Saturday, May 23, 2015

Rasputin Massage in Pattaya Review

Pattaya's Rasputin Massage - On Second Road between Soi 5 and Soi 6
So I already made it quite clear. I'm not a huge fan of Pattaya's soapy massage parlor scene. That's one of the main reasons why I never made a top 5 list like I did for Bangkok.

That's not to say all body to body massage establishments in Pattaya suck. I'll still list and map them for everyone to find. Because what I don't personally like could be something you enjoy. And also massage girls come and go and get better.

But Rasputin Massage in Pattaya, boy oh boy - I know for a fact everyone will enjoy. Although I suck at math I don't need to be Einstein to know that the more ladies a soapy has the more chances there will be better looking girls or at least ladies that you particularly find attractive.

Rasputin is located on Second Road between Soi 5 and Soi 6. They open from 12pm until 1am. Although last call is usually around 11:30am to midnight. It's super easy to find and the best way to get down there is by taking a Baht bus.

If you're staying at a hotel between Walking Street down to Soi LK Metro through Soi 11 and 12, it only cost 10THB to get to Rasputin's massage location (maps coming soon). With no traffic you can get there in about 5 minutes. But the easiest marker for finding Rasputin is the McDonald fast food restaurant.

Outside of Rasputin Massage - This pic was taken around 11am so it was still closed.

Continue walking down the driveway and you'll come across some restaurants and some sort of cabaret theatre about 300 meters and you hit Rasputin.

Every time I come over to Pattaya this is the place I always come to for a good old fashioned body to body soapy massage. I typically go there around 6pm because that's the time that the models show up. Around 8pm you can expect to see around 100 girls, about 10 or 15 of them are in the model category. That's a lot of ladies.

Call me an elitist snob but I prefer the model girls. They've got the looks I like a lot. Slim, long hair, long legs and fair skin. Models are quite tall too.

There are three price points for Rasputin model girls:
  1. 3800
  2. 4500
  3. 6000

Rasputin's normal soapy girls' prices start at:
  1. 2000
  2. 2500
  3. 3000
I don't stick to models exclusively because some of their normal girls are fairly attractive too. You get hour and half and only 1 shot with the ladies.

Rasputin has nice big rooms

Rasputin's viewing area is quite nice. There are no actual fishbowl sections separating customers from the girls. Its all basically open and all the ladies are seated on couches along the walls. Model section girls are seated near the front where customers come in. Papasans speak English and are quite helpful and as far as I know do not charge foreigners extra.

Nice big tub for plenty of soapy fun joy joy...
Rooms are huge, the biggest I've ever seen at a soapy with big beds. But for some reason looks like most of the rooms had some major water damage. Okay, yeah I know, you don't come here for the rooms. But Rasputin has porn playing on TV!

Even though Pattaya does have quite a few soapies that I pretty much avoid I'll probably still go just to take a look see. Because I know management changes. New ladies arrive and so on. I wish I could make a top 5 soapy list for Pattaya. However, if you don't want to waste time looking for pretty massage girls Rasputin is always the safe bet.

And if I had to make a top 5 soapy massage list for Pattaya, Rasputin would be #1.

There are also many nice hotels in walking distance to Rasputin Massage. And many of them are not so expensive, about 1500THB - 2200THB per night:

Seven Zea Chi Hotel Pattaya
Pattaya Discovery Chic Tower
Season Five Hotel Pattaya

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Whoring Around in Pattaya

Doing Research And Having Sex in Pattaya...

Walking Street Go Go Bar Map - Updated May 2015

It's a tough job. But someones got to do it and it might as well be me. For the past few months I've been going back and forth between Bangkok and Pattaya to do research and update my Pattaya Red Eye website.

I've been told it was just fine the way it was before and should've left it alone. But I wanted to switch my website to a Wordpress platform same as I did for Bangkok Red Eye. I reside in Bangkok which is why BRE site was transitioned faster.

Anyways, I also wanted to update my maps of go go bars in Pattaya which I've done. Thing about Pattaya is everything is so spread out. There are pockets of go go bars here and over there.

And oily massage parlors in Pattaya are not condensed like it is in Bangkok. Still easy to find a good old happy ending massage in Pattaya but a real pain to mark all of them on my maps.

If you're into ladyboys, Pattaya will be heaven for you. I've also noticed there are many more massage parlors with ladyboys in Pattaya than there is in Bangkok. Though if you want to get a massage and bang one head over to Pattaya Soi 6 ( maps coming soon). Heaps of ladyboys in Pattaya can't really stress that enough.

