Monday, February 9, 2015

Had A Great Time In Kuala Lumpur Malaysia...

I had a great time during my one month stay in the city of Kuala Lumpur. I've been there more than once before but this time I had a good friend for guidance.

During my time in KL I mainly visited places that are called "Health Spas" and "Saunas". It's the places where men go to find hookers from China and all over Southeast Asia. There's even one place that has Korean and Japanese hookers. Some places don't even have spa facilities and some do. I prefer the places that have the sauna package, which means you can go relax in a jacuzzi or bake yourself in a sauna. Afterwards you can ask to see what ladies are on hand for some extracurricular activity.

Or you can simply forgo the spa package and just pay for time with a girl. It's all up to you. But there's too much info to start detailing out on one post.

So I kept all the information organized in 4 parts:
I will be adding more info as I go. Sometimes I may think up of other suggestions and advice out of the blue. But so far you'll get a good basic grasp on what to expect if you do decide to have some fun in Kuala Lumpur.

I also have photos or these places. Not a whole lot because I can't start snapping away photos, especially when their are punters out and about. And for the first time ever I've made some videos on how to walk to a few of the sex saunas I've enjoyed.

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