookers. As I walked closer I could see they were all butt ugly. One of them was a butch looking ladyboy. Now this area is very dark and not well lit. No surprise they were all hanging out under that spot.

They saw me approach and being the only white guy in a half a kilometer radius I could see them licking their lips. I turned around right before they opened their mouth asking me where I was headed in Thai. I backtracked towards a line of waiting taxi drivers on a break and asked if they knew how much those hookers charged. A few drivers said 500THB for 30 minutes or an hour. Could be cheaper if you bargain. One of them told me if he had the money at the moment he'd go bang two of them. I nearly vomited in my mouth when I heard that.

So never once have I ever picked up a hooker in that area. But I do drive by that area and ever so often I do find a couple of cute girls standing around. If I wasn't busy I suppose I would've stopped and talked.

Lumphini Park Map...

Another park where you can find hookers is at Lumphini Park, which is not far from Patpong red light district. Nearly a 10 minute walk. At night this park is a haven for street prostitutes even though there are many police in the surrounding area.

There are a mix of young hookers and old hookers. Real girls and ladyboys. Some just hangout out sitting around in the same spot. Though most are just walking around and about in sexy clothes. This place is a popular pick up spot not just for local Thai guys with not a lot of cash but also foreigners who want a cheap bang.

I've never picked a hooker from Lumphini Park either. But from what I've been told from reliable sources is the asking price for short time is 1000THB. But that can be talked down to 500THB to 800THB. Long time is about 3 times that of short time prices.

Working girls at the Bus Stop...

Finally, one last place where you can find low priced hookers is right on Sukhumvit road right between Nana and Soi Cowboy red light district. Particularly between Sois 4 to Sois 7, it's an area I call the Bus Stop because it's a local bus stop. Also between Soi 15 (right outside S Sukhumvit Hotel) to Soi 19 (right outside Westin Grande Hotel) are also some spots to pick up cheapies. As I've been told, most of the girls, and I am saying the ugly ones will head off with you for short time for a measly 500THB.

The Million Baht Question?

So you're all probably wondering, are these cheap hookers hot? To me, they are not attractive at all. I'll probably get a bunch of email or comments from guys telling me I'm wrong. That it is possible to find a hot Thai hooker for 500THB. But I'm being realistic. No right minded attractive Thai women would open their legs for such low amount of money.

Young and attractive freelancers may charge a minimum of 2500THB for short time or about an hour and probably twice as much for long time. And they don't stand around dark street corners waiting for guys driving around in cheap cars. The best looking girls moonlighting as hookers hang out wherever guys with money are.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Bangkok's S33 Compact Sukhumvit Hotel

A Hotel With Thai Hookers - Well Almost...

If you're looking for an affordable clean hotel near two top oil massage shops in Bangkok than check out S33 Compact Sukhumvit Hotel.

As the hotel name suggest, this hotel is located about 150 meters up Sukhumvit soi 33. Though the major advantages to this address is the hotel is directly next to Love Teen Massage, Dream Heaven Massage, which are the two most well known happy ending massage shops in the area.

Akane Massage is right across the hotel too, though Akane does not provide full service, only HJ and covered BJs.

And you can walk over to the Emporium Mall where you can access the BTS Sky Train at Phrom Phong station. And by the way, there are more oil massage shops in that area as well. Walking to the Emporium Mall would probably take about 10 minutes. Or you can arrange shuttle service provided by the hotel if you don't want to break a sweat.

Superior Room at S33 Compact Sukhumvit Bangkok Hotel

Personally, if I was still a tourist looking for a cheap clean place to sleep and have a great time in Bangkok I think Sukhumvit soi 33 is a great area because it's quieter yet you can find everything nearby you'd need to make a good holiday.

S33 was built back in 2011 so it's still a newish hotel. And this hotel is managed by a well known hotel chain with a good reputation. So the hotel is still furnished in a modern style with free Wi-Fi internet access.

It's a plain clean hotel and really just perfect for guys who don't need access to a gym and swimming pool. Just a place nice place for sex tourists like you to sleep and perhaps bring Thai hookers for either short time or long time since the S33 has a guest friendly policy.

