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Pattaya's P.P. Body Massage Review

P.P. Massage on Soi Chalarmprakiat 2 - It's not far from Soi LK Metro

One of my most popular posts on this blog is about which are the best soapy massage parlors in Bangkok. I've been receiving a lot of emails on why I don't make a top list of body to body massage shops in Pattaya.

There's a good reason for why I haven't come up with one yet. But to start off here's a review of my recent visit to P.P. Body Massage.

Entrance to Chalarmprakiat 2 on Soi Buakow - Turn right...

P.P. Body Massage is not far at all from Soi LK Metro - a small popular slice of central Pattaya with decent go go bars. You can find P.P. by walking along Soi Buakow, towards Soi Honey. And when you see Siam Sawasdee Hotel you make a right where you'll see their sign overhead.

This soi is called Chalarmprakiat 2. Don't worry, this place is super easy to find and I promise maps are coming soon. To give you a perspective on distance, walking from Soi LK Metro to P.P. Massage takes about 6 minutes. You can check out their website for directions though. Or take a look at the video I made below to giving you an idea how near Soi LK Metro is to this massage parlor.

I went there around 7pm which is the time most ladies show up. P.P. Massage opens from 12pm to midnight daily. And they are busy. From what the ladies and papasans tell me - they have a lot of customers coming in by busloads from India and China.

Keep walking down about 200 meters and you'll find P.P. Massage

So what's my impression of this soapy joint. Well, when I stepped inside, sat down and took a look at the fishbowl I thought I was in a weight watchers convention. I've never seen so many fatties stuffed in a fishbowl. And believe me, I've been to many. I have no doubt this joint is busy as the ladies must be making some serious cash for food.

There are girls with red numbered badges with prices ranging from 1800THB to 2000THB (have no clue how the papasans tell the difference) and girls wearing blue badges costing 2500THB. There are no sideline girls or models at P.P. Massage. You get hour and half and only 1 shot. For extra shot you pay 1500THB.

Body to body massage service in Pattaya is not dead...

I was lucky that P.P. had a handful of skinny girls with decent looks. I picked the best one out of the batch, a girl with a red numbered badge. She wasn't super hot but from 1(ugly) to 10 (hot) I rate her at a 6.

If you've been following this blog you'll hear me gripe that soapies these days, particularly in Bangkok do not involve inflatable mats. Well in P.P. a soapy body slide on a rubber mat is normal service. That's a plus. It was fun and my girl did a decent job on the mat. After a quick wash down it was off to bed and I'll spare you the rest of the details.

So here's the rundown. If you enjoy fat voluptuous Thai women then you'll have a great buffet experience at P.P. Body. Rooms are clean and the place looks renovated. I took a good look at the other rooms while I pretended I had to go to the bathroom.

To be fair, I'm not there on a frequent basis. So maybe they do have better looking girls. But since this place is easy to find and if you're staying in the central Pattaya location it wouldn't hurt to drop by.

I'll also be checking out a few other well know soapy massage parlors in Pattaya called Rasputin and Sabai Room Body Massage so check back soon.

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