Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Biggest Mistakes Newbies Must Avoid

Sound Advice From Yours Truly

There are many different reasons why guys come to Thailand. But the main reason is the relative ease of finding a young Thai honey to keep you company. Finding Thai street hookers and brothels filled with young ladies willing to slather copious amounts of oil while getting you off is a huge temptation. Hell it's one of the reasons why I came here.

But some guys, mostly the newbies, take their relationship with a Thai hooker to a whole different level. Some take them out to expensive dates. Buy them expensive gifts. Some guys tip more than half and I've known a few newbies tip more then the hookers' asking rate. And some guys, the overly sensitive ones, even shed a tear when they hear a sad story about a hookers horrible life.

Now I'm not saying you should be a total asshole to the ladies.  I'm just saying there is a fine line between what you've come to Thailand to do and getting a full on girlfriend.

You keep spoiling a hooker by showering her with gifts and throwing money at her she's going to think you've got a serious thing for her. That's just how she's going to see it. Even when you're just being a nice. They'll get attached to you in no time. If that's your goal then go for it.

But when it comes time for you to dump her you're going to wonder why she has suddenly become a psycho.

I know most newbies have the goal of banging as many hookers as they can. Which is kinda hard if you have one hooker always keeping an eye on you, the golden ticket. Believe it or not, these ladies will get attached, especially the younger girls who are newer to the sex industry and therefore not as jaded.

So to run it all down, if your goal is to screw a lot of girls, don't let one get too attached to you. Your phone will be running off the hook if they can't get in touch with you. You'll get text messages nagging you to contact them. And it's worse if they see you in any of the hunting grounds.

Keep your relationship the way it's supposed to be. You pay for her time and that's all. But I know there will be guys who want to look for that Thai girlfriend experience. If that's your goal then go for it. However, I highly suggest that you do not lead them on and make them think that you're the guy that's going to take them out of the game and take care of them financially.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

One Guest Per Night Friendly Hotels in Bangkok

Not so long ago I was contacted by a reader staying that stayed at the Phachara Suites Hotel in Sukhumvit.  It's one of the best 4 star hooker friendly hotel in the heart of freelance and go go bar action that is Nana Soi 4.

Now I have been there lots of times though not as a guest since I have my own place. However, I have plenty of friends stay at the Phachara many times.

Anyways a reader notified me that the management at the Phachara has a one guest per 24 hour policy with no charge now. Take in another hooker within a 24 hour period and they'll slap you with a 1000THB fee. I think this is a new policy since it's the first time I've heard of it. Even my friends whom were all frequent guests told me it's all new to them as well. Either that or they've never notice the sign at all posted on top of receptionist desk.

This isn't the first time I've ever heard of a hotel with a sign practically saying  "1 hooker per night only" but I've been recommending anyone planning a Bangkok threesome to stay at the Phachara because they've got some big sweet studio rooms.

So why did this happen all of a sudden? My guess is many hotels in Bangkok have started to hurt financially due to a drop of tourist. And that is a big guess. Or maybe hotels are just getting wiser and figured it's easy money. Because no matter what, Phachara is still a very good hotel and besides, while asking around most of the guys I know say they pretty much bang one hooker a night in their rooms anyways. During the day or evening they screw Thai hookers in oil or soapy massage parlors which all have perfectly fine beds and showers.

But lets say you are fully committed to having a threesome and you don't want the place you're staying that to limit your fun. Perhaps check out Citadines Serviced Apartments located in the Sukhumvit area that are close to Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy. I also recommend the Centre Point Sukhumvit 10 serviced apartment as well which is closer to Soi Cowboy.

Bottom line is, Phachara still allows guests to invite hookers to rooms just know that they'll charge an extra 1000THB if you invite and another Thai hooker to your place within 24 hours.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

What to Expect on Your Upcoming Trips to Bangkok 2015

With the High Season Rolling in...