And get this, because Dream Heaven Massage is so close, they only charge 200THB outcall fee when you're staying at S33. Normal outcall price is 600THB. So if you're feeling seriously lazy yet horny, simply contact them via phone or email all in the comforts of your hotel room.

Love Teen Massage has a flat rate outcall service of 2500THB but you get 2 full hours. Which isn't a bad deal especially if you're staying so close near their shop.

Right now I see through Agoda.com they have some sort of 65% discount for a basic superior room which is around 24 square meters. The rate with breakfast and taxes included will set you back around 1400THB. Not a shabby deal at all.

Read guest reviews and find discounts here S33 Compact Sukhumvit Bangkok.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

2015 Update Sukhumvit Oil Massage Parlors

A few posts ago I mentioned there was quite a drastic change along Sukhumvit Soi 24/1, which is where you'll find a small strip of oil massage shops with happy endings.

I finally had the time to make a map showing the locations of the shops. A lot of the shops have gone through renovations, most notably Angel 26 Massage with new rooms and a nice VIP section with large baths. I suppose they're trying to make a go as a soapy massage too.

But there are new shops that look pretty good, such as the oddly named Part 2 Massage and Can Cam. I couldn't take any pictures of the shops because there were people standing in front of it. But trust me. Those two shops look pretty interesting. I will definitely give both a try this coming weekend.

Click Image For Larger Map

Dream Heaven Massage 2 is still there but I haven't been inside that shop recently so don't know if they've had any renovations done. But in my opinion, all 3 branches of Dream Heaven Massage are worth visiting. EZ2 Massage was quite a nice experience too, even though they seem to have a limited selection of ladies.

But one of the top choices to visit besides Angels 26 is of course Bangkok 101 Premier. I also went down to check out ORE No 26 this past weekend, but was told all there girls are busy. I did go early on the afternoon, so that could be the reason.

If you're sitting at home right now planning on visiting these shops it's a pretty good idea to stay in this area because even though it's quieter and not as hectic there are still plenty of places to eat and check out. A newly renovated Emporium Mall looks great and there's a BTS station nearby too.

These 3 hotels are good choices and all are guest friendly confirmed:

Nantra 39 Sukhumvit - 1200THB per night
24 Inn - 1400THB per night
Arize Hotel Sukhumvit - 1800THB per night

Finally I will be updating my oil massage webpage on my website in the coming weeks. As you can see there are some changes but not even only on the massage scene. So be sure to check back often.

And I've been getting quite a lot of emails suggesting I should make videos of how to get to certain places. Just like the way I did here on visiting Kuala Lumpur's saunas and spas with happy endings.

I've actually tried. However, because Bangkok's sex shops are so condensed it's hard to try and avoid people who don't want to be on video. I'm pretty sure you'd appreciate it if I didn't put up a video on youtube with you walking into a massage parlor. And, sure I can find some video editing software to blur out faces but really I don't have the time to go through all that nonsense.

Either way, it's super easy to find these places so there's really no need at all for me to do any extra work.

Friday, February 20, 2015

3 GF Hotels Near Makkasan Airport Rail Link Station

I always preach that the best way to really have fun in Bangkok's red light districts is to stay at a hotel near the hotspots. Like near a go go bar or clusters of oil massage parlors.

But I can understand that there are many guys who are in the city for an extremely short time and wish to stay at a hotel in in walking distance to the Makassan airport rail link so they can zip to Suvarnabhumi airport.

If that's you, then here are 3 confirmed guest friendly hotels you can choose from that are literally sitting outside of airport rail station. There are more but these 3 are the best choices for quality and of course location. And they are all not so expensive either.

So even if you are staying in Bangkok for a little while and looking for a cheap priced but decent hotel property you'll be satisfied with them as well. Because these hotels are also near the Phetchburi MRT subway station. Which means you can get to Sukhumvit MRT station in a flash which is near Soi Cowboy.

And also, I don't think a lot of guys know this but there is an area about a 10 minute walk from Phetchaburi MRT station that has about a dozen or so Thai hookers. It's pretty much in the middle of nowhere. But La Belle soapy massage is in that area as well. If you want to check out that location, the street is Thanon Phet Uthai.