Pattaya's soapies are sort of condensed together and as I'm writing this post I'm uploading a video I made walking from one soapy to another. Bangkok's soapies when it comes to quality of girls are way better. However, there is one awesome soapy in Pattaya with hot model girls. But be prepared to pay for it will cost a pretty penny. I'll be writing a post about this soapy soon.

I noticed from my stats that videos like the one I did on Kuala Lumpur's sauna and spa are extremely helpful. So I made some videos of walking around Pattaya's soapy area. I gather newbies find it helpful it's the closest thing to hand holding.

I won't go as far as videoing inside such places. For one, the ladies don't want to be on video. Second, I'm pretty damn sure customers don't want to be on video either. Last, it's a 2000THB fine if they catch you which isn't a painful penalty. But management will probably give you a beat down for good measure which I'm sure will be painful.

Pattaya Red Eye should be up 100% by beginning of June. But I will gradually add content to the website soon. It was fun going around Pattaya's red light districts even though I enjoy Bangkok more.

Recently at a bar in Bangkok I saw a group of guys with iPads looking through my Bangkok Red Eye website. I was close enough to hear that they enjoyed my website. But I also overheard they like it a lot because it's not filled with advertisement. Even though I do get a lot of requests for banner ad placement on my website I keep it to a minimum of only a few banner ads. Even on this blog you'll notice there are zero advertisements for sex services.

Though I earn money through hotel referrals but that's because it's useful for the readers. Besides this blog is really meant to be - about hotels near the red light districts.

As an avid web surfer myself I don't enjoy websites full of ads too. It's quite distracting, but that's just me. Though I'm sure for others it is quite helpful. And I promise my readers this blog will never be crammed full of ads. Not unless some one throws me so much money I can't refuse.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Pattaya's P.P. Body Massage Review

P.P. Massage on Soi Chalarmprakiat 2 - It's not far from Soi LK Metro

One of my most popular posts on this blog is about which are the best soapy massage parlors in Bangkok. I've been receiving a lot of emails on why I don't make a top list of body to body massage shops in Pattaya.

There's a good reason for why I haven't come up with one yet. But to start off here's a review of my recent visit to P.P. Body Massage.

Entrance to Chalarmprakiat 2 on Soi Buakow - Turn right...

P.P. Body Massage is not far at all from Soi LK Metro - a small popular slice of central Pattaya with decent go go bars. You can find P.P. by walking along Soi Buakow, towards Soi Honey. And when you see Siam Sawasdee Hotel you make a right where you'll see their sign overhead.

This soi is called Chalarmprakiat 2. Don't worry, this place is super easy to find and I promise maps are coming soon. To give you a perspective on distance, walking from Soi LK Metro to P.P. Massage takes about 6 minutes. You can check out their website for directions though. Or take a look at the video I made below to giving you an idea how near Soi LK Metro is to this massage parlor.

I went there around 7pm which is the time most ladies show up. P.P. Massage opens from 12pm to midnight daily. And they are busy. From what the ladies and papasans tell me - they have a lot of customers coming in by busloads from India and China.

Keep walking down about 200 meters and you'll find P.P. Massage

So what's my impression of this soapy joint. Well, when I stepped inside, sat down and took a look at the fishbowl I thought I was in a weight watchers convention. I've never seen so many fatties stuffed in a fishbowl. And believe me, I've been to many. I have no doubt this joint is busy as the ladies must be making some serious cash for food.

There are girls with red numbered badges with prices ranging from 1800THB to 2000THB (have no clue how the papasans tell the difference) and girls wearing blue badges costing 2500THB. There are no sideline girls or models at P.P. Massage. You get hour and half and only 1 shot. For extra shot you pay 1500THB.

Body to body massage service in Pattaya is not dead...

I was lucky that P.P. had a handful of skinny girls with decent looks. I picked the best one out of the batch, a girl with a red numbered badge. She wasn't super hot but from 1(ugly) to 10 (hot) I rate her at a 6.

If you've been following this blog you'll hear me gripe that soapies these days, particularly in Bangkok do not involve inflatable mats. Well in P.P. a soapy body slide on a rubber mat is normal service. That's a plus. It was fun and my girl did a decent job on the mat. After a quick wash down it was off to bed and I'll spare you the rest of the details.

So here's the rundown. If you enjoy fat voluptuous Thai women then you'll have a great buffet experience at P.P. Body. Rooms are clean and the place looks renovated. I took a good look at the other rooms while I pretended I had to go to the bathroom.

To be fair, I'm not there on a frequent basis. So maybe they do have better looking girls. But since this place is easy to find and if you're staying in the central Pattaya location it wouldn't hurt to drop by.

I'll also be checking out a few other well know soapy massage parlors in Pattaya called Rasputin and Sabai Room Body Massage so check back soon.