Friday, February 13, 2015

Catching Up...

Time's flying by so fast after coming back from my long trip over in Malaysia. There's a place that I want to check out soon called ORE No. 26 my good buddy Matt mentioned while sharing his day with us.

I've been planning to go there a few days after I got back from KL. But frankly, I'm drained. I mean really I don't think my boys are up to another marathon.

I've been searching for info on ORE No. 26 and saw their lady line up here on http://www.gdiary.com/traditional-massage/ore-no-26-massage And Matt is right we do have the same taste in ladies and from what I saw there sure are a couple of cute girls I'd like to have one on one time with.

From www.gdiary.com website

So hopefully I can must up some energy this weekend!

And I've been checking my view stats on my trip reports and sauna reviews in KL. So far it seems like there are a lot of people interested about where I went to fool around. I've also been getting a lot of emails too asking me which spa is the best. Well I've pretty much summed it all up and covered a lot of bases. My research on KL nightlife is up to date so prices and locations of health saunas and spas are up to speed. So keep reading and reread if you must. If I see an email with questions that I haven't answered before then I will certainly answer them.

If any of you guys are living in Thailand I recommend hopping over to KL and checking out those places. It's only a 2 hour and 30 minute flight from here so why not? If you don't live here, why not check out Thailand and Malaysia? If you've got the time, it's definitely worth it!

Finally I received a trip report from a guy named Blaze with a nice experience on his recent trip to BKK. He details a few of his interactions over at Nataree soapy massage in Huay Kwang and agrees it's still one of the best spots for ladies. Check it out here.

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