D Varee Xpress Hotel Makkasan Bangkok
1643/5 New Petchaburi Road, Makkasan, Ratchathevi, Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand 10400
1000THB per night

This is a 3 star hotel that is about a 3 minute walk to the airport rail link Makkasan station.

They have these standard rooms that cost around 1000THB. It's simple and smallish at 21 square meters which is enough if you're simply messing around and about.

If you want breakfast I think it's about a 100THB extra.

Here is an email gf confirmation from D Varee Xpress Hotel:
Dear Mr.Jim,

Sawasdee kha.

Greeting from FX Hotel Metrolink Makkan(Unico Premier Metrolink Hotel).

As your question, we do not charge one of visitor(upper 2 charged 600 baht), just drop ID card or passport for our security policy and your visitor must be over 20 years old completely belonged Thailand law.

If you book a room included breakfast, we allow only the registered guest to get it.

235/20-25 Sukhumvit Soi 21 (Asoke), Klongtoey Nua, Wattana, Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand 10110
Rates: 2000THB per night
This hotel is self rated at 4 stars. But I would give it a 3 instead. It's a bit pricier but you get a 35 square meter room. This hotel is located in a very quiet area so if you want breakfast it might be best to spend a little extra.
Walking from this hotel to the Phetchaburi and Makkasan rail station would take about 5 minutes.

Here is an email gf confirmation from Asoke Residence Hotel:
Dear Jim,

Greetings from Asoke Residence Sukhumvit!

Concerning your inquiry of joiner. We at Asoke Residence do not charge for joiner but we do recommend to have all outside guest to report at reception’s desk with their identification for your safety.

Should you have any questions or concern, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,
Paul Philippou
Assistant Hotel Manager

Friday, February 13, 2015

Catching Up...

Time's flying by so fast after coming back from my long trip over in Malaysia. There's a place that I want to check out soon called ORE No. 26 my good buddy Matt mentioned while sharing his day with us.

I've been planning to go there a few days after I got back from KL. But frankly, I'm drained. I mean really I don't think my boys are up to another marathon.

I've been searching for info on ORE No. 26 and saw their lady line up here on http://www.gdiary.com/traditional-massage/ore-no-26-massage And Matt is right we do have the same taste in ladies and from what I saw there sure are a couple of cute girls I'd like to have one on one time with.

From www.gdiary.com website

So hopefully I can must up some energy this weekend!

And I've been checking my view stats on my trip reports and sauna reviews in KL. So far it seems like there are a lot of people interested about where I went to fool around. I've also been getting a lot of emails too asking me which spa is the best. Well I've pretty much summed it all up and covered a lot of bases. My research on KL nightlife is up to date so prices and locations of health saunas and spas are up to speed. So keep reading and reread if you must. If I see an email with questions that I haven't answered before then I will certainly answer them.

If any of you guys are living in Thailand I recommend hopping over to KL and checking out those places. It's only a 2 hour and 30 minute flight from here so why not? If you don't live here, why not check out Thailand and Malaysia? If you've got the time, it's definitely worth it!

Finally I received a trip report from a guy named Blaze with a nice experience on his recent trip to BKK. He details a few of his interactions over at Nataree soapy massage in Huay Kwang and agrees it's still one of the best spots for ladies. Check it out here.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Had A Great Time In Kuala Lumpur Malaysia...

I had a great time during my one month stay in the city of Kuala Lumpur. I've been there more than once before but this time I had a good friend for guidance.

During my time in KL I mainly visited places that are called "Health Spas" and "Saunas". It's the places where men go to find hookers from China and all over Southeast Asia. There's even one place that has Korean and Japanese hookers. Some places don't even have spa facilities and some do. I prefer the places that have the sauna package, which means you can go relax in a jacuzzi or bake yourself in a sauna. Afterwards you can ask to see what ladies are on hand for some extracurricular activity.

Or you can simply forgo the spa package and just pay for time with a girl. It's all up to you. But there's too much info to start detailing out on one post.

So I kept all the information organized in 4 parts:
I will be adding more info as I go. Sometimes I may think up of other suggestions and advice out of the blue. But so far you'll get a good basic grasp on what to expect if you do decide to have some fun in Kuala Lumpur.

