Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Threesome in Bangkok - How To Plan And Set One Up

Haven't you, at least once while sitting on a train back from work or even at your work desk once fantasized about ménage à trois? I thought so.

I do get a lot of emails asking me how I would approach the subject of getting it on with 2 girls at once in Bangkok. And the answer is so easy. Just have plenty of cash. Cause setting up a threesome is as easy as heading to a 7 Eleven for cigarettes.

Now you can head over go go bar and pick out two girls. But you'll have to pay 2 times the bar fine and 2 times the lady drinks. And of course 2 times the asking rate. The go go bar route is the most expensive alternative even though you can negotiate rates for the ladies time.

Addict Massage Ladies
Or you can order up two girls from an oil massage shop. Or head over to a soapy massage parlor such as Nataree. Both these options are still pricey yet still affordable. Just keep in mind prices at both such venues are set and non negotiable.

Plenty of  regular bars where freelancers hang around along Sukhumvit road are good options, particularly after hours clubs are also good places to pick out willing participants but most likely you'll be paying for entrance fees on top of drinks you'll be buying for ladies.

Getting 2 girls at one time at a oil massage or soapy may and especially at a go go bar may not be a viable option because it can drain the cash in your wallet fast.

The best option if you're a traveler on a budget or simply one who doesn't see the need to overspend is to pick out a couple of Thai street hookers. And there are many places to find them specifically along Nana Soi 4. You'll find a list of places along Nana Soi 4 below.
Beer Garden Sukhumvit Soi 7 - You can find freelancers here during day but a lot more at night

Yes, you'll even find Thai ladyboys to help you on your goal of getting spit roasted if that's your thing. For that, you can find willing participants outside of Thermae Bar and Coffee and Nana Soi 4.

With freelancers you've got yourself some elbow space for asking lower rates for their time. Just to refresh your memory here are some ball park figures of Thai street hookers asking prices:
  • Short time ( Usually 1 hour and usually 1 shot) cost about 1500THB
  • Long time (overnight from dusk until dawn) 4000THB and up++
Remember, price depends on the combination of how young and pretty they are so if you find a good looking street hooker in her 20's with a smoking hot body you can expect to pay at least 2500THB for short time.

Can you find 300THB hookers on a soi? You probably can but they're probably old grannies or even ladies with questionable health or mental issues. I recommend staying away from ladies that are way too cheap.

And if you come across a smoking model type babe with gorgeous tits and demands 5000THB for overnight with unlimited shots then she (but most likely a he) will have a bigger dick they you. You get the picture. Be reasonable if you hear a price too good to be true because it probably is.

How To Plan A Threesome - Follow These 3 Steps

Step #1 - The Hotel Room - Yes, this is the most obvious step. You'll need a big place with a king sized bed and even a roomy shower stall to have fun in. Below are some hooker friendly hotels with large rooms. And these hotels are all a 3 minute walk to Nana Plaza so very close to Nana Soi 4 where you'll find plenty of Thai hookers.

If you're really shy about taking 2 girls at one time to your hotel room you can always have one girl wait downstairs first. Take the first one up, wait a few minutes, come back down and take the second one up. But be sure to have your important valuables locked up in a safe or stashed in your luggage with a good lock.

So there are a lot of hotels to choose from and you don't necessarily have to choose any of the three I recommend above. Here's a list of hotels that won't have a problem with hookers visiting your room. But realistically at least get a room that has a king sized bed.

Step #2 - The Hookers

Using two hands to jerk off is not considered a threesome. You'll need the ladies. For me, the best places to find willing participants is of course from wherever the freelancers hang out:

The key is to not just pick any ladies out of the blue. You may think Thai hookers are just as horny and enthusiastic just like the women you see on porn videos. In actuality, Thai women are quite shy and even inexperienced when it comes to performing on another women. Especially when both are total strangers.

I recommend choosing girls that are familiar with one another. There are many freelancers that hang out in groups and have become friends. If they are familiar with each other the experience for all would be better. Otherwise there will be a lot of awkward moments.

Step #3 - Getting The Best Price

One of the biggest mistake you can make is to approach a couple of girls and asking directly how much a threesome will cost you. Chances are they will quote you a higher than usual price.

My suggestion is to approach a couple of girls you've set your eyes on. Talk to both of them and make sure you make it look like you're trying to decide who to choose. Take the time to talk about pricing and when you're given a price that is okay with you then go ahead and suggest a three way with the second girl.

Usually the second girl will go along with the same price as the first girl. Because if you announce upfront that you want a threesome there is a big chance that the ladies will charge more money for the both of their time.

But before you go and seal the deal and take them back to your hotel, you really have to make it clear on what you expect. Such as you want them to kiss each other or go down on each other and so on. As I mentioned before Thai hookers no matter how slutty you think they are may not be so keen on eating pussy.

There are girls who will without a problem but there are more that don't. So it's always good to have a plan, sort of like being a director on a porn film. You'll most likely have to do a lot of directing. I know you'd rather just let the girls go buck wild and take control during a three way. So be clear on what you expect before you agree to take them out.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Bangkok's S33 Compact Sukhumvit Hotel

A Hotel With Thai Hookers - Well Almost...

If you're looking for an affordable clean hotel near two top oil massage shops in Bangkok than check out S33 Compact Sukhumvit Hotel.

As the hotel name suggest, this hotel is located about 150 meters up Sukhumvit soi 33. Though the major advantages to this address is the hotel is directly next to Love Teen Massage, Dream Heaven Massage, which are the two most well known happy ending massage shops in the area.

Akane Massage is right across the hotel too, though Akane does not provide full service, only HJ and covered BJs.

And you can walk over to the Emporium Mall where you can access the BTS Sky Train at Phrom Phong station. And by the way, there are more oil massage shops in that area as well. Walking to the Emporium Mall would probably take about 10 minutes. Or you can arrange shuttle service provided by the hotel if you don't want to break a sweat.

Superior Room at S33 Compact Sukhumvit Bangkok Hotel

Personally, if I was still a tourist looking for a cheap clean place to sleep and have a great time in Bangkok I think Sukhumvit soi 33 is a great area because it's quieter yet you can find everything nearby you'd need to make a good holiday.

S33 was built back in 2011 so it's still a newish hotel. And this hotel is managed by a well known hotel chain with a good reputation. So the hotel is still furnished in a modern style with free Wi-Fi internet access.

It's a plain clean hotel and really just perfect for guys who don't need access to a gym and swimming pool. Just a place nice place for sex tourists like you to sleep and perhaps bring Thai hookers for either short time or long time since the S33 has a guest friendly policy.

And get this, because Dream Heaven Massage is so close, they only charge 200THB outcall fee when you're staying at S33. Normal outcall price is 600THB. So if you're feeling seriously lazy yet horny, simply contact them via phone or email all in the comforts of your hotel room.

Love Teen Massage has a flat rate outcall service of 2500THB but you get 2 full hours. Which isn't a bad deal especially if you're staying so close near their shop.

Right now I see through Agoda.com they have some sort of 65% discount for a basic superior room which is around 24 square meters. The rate with breakfast and taxes included will set you back around 1400THB. Not a shabby deal at all.

Read guest reviews and find discounts here S33 Compact Sukhumvit Bangkok.