Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Trip Report From One Of My Best Buddies in Bangkok...

As most of you may know by now I'm messing around in Kuala Lumpur since the start of this new year. And I'm working on a couple of places you guys should visit if you're ever in this part of town. And I gotta say, KL is awesome. Reports are soon to follow when I get back to Bangkok next week.

But I know a lot of you guys are interested in Bangkok's red light districts. That's, why you're all here right?

So I asked one of my best buddies if he could share his experiences on one of his recent trips. He has the same taste in women as I and loves going to the same places. Though he is more adventurous then I in checking out newer places and even the less popular oil massage shops.

His name is Matt and he lives in Bangkok for nearly 5 years so he's a pro and knows all the ins and outs. So enjoy!

Matt's Report

ORE 26 Massage

Hi my name is Matt. As Jim would tell you I'm a total oil massage addict. I love it some much I went and bought a condo right on Sukhumvit soi 26 just so I could easily walk to one and fool around with a lot of gorgeous Thai massage girls.

My top 3 oil massages shops in the area are:

  1. Premier 101 Bangkok Massage
  2. Angels Massage
  3. Paradise Massage (Jim never mentions this place. He's not as nice as he leads people to believe. It's right on Soi 26 too.)
So last Saturday I went over to Premier 101 where I had already made a booking for some time with one of my favorite gals in the late afternoon. As I neared Premier 101 I saw a new shop and I think it's called ORE 26. I say I think because the font on the signage is horrible. Anyways the shop had like 6 girls sitting outside and about 6 more inside. They were wearing long white button down shirts as uniform and I tell you most of the girls are quite beautiful.

Most of them had long black hair, whitish skin, all done up in makeup of course. I was tempted to step inside but the problem is I had already made a booking at 101. Of course you can always cancel bookings. But since I live nearby I figured I could easily drop by again.

Which I did. I just went there yesterday. Problem was it was a Monday so they did not have as many ladies available. I was bummed out of course. I spoke briefly to the manager and he said he has more ladies on the weekends.

When I was there the manager told me there were only 2 girls available. I did not see them but I suppose they were in a back room somewhere. I didn't have a look at them which I should I guess since I was already there. But I'm the type of guy that loves choices. And again I could always go back on a weekend. Which I will definitly do. Judging from the girls I saw ate ORE 26 last Saturday I can see this place becoming popular fast and possibly one of Jimbo's favorite as well.

The manager who is Japanese showed me a price list. For the life of me I cannot remember how much they charge even though their  menu is very limited. I saw like 2 or 3 options starting with 45 minutes service. But I'm assuming their massage prices are on par with most of the oil massage shops in the area which starts at the 2000THB range for all inclusive services.

ORE 26 is definitely geared towards Japanese clientele as is most of the oil massage shops in the Phrom Phong area. Matter of fact of these shops are owned by Japanese with Thai partners, either a Thai wife or a girlfriend.

Since I'm not as clever as Jim for making maps this is a map from the back of ORE 26 business card. It's on the same Soi as Premier 101 Massage so you can find it easily. They don't have a website which is one of Jim's pet peeves. Maybe they're still working on it.

With nothing to do in the afternoon still I made a decision to head over to Sukhumvit Soi 33. There are two shops that I haven't been too for a real long while on that Soi. Love Teen Massage and Dream Heaven Massage. And as I was walking down the Soi I was still trying to make up my mind.

Both shops are right next to each other so I could see massage girls sitting outside. One particular girl caught my eye and she was at Dream Heaven Massage.

When I went inside I was greeted by their lovely mamasan. I chose my usual Nuru massage, 2300THB for and 1.5 of pure bliss. And then the mamasan called all of their available ladies to come out and show themselves.

Room at Dream Heaven Massage where all the magic happens

Like Jim would tell you Dream Heaven girls are well trained with the action starting right in the shower. The ladies soap up their bodies and start so your b2b massage starts right there.

Then it's off to bed where the nuru massage starts with even more b2b action. There are many oil massage shops offering nuru massages but Dream Heaven gets top marks for that category.

And that's all. Now I'll just wait for the weekend and until Jim gets back so we both can visit ORE 26.


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Big Changes At A Popular Oil Massage Hot Spot in Bangkok

Over in Bangkok on Sukhumvit Soi 24/1 or what I affectionately call "Oily Massage Lane" has apparently underwent a large overnight renovation. It's a short lane with about 8 massage shops with the sole purpose of getting guys jerked off or laid by a young pretty masseuse.

I'm in Kuala Lumpur now but a very good buddy of mine just went over to Angels Massage which is on Soi 24/1 and while walking along that lane he noticed a handful of shops have been done over. Some shops have moved out or perhaps simply changed name he said.

He said even Angels Massage went through a renovation too. Outside of the shop has been made to look a little classier. And I've always said, Angels has some nasty rooms. But according to my good buddy who took a good look around the joint said the rooms have been renovated too. At least the ones he could see. But the second floor of Angels is a VIP section of rooms with bathtubs instead of the usual stand up showers. Beds and pillows are still hard as bricks though he added.

Newer and Cleanish Shower Stalls

Angels is well known for hot massage chicks and also hard beds

I can't wait to get back to Bangkok now and check out what's going on. Any new girls? And also rework my map guides.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Years 2015 To My Fellow Pervs Around the World!

Right now I am in Malaysia fooling around. So far I am having an awesome time! No joke. Okay, so Malaysia doesn't have a bunch of red light districts like there is in Thailand. And yes, paying for sex with hookers is illegal under the eyes of the Malay law.

But that won't stop anyone for finding some grade a ass in Kuala Lumpur. There are no go go bars. But there are pick up bars as well as street hookers. And oh yeah, there are also spa/saunas that double as brothels as well. And that's where I've been spending most of my time. KL spas and saunas are not cheap. But they ain't expensive either. And there are packages which typically include all you can eat food as well as use of steam rooms and hot and cold baths. They've even got them a small pool where little fishes eat the dead skin off your feet. After (or even before) you pamper yourself you can pick a lady out for sex.

I'll be working on a post on where I've been going. I'll try and get some pics too. Of course I'll try and piece together a map of where to find these places. Been thinking of titles too for my latest blog post on Kuala Lumpurs pay for play scene. Maybe I'll call it "Jim Hunt Does KL" or perhaps "Getting Laid in KL 5 Nights In A Row". I should have all my info up by the end of this month for all to check out.

Anyways, it's been a great past year for me. And it'll be an even better year to come. So here's hoping the best for all. Happy New Years 2015!