Comes a plane load of horny tourists from around wanting to bang Thai hookers in Bangkok. This is the time I get the most emails from eager first timers knowing what to expect and from seasoned whore mongers needing to know what's new and happening.

Either ways, after checking out my website bangkokredeye.com everyone wants to know if the information has been updated. Things always change when it comes to Bangkok's sex industry, but not by much so everything you find on my website is still relevant and updated.

But just a reminder to for the newbies to use my guide flexibly. It's a great starter for those wanting to know where to find go go bars, soapies and oil massage parlors with happy endings. You can do everything I recommended here exactly but if feel free to customize your trip. Because I can tell you with a certainty that everyone will have different experiences.

It is up to you whether you will have a good experience or a bad one, it's all up to your attitude.

RCA (Royal City Avenue)

So I get a lot of email asking me why I never mention RCA when it comes to finding hookers. Yes, you can find hookers looking for foreigners. But you will also find a lot of gold diggers too. And I know most people just want to know how much it'll cost to get laid without having to buy a pricey dinner or a few bottle of expensive piss first.

First though you have to realize what kind of girls go to RCA. Because RCA is not a pussy pick up joint like you would find at most after hours clubs in Bangkok.

Types of Thai Girls You'd Find in RCA

  • Hi-So Girls - These are the rich girls Thai girls from wealthy families. Most are in University with no worries about money. As sex tourists (and if you're reading this, this means you) you want to avoid these girls. They are not interested in you and are aware of your wily foreigner ways.
  • The Average Thai Girl - Thai girls are beautiful and many are not hookers. I know I don't have to say it but a lot of girls think like that. Many Thai women are not in the pay for play scene. Though if you play your cards right you can score with one if you're handsome or at least have a paying job. They usually have their own full time job but of course if they are looking for a foreign boyfriend most likely they want one with some money.
  • Working Girls on a Night Out - Believe it or not even hookers want to unwind with their own clique. Soapy and oily massage girls do get days off and they do go to RCA to drink and party with friends. And if they can find a customer or perhaps a sponsor they will be more than happy to go home with you if you give them the right amount of money.

Now I'm not saying you can't find one nighters with hot Thai girls itching for foreign sausage. You can! However, you got to have the right combination. And by that I mean your looks to money ratio. If you look like David Beckham but not a lot of money, you can find some Thai honey easily. Be realistic, if you can't find a girl that will have sex for free in your home country, chances are, you can't find a girl in Thailand to have with you for free too.

However if you look like Larry King, old as he is, and as rich as he is you can find girls no problem. Bottom line is if you look like an average Joe with an average bank account you'll have to pay for sex like the vast majority of sex tourists.

All Hope is Not Lost...

If you went club hopping in RCA and came out empty hand you can still get laid. There are a few happy ending massage joints right on the strip of RCA. Kitty Spa is the easiest to find because it's right opposite from the clubs and restaurants. It's hard to miss this Kitty Spa. But is Kitty Spa good place to get a hand job or laid? Well, let's just say it's not my favorite joint. But if you're in RCA and curious to check out Kitty Spa feel free to pop inside for a look see.

There are also a couple of soapy massage parlors. Though the most popular one is called Love Boat. But I'll be making maps and reviews of the soapy massage shops near the RCA area. In my humble opinion, the Huay Khwang area is still the top area in Bangkok for soapies.

Other News...

If you're a US dollar earner you'd be happy to know that the Baht has fallen. As of writing $1USD will get you 35.5THB on XE.com. Which is really good if you're bringing with you a fistful of hundred dollar bills to exchange in Bangkok.

Factor in the recent events a lot of hotels in Bangkok are hurting to get some guests in their rooms. What does that mean? It means you can really grab some good hotels deals, especially when the exchange rates are favorable to the dollar.

Recommend budget hotels near some action...

I always tell people you don't have to spend too much money to find a decent hotel for sleeping and bringing back prostitutes. But if you've got the money to splurge than go for it. It'll only make your trip more enjoyable.

