Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Whoring Around in Pattaya

Doing Research And Having Sex in Pattaya...

Walking Street Go Go Bar Map - Updated May 2015

It's a tough job. But someones got to do it and it might as well be me. For the past few months I've been going back and forth between Bangkok and Pattaya to do research and update my Pattaya Red Eye website.

I've been told it was just fine the way it was before and should've left it alone. But I wanted to switch my website to a Wordpress platform same as I did for Bangkok Red Eye. I reside in Bangkok which is why BRE site was transitioned faster.

Anyways, I also wanted to update my maps of go go bars in Pattaya which I've done. Thing about Pattaya is everything is so spread out. There are pockets of go go bars here and over there.

And oily massage parlors in Pattaya are not condensed like it is in Bangkok. Still easy to find a good old happy ending massage in Pattaya but a real pain to mark all of them on my maps.

If you're into ladyboys, Pattaya will be heaven for you. I've also noticed there are many more massage parlors with ladyboys in Pattaya than there is in Bangkok. Though if you want to get a massage and bang one head over to Pattaya Soi 6 ( maps coming soon). Heaps of ladyboys in Pattaya can't really stress that enough.

Pattaya's soapies are sort of condensed together and as I'm writing this post I'm uploading a video I made walking from one soapy to another. Bangkok's soapies when it comes to quality of girls are way better. However, there is one awesome soapy in Pattaya with hot model girls. But be prepared to pay for it will cost a pretty penny. I'll be writing a post about this soapy soon.

I noticed from my stats that videos like the one I did on Kuala Lumpur's sauna and spa are extremely helpful. So I made some videos of walking around Pattaya's soapy area. I gather newbies find it helpful it's the closest thing to hand holding.

I won't go as far as videoing inside such places. For one, the ladies don't want to be on video. Second, I'm pretty damn sure customers don't want to be on video either. Last, it's a 2000THB fine if they catch you which isn't a painful penalty. But management will probably give you a beat down for good measure which I'm sure will be painful.

Pattaya Red Eye should be up 100% by beginning of June. But I will gradually add content to the website soon. It was fun going around Pattaya's red light districts even though I enjoy Bangkok more.

Recently at a bar in Bangkok I saw a group of guys with iPads looking through my Bangkok Red Eye website. I was close enough to hear that they enjoyed my website. But I also overheard they like it a lot because it's not filled with advertisement. Even though I do get a lot of requests for banner ad placement on my website I keep it to a minimum of only a few banner ads. Even on this blog you'll notice there are zero advertisements for sex services.

Though I earn money through hotel referrals but that's because it's useful for the readers. Besides this blog is really meant to be - about hotels near the red light districts.

As an avid web surfer myself I don't enjoy websites full of ads too. It's quite distracting, but that's just me. Though I'm sure for others it is quite helpful. And I promise my readers this blog will never be crammed full of ads. Not unless some one throws me so much money I can't refuse.

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