I also have photos or these places. Not a whole lot because I can't start snapping away photos, especially when their are punters out and about. And for the first time ever I've made some videos on how to walk to a few of the sex saunas I've enjoyed.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Trip Report From One Of My Best Buddies in Bangkok...

As most of you may know by now I'm messing around in Kuala Lumpur since the start of this new year. And I'm working on a couple of places you guys should visit if you're ever in this part of town. And I gotta say, KL is awesome. Reports are soon to follow when I get back to Bangkok next week.

But I know a lot of you guys are interested in Bangkok's red light districts. That's, why you're all here right?

So I asked one of my best buddies if he could share his experiences on one of his recent trips. He has the same taste in women as I and loves going to the same places. Though he is more adventurous then I in checking out newer places and even the less popular oil massage shops.

His name is Matt and he lives in Bangkok for nearly 5 years so he's a pro and knows all the ins and outs. So enjoy!

Matt's Report

ORE 26 Massage

Hi my name is Matt. As Jim would tell you I'm a total oil massage addict. I love it some much I went and bought a condo right on Sukhumvit soi 26 just so I could easily walk to one and fool around with a lot of gorgeous Thai massage girls.

My top 3 oil massages shops in the area are:

  1. Premier 101 Bangkok Massage
  2. Angels Massage
  3. Paradise Massage (Jim never mentions this place. He's not as nice as he leads people to believe. It's right on Soi 26 too.)
So last Saturday I went over to Premier 101 where I had already made a booking for some time with one of my favorite gals in the late afternoon. As I neared Premier 101 I saw a new shop and I think it's called ORE 26. I say I think because the font on the signage is horrible. Anyways the shop had like 6 girls sitting outside and about 6 more inside. They were wearing long white button down shirts as uniform and I tell you most of the girls are quite beautiful.

Most of them had long black hair, whitish skin, all done up in makeup of course. I was tempted to step inside but the problem is I had already made a booking at 101. Of course you can always cancel bookings. But since I live nearby I figured I could easily drop by again.

Which I did. I just went there yesterday. Problem was it was a Monday so they did not have as many ladies available. I was bummed out of course. I spoke briefly to the manager and he said he has more ladies on the weekends.

When I was there the manager told me there were only 2 girls available. I did not see them but I suppose they were in a back room somewhere. I didn't have a look at them which I should I guess since I was already there. But I'm the type of guy that loves choices. And again I could always go back on a weekend. Which I will definitly do. Judging from the girls I saw ate ORE 26 last Saturday I can see this place becoming popular fast and possibly one of Jimbo's favorite as well.

The manager who is Japanese showed me a price list. For the life of me I cannot remember how much they charge even though their  menu is very limited. I saw like 2 or 3 options starting with 45 minutes service. But I'm assuming their massage prices are on par with most of the oil massage shops in the area which starts at the 2000THB range for all inclusive services.

ORE 26 is definitely geared towards Japanese clientele as is most of the oil massage shops in the Phrom Phong area. Matter of fact of these shops are owned by Japanese with Thai partners, either a Thai wife or a girlfriend.

Since I'm not as clever as Jim for making maps this is a map from the back of ORE 26 business card. It's on the same Soi as Premier 101 Massage so you can find it easily. They don't have a website which is one of Jim's pet peeves. Maybe they're still working on it.

With nothing to do in the afternoon still I made a decision to head over to Sukhumvit Soi 33. There are two shops that I haven't been too for a real long while on that Soi. Love Teen Massage and Dream Heaven Massage. And as I was walking down the Soi I was still trying to make up my mind.

Both shops are right next to each other so I could see massage girls sitting outside. One particular girl caught my eye and she was at Dream Heaven Massage.

When I went inside I was greeted by their lovely mamasan. I chose my usual Nuru massage, 2300THB for and 1.5 of pure bliss. And then the mamasan called all of their available ladies to come out and show themselves.

Room at Dream Heaven Massage where all the magic happens

Like Jim would tell you Dream Heaven girls are well trained with the action starting right in the shower. The ladies soap up their bodies and start so your b2b massage starts right there.

Then it's off to bed where the nuru massage starts with even more b2b action. There are many oil massage shops offering nuru massages but Dream Heaven gets top marks for that category.

And that's all. Now I'll just wait for the weekend and until Jim gets back so we both can visit ORE 26.