The most budget hotels are found near Nana Entertainment Plaza on Soi 4. The first I can recommend is DI Place (1350THB per night) which is just a few minutes walk to NEP and a plentiful of street hookers standing outside of Nana Hotel (1500THB per night). I never recommended the Nana Hotel before but after their renovation this year I've been seeing some good reviews. Heaven@4 Hotel is also on Soi 4 a decent inexpensive 2 star hotel, so check it out too. With a location such as Soi 4 all these hotels are as close to hotels with hookers that you can get.

For other hotels that cost a bit more but also hooker friendly and near a lot of action check this recent post. But if you're looking for a hotel with 4 stars to their name that are not crazy expensive take a look at this post.

And Also...

I wrote on yesterday's post here to use technology to your advantage. I simply mentioned to use the mobile phone app WeChat to located Thai hookers. So far I've received about 30 emails telling thanks, because they've never heard of WeChat or what it could be used for.

I didn't invent the damn thing or even the first to use it for finding Thai hookers. People have been using it around the world to locate hookers in their area. So no need to thank me. Thank the folks who invented WeChat. I'm just the messenger.


Okay, I've been getting a ton of emails on what's taking Pattaya Red Eye so long to complete. And I've been getting request to simply put back up the old one with all its glorious info on whoring around Pattaya. I promise, it'll be finished soon. So don't keep your panties all in a twist.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Using WeChat to Find Thai Hookers

Times are changing...

Even though go go bar hopping and frequenting after hour bars and clubs is still the favored method of picking up hookers in Bangkok and Pattaya, today you can use that little piece of technology you call your mobile phone to help you locate Thai hookers from your bar stool.

Every hooker in Thailand, whether they are hard core full timers to the part timers have a cell phone. And nearly all, if I dare to make that assumption, have WeChat app installed. As much as I always tell guys that a mobile phone in Bangkok and Pattaya is indispensable, for Thai hookers it's a meal ticket for finding more customers.

Now, if you've been living under a rock, you download WeChat app to your mobile phone, it's available for iPhone and Android OS. Normally, WeChat is used to keep in touch with your friends via the phones' data service by adding them.

But like most communication mediums today WeChat can be used for self gratification purposes. They have this nifty little "Discover" function where you can discover people nearby. And by nearby people it means anyone who has a WeChat installed on their phones. And get this, there is an option to find either females or men only. Was this app built for finding pussy or what? Remember, set your discover option to females only! Unless you like guys.

Now of course every girl you find with WeChat's discover function are not hookers. So you have to check through their WeChat profiles. But there are several telltale signs that shows they are hookers.

  1. If they have nearly nude profile pics or pics with sexy poses.
  2. They will write that they are lonely, or looking for a boyfriend etc. Usually the info will be in English, after all they are looking for foreigners right?
  3. Check their photo albums for more photos of sexy selfies.
So after you've determined that they are Thai hookers just send a message. Start off with a simple hello. And if they reply ask them if you can meet them. Usually the conversation will trail off to how much she will charge and so on. How much you should be paying is of course totally up to you. But my current guide on Thai hooker prices will give you a good idea on how much you can expect to pay around.

But don't be surprised if you can find a girl who will be able to stay with you for a longer while for a lesser price. Usually Thai girls that are in the part time freelance scene are not so hardened by the business so they charge not as much. But don't expect super cheap.

Finally just a few tips to finish off. If you love Thai ladyboys, you will love We Chat. They typically will tell you upfront that they are ladyboys by putting it right on their profile. For them there's no need to hide because they know there are many guys looking for dudes with tits.

And to find more Thai hookers with WeChat you have to be in certain areas. Remember, WeChat's discover function finds sex workers with WeChat app nearest to your location. So, if you're in Sukhumvit between Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy you can bet you'll find more girls in the pay for play scene which means more choices.