Friday, April 17, 2015

Where To Find Cheap Hookers in Bangkok

I've mentioned before that what you see in Nana, Patpong and Soi Cowboy is just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to Bangkok's cash for sex scene. Sure, those three red light districts are built for the sole purpose of entertaining foreign sex tourists in the form of gogo bars and beer bars.

But the local Thai men that don't have a whole lot of money to spend have their own little pockets of areas for finding hookers. Now a lot of these places are practically inaccessible to the average Mr. Johnny Foreigner. But if you've ever had the chance to travel through the rural areas of Bangkok you'll find lots of tiny bars with tinted windows with stools outside with 500THB hookers sitting around waiting for Thai customers on a budget.

That's right, 500THB is the price to pay for these girls for short time. But typically Thai men will buy drinks too. Usually a bottle of cheap whiskey and get drunk before going up to a short time room with a girl. These tiny little bars are no place for foreigners so no matter how cheap their women are it's probably best you stay away from.

But where else do the locals go for cheap pussy?

A lot of Thai guys have cars so there are places they'll drive to right in Bangkok for cheap sex and thrills. Thanon Phet Uthai is one such place. So guys will pick up a girl, drive to a quiet spot and do the deed. You're probably thinking well that is gross. Where does the girl go to get cleaned up when she's done with a customer? There are places nearby with a public toilet. You might still think that's gross but hey that's just the way it is. Though there are small Thai hotels nearby that rent out room by the hour. Just ask the girl and she'll take you to the nearest one.

Personally I prefer to take the ladies back to my place since I have my own car. And chances are if you ever get to this area you'll probably be taking her back to your hotel room. If you are not familiar with the streets of Bangkok it's probably not a wise idea to follow someone to a situation that is not in your control.

This very popular local pick up spot is near the Makassan Airport Rail Link and Phetchburi MRT subway station so you can walk there in about 10 minutes. But you'll at least need to get a taxi to get back to your hotel. Not unless your girl won't mind hiking it back to the subway station.

From my experience the ladies will charge foreigners more money but not as much as hookers you'll find at Nana Hotel parking lot or along Nana Soi 4. At Thanon Phet Uthai I get charged about 800THB for short time and for long time about 2500THB to 3500THB depending on the looks and age of the prostitute. From the gathering of street hookers I see there often I am sure you'll find some in the 500THB range with no problem. That is if you like older unattractive women.

And Then There Are The Parks...

A park with plenty of car park spaces for customers are also prime areas where Thai hookers hang around for horny locals.

Even Chatuchak Park where the famous weekend market takes place has a small freelance scene late at night. Starting about 10pm I've seen prostitutes standing around Phahonyothin Road side of the park. That's the only spot I've seen prostitutes as pictured on the map below. Not sure if there are more inside but I don't think so. It's quite a long stretch of road but the Chatuchak MRT and Mo Chit BTS subway stations are right on the same side of the road.

Chatuchak Park Map...

Out of pure curiosity I drove out there once to ask how much those girls charge. This was around 11pm at night on a weekend and I saw about 4 hookers. As I walked closer I could see they were all butt ugly. One of them was a butch looking ladyboy. Now this area is very dark and not well lit. No surprise they were all hanging out under that spot.

They saw me approach and being the only white guy in a half a kilometer radius I could see them licking their lips. I turned around right before they opened their mouth asking me where I was headed in Thai. I backtracked towards a line of waiting taxi drivers on a break and asked if they knew how much those hookers charged. A few drivers said 500THB for 30 minutes or an hour. Could be cheaper if you bargain. One of them told me if he had the money at the moment he'd go bang two of them. I nearly vomited in my mouth when I heard that.

So never once have I ever picked up a hooker in that area. But I do drive by that area and ever so often I do find a couple of cute girls standing around. If I wasn't busy I suppose I would've stopped and talked.

Lumphini Park Map...

Another park where you can find hookers is at Lumphini Park, which is not far from Patpong red light district. Nearly a 10 minute walk. At night this park is a haven for street prostitutes even though there are many police in the surrounding area.

There are a mix of young hookers and old hookers. Real girls and ladyboys. Some just hangout out sitting around in the same spot. Though most are just walking around and about in sexy clothes. This place is a popular pick up spot not just for local Thai guys with not a lot of cash but also foreigners who want a cheap bang.

I've never picked a hooker from Lumphini Park either. But from what I've been told from reliable sources is the asking price for short time is 1000THB. But that can be talked down to 500THB to 800THB. Long time is about 3 times that of short time prices.

Working girls at the Bus Stop...

Finally, one last place where you can find low priced hookers is right on Sukhumvit road right between Nana and Soi Cowboy red light district. Particularly between Sois 4 to Sois 7, it's an area I call the Bus Stop because it's a local bus stop. Also between Soi 15 (right outside S Sukhumvit Hotel) to Soi 19 (right outside Westin Grande Hotel) are also some spots to pick up cheapies. As I've been told, most of the girls, and I am saying the ugly ones will head off with you for short time for a measly 500THB.

The Million Baht Question?

So you're all probably wondering, are these cheap hookers hot? To me, they are not attractive at all. I'll probably get a bunch of email or comments from guys telling me I'm wrong. That it is possible to find a hot Thai hooker for 500THB. But I'm being realistic. No right minded attractive Thai women would open their legs for such low amount of money.

Young and attractive freelancers may charge a minimum of 2500THB for short time or about an hour and probably twice as much for long time. And they don't stand around dark street corners waiting for guys driving around in cheap cars. The best looking girls moonlighting as hookers hang out wherever guys